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FlareDReborn  +   1469d ago
Time to cause some sen.
Godmars290  +   1469d ago
Time to get a joke writer...
blumatt  +   1469d ago
Changing PSN to SEN is so that you can login to multiple Sony services using one login ID and password. It makes perfect sense. Sony will be able to integrate all their services into one big service. You'll have Sony TVs (and hopefully other brands as well), laptops, tablets, etc. where you can log in to your SEN account and have access to whatever services you're subscribed to, and hopefully even some PlayStation-related content.
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HebrewHammer  +   1469d ago
I'm just curious what this means for PS+... Is it now SEN+?
shoddy  +   1469d ago
I'm sure it'll be psn+ from SEN.
Raoh  +   1468d ago
bradgrenz  +   1468d ago
It was never called PSN+, it was always just PlayStation Plus. There's no need to change the name of that service.
Abriael  +   1468d ago
Article is misinformative and jumps to wrong conclusions. Only the accounts will change name. The service itself will remain PSN.
FACTUAL evidence  +   1468d ago
Does this mean we might be able to get a PSN ID change feature in the works!?
Lulz_Boat  +   1468d ago
it's already here. but only for japanese accounts.
Mit  +   1468d ago
Lulz, you're wrong. It isn't an online name change. For an example, lets say your original name is lulz_boat, but you changed it to lulz; you'd only be able to see it on your friends list.

So if you were to go into something like PS home, or a game, everyone will still see you as lulz_boat instead of lulz. Also if I wanted to send a message to you, but you are not on my friends list, I'd have to send the message to Lul_boat because your ID isn't really it's only a change for your friends list to see. so everyone will know you as lulz_boat still. It's not a actual ID change feature like XBL.

EDIT: Also, even when you change your name now on the jap psn, you can't see yourself,or friends as the changed name guys can also all have the same name because it's not an official name change. I can tell you've never really tried it before, you've probably only heard about it. You should try things before you state stuff.
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CarlitoBrigante  +   1468d ago
Abdou23  +   1469d ago
So it's all about Name and terms of service ?!
I thought there would be a new XMB
SaffronCurse  +   1469d ago
Huh..well you thought wrong.
jwk94  +   1469d ago
You didn't read the first article did you?

If this did add any new features, I'm hoping for XG Invites, if the PS3 is capable of that. Is it?
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MrBeatdown  +   1469d ago
PSN actually already supports cross-game invites, it's just that many developers don't use the feature. Modern Warfare 2 had them. If you received a message inviting you to play, and you accepted, you would be prompted to quit whatever game you were playing, asked to insert MW2, and then you'd be brought right into the match.
jwk94  +   1469d ago
Thanks for the clarification, I do realize that some games support it, as is the case with In-game music. But I'd like to see this feature implemented across all PS3 games if it would be possible to do that with a simple update.
Hx3KinG  +   1468d ago
In what way does the PS3 benefit from XG invites anyway? receiving an invite for a game your not even playing, is wanted that badly? dont make sense to me!
YourFlyness  +   1469d ago
Hopefully with this change and integration of services, they will implement a Name Change feature
TheHater  +   1469d ago

How hard is it to give up this option. I mean, F**KING REALLY?
Lex_Dangerously  +   1469d ago
Something tells me that you wish to change your master account..... I know I know, I'm quite perceptive....... ;)

Also I liked that you typed /rant then proceeded to talk more about it. Lol.

Ot: SEN.... that will definitely take some getting used to. But I don't mind the name change.
Fylus  +   1468d ago
I agree with him though. I've been a sub since launch and I haven't been able to purchase ANYTHING from the store. Also, I'm Level 12, so I'm definitely not going to create a new account like Sony has told me to... I've spent years working on it, I'm not giving that up just because Sony doesn't want to bother with us measly little sub guys...
SilentNegotiator  +   1468d ago
Because the person in charge of the master account (perhaps a parent or one of two roommates) won't WANT a sub-account (kid, other roommate, etc) to become a master account.

You should have just made another account all those years ago.
Kstaa18  +   1469d ago
Other Playstation services suck anyway. And SEN just doesn't feel right.
OPINION: read article that the Playstation brand should be dropped. Is this the first step in making a "Sony" brand console.
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dkp23  +   1469d ago
Wouldnt be surprised if there are changes that will up the cost on some features going forward.
OSIRUSSS  +   1469d ago
Sen's Fortress? O_o
Fylus  +   1468d ago
Haha that's what came to mind at first when I read "SEN" is the new name. I assume the disagrees are from people who either don't know Japanese mythology, or haven't played Dark Souls.
Game4life  +   1468d ago
Watch out for the giant golem and giants throwing stuff at you.
Tenkay23  +   1469d ago
My theory is Sony wants to avoid the hacker attack that occurred last spring so they are ditching the PSN name. Also, it allows them to integrate all their hardware and software to one account. Sony pictures, Tv, ps3, vita, laptops, etc. Kind of like an apple ID but with Sony.
DebateMaster  +   1468d ago
LOL that's the troll's theory. Everyone else knows about their integration plan.
Tenkay23  +   1468d ago
I'm not trolling. I'm saying it's like a rebranding so that new customers don't associate the PSN as the network that got attacked. Obviously the hackers know lol. An example is KFC.

Their original name was Kentucky fried chicken but after the late 90's research talked about how bad trans fats and fried foods were, they changed their name to just KFC and don't call themselves Kentucky fried chicken anymore.

PSN is now associated with "that network that got hacked, I want nothing to do with that (a parent buying a ps3 for their young child)". Switching to SEN is marketing genius.

I own all of sonys products, I'm not a fanboy lol.
Why o why  +   1468d ago are a fanboy.....a sony one;)
SilentNegotiator  +   1468d ago
Hacker #1: Let's attack PSN again!
Hacker #2: Okay! ........hmmmm, it seems they have changed the name.
Hacker #1: OMG....what are we gonna do?! If we don't know the name, we'll never be able to attack the exact same servers we attacked before!
Hacker #2: We're LOST!
Hacker #1: We're doomed!
Hacker #1 and #2: DERP DERP DERP

The name change has nothing to do with avoiding hackers, simply because that would do absolutely nothing to interfere.
gatormatt80  +   1468d ago
I think he meant the public's perception of the hack itself and not abt trying to avoid being hacked again by just changing their name.
SilentNegotiator  +   1468d ago
Even if that's the you really think these internet extremists are going to forget that easy? I wouldn't really mix the "public" with shut-ins.

He said this, though: "My theory is Sony wants to avoid the hacker attack"
....he didn't say "escape the stigma created by the hack", he suggested that they wanted to avoid another attack.
DebateMaster  +   1468d ago
You don't get it. If you read the article about Kaz being CEO you would know he plans to integrate Sony products into an ecosystem.
Ethereal  +   1469d ago
Again, "PlayStation Network" name isnt changing. All thats changing is that instead of a playstation network account you will have a universial SEN account that works on PSN and other sony services. They are not ditching the PSN name....
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USEYOURFIST  +   1469d ago
in the uk SEN is a commonly used term for special educational needs
SilentNegotiator  +   1468d ago
Here's an idea.....DON'T give fanboys any ideas.
Agent_hitman  +   1468d ago
PSN or SEN?? What would you prefer?..

SEN is short term for senator lololol.
Ace_Man_6  +   1468d ago
Got my email notice today, I'm ready to rumble on February 8!
typeN8  +   1468d ago
I hope that theres no issues with this change..

Sony...this better not break my ps3
Elite-uk  +   1468d ago
Should of changed it to Sony Network Entertaintment System!. lol
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Elite-uk  +   1467d ago
whoever disagreed is a turd!.
Half-Mafia  +   1468d ago
Im still confused.

It says your Playsation Network Account will change to a SEN account. But does that mean the PSN name is staying for the service?

Over the last 24 hours or so ive been trying to call it SEN, but i cant. So im going to just stick to calling it PSN.

Also this is new 'Information about pre-ordering content' Does this mean Steam like pre downloading is on its way.
Elite-uk  +   1467d ago
Its on its way alright, you only need to look @ the way they trying to kill off pre-owned games... aka the bargin bin!.

Soon we'll have to pay a subscription to press X, lol.
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hazardman  +   1468d ago
Its basically gonna work like Windows ID in a way. I'm all for the change but I don't think a name change was necessary.
SnotyTheRocket  +   1468d ago
THE PS SEN?! See what i did there?
Liquid_Ocelot  +   1468d ago
Exactly what I did the other day -_-
SnotyTheRocket  +   1468d ago
Really? well, it makes SENce....... Also, see what i did thar?
Liquid_Ocelot  +   1468d ago
What? Where? Wait do that again! :)

I didnt disagree with you btw.

I believe it's "SENse" with an "s" instead of "c"
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taijutsu363  +   1468d ago
Now that we're SEN we can do anything!
Now that we're SEN we are invincible!
Now that we're SEN we got the stuff we're tough enough to save the day!
We never had a chance when we were PSN!
No! NO! NO!
Put take a look out what Sony did!
Ha! HA! HA!
iWishTifaWasReal  +   1468d ago
oky bro
SSKILLZ  +   1468d ago
ok bro
Sniperwithacause  +   1468d ago
It just sucks that there isn't any plan to change the xmb to something better/different!

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