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xxLuckyStrike  +   1304d ago
Nope!! Not this gen.
zeal0us  +   1304d ago
I'm still having a hard time believing "Better with Kinect". Especially when it's just a feature that my headset probably can do. There are some decent Kinect games but the list tend to be very small imho.
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Shadonic  +   1304d ago
i agree they keep aiming for something small and in a game like mass effect i could of easily come up with a kinect control scheme that would work with it. There is already a control scheme that works for first person games and ubisoft has one that's ok for third person that could be improved over time. I'm hopeing that other designers are seeing this and are going for more hardcore stuff especially crytek with Ryse. I would like it if the focused on game play with kinect and story mostly and make something that grabs the player and puts in more immersion i mean were practically there like in the microsft video it had the kid speaking to the kung fu master well thats kind of like mass effect and for shooting theres the kinect fasst guy with the bulletstorm kinect so were practically there and it can do hardcore its just that not all of these ideas or features are not really being used in a game its like there just useing one feature in the most smallest way in their games as to not make the gamers shy away from their titles. IDK this is just my opinion.
VINNIEPAZ  +   1303d ago
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Hufandpuf  +   1304d ago
Ghost Recon is a nice step, but I wouldn't count on it.
Queefy_B  +   1304d ago
Why would i want to shout like a retard in mass effect 3 to take cover? kinect? GTFO
Shadonic  +   1304d ago
biggest issue is players understanding of the controls and that companies are still not up to the level of understanding with kinect to make something like that Unlike maybe Rare or ubisoft with ghost recons attempt which is spot on and a few gestures could be added in to take care of cover and movement. Really it could be done this gen but it has a way better chance of being more precise and better next gen. Really the should go try full on hardcore this year with things like fighters,shooters and some adventure games using kinect so when next gen comes they will be more better at using the kinect to its fullest. really comeing up with a control scheme is easy it just takes alot of trial and error to get something that works for millions of different people in different shapes and sizes.
Jallen  +   1304d ago
If ME3 can't convince me nothing can, so no. Doesn't really matter if it convinces me or not though; I still haven't got any room.
Jantrit  +   1304d ago
Never happen
SignifiedSix  +   1304d ago
Maybe not this Gen, but most definitely next Gen. I guess we'll find out when Ryse comes out!
FlashXIII  +   1304d ago
The hardcore will never take to Kinect if for no other reason than there just isn't enough games coming out for it. 3-4 hardcore titles a year isn't enough for a lot of gamers especially when with it being Microsoft they'll all be released around the Christmas period. If Microsoft want to convince hardcore gamers to adopt Kinect, they need to first convince third party developers to invest in hardcore kinect games. Now the problem here is that third party developers won't invest because it's a high risk situation without any assurances of a high reward.
mcstorm  +   1304d ago
I think it can add to the core games but in small ways abit like they did with halo CEA. Yes its easy to press a button to turn on and off a flash light ect but adding things like this into games like fifa where you can say something like change man utd tactics to 433 or substitute Rooney for Nani.
Or FPS games where you can lean left or right to look round a corner or if you need to open a door you could do the movement instead of the button.
NHL you could say line change and it will swap your line.

At the end of the day it is up to the developers to come up with the ideas and then put them into the games. I dont think we will see the best from kinect in core games this gen I think it will be next but some nice little things have been added to games like Forza 4 Halo CEA Dance Central 2 and Kinect Sports.

Yes Kinect is not for every one just like Move/Wii or DS3/xbox controller or Iphone/Android Windows/Apple. Its all about you and what you like in the end.
honkyjesus  +   1304d ago
I think that was supposed to happen in 2011.
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_Aarix_  +   1304d ago
It had possibilities, if you used a controller and had the kinect to maybe steer your controller in a racing game, or do a kick motion or do whatever and the kinect will reconize it, that wouldve bumped up gameplay by alot
Vannostrum  +   1304d ago
The problem with all the Kinect features is that they are cool, but, ultimately, useless. It is much easier to push a button than to yell what you want to do in Mass Effect (just using this as a broad example). Commanding your team is a nice touch though.

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