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Emilio_Estevez  +   1472d ago
Article is spot on.
Dragun619  +   1471d ago
Exactly, Ono already stated that they approached both Sony & ms. Sony paid for the development of their guest characters, like cole, toro & kuro. Though I'm not sure about pacman or megaman as to why their exclusive but it possible that sony paid for them too or Capcom is trying to push the vita version, then release them later as free dlc. While on Ms side, Ono stated they wanted to get master cheif or marcus fenix, but It's been overall difficult for them hence no xbox exclusive characters. Same thing happened with mortal kombat.

Persistantthug  +   1471d ago
It's unfortunate.....
There's going to be alot of disappointed people.
MrGunny94  +   1472d ago
The excuse for this by the developers was " The characters of Xbox360 franchises could not suit in the game due to their actions and playstyle"

Mainly because of Master Chief and Marcus Fenix use the gun and etc.. and this would be hard to balance in the game
jonboi24  +   1471d ago
Ummmm doesn't "Mega Man" use a gun?
Why o why  +   1471d ago
yeah, but he's short....*shrugs* ;)

IF ms didnt want to pay they didnt want to pay. Ive a sneaking suspicion they would pay for something that involed kinect intergration though
dedicatedtogamers  +   1471d ago
First of all, what sort of yahoo plays fighting games on a 360?

Second of all, hardcore 360 gamers should just get used to the shaft. Microsoft is long done with the days of paying for exclusive games/content. They're focused on Kinect now.
BrutallyBlunt  +   1471d ago
What sort of yahoo continues to troll articles that hold no interest to them? That's something dedicatedtogamers is unable to answer.
dedicatedtogamers  +   1471d ago
Why are you stalking me?

Tally-ho! With such a big internet to defend, you shouldn't hang out in one place too long. Get a move on.
BrutallyBlunt  +   1471d ago
What's the matter, still unable to refute what I say?
Megaman_nerd  +   1471d ago
Most people play their fighting games on the PS3 (they always sell more on PS3) but ironically all the US's pro players only play on Xbox. Jwong, Nerdjosh, Combofiend, Viscant, Alex Valle, Filipino Champ, Marlinepie, etc.

Around a month ago I asked in a chat why they don't play on PSN and Clockw0rk came I said that the PS3 was trash. With this in mind I can assume that every PS3 exclusive character will be banned from tournaments since they all only own and practice on Xbox. =/
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jonboi24  +   1471d ago
Yet EVO the biggest fighting game tournament on the planet primarily uses PS3? THough most of them are donations by Sony.....
Tito08  +   1471d ago
Well, I could careless if those guys are tournament players, & I know there are pro players out there that doesn't care about tournaments & will definitely beat them, it's not like they're athletes or anything of that sort!!!!

I think that "PS3 is trash" argument by Clockw0rk is irrelevant since both PS3 & 360 aren't that different when it comes to online multiplayer, even my best friend who's an Xbox fanboy & I beat his ass on both consoles, I just happen to play more on PS3, especially 3rd Strike... And there's lots of good pro players on PSN that I know could beat those fools any day, any time, but out of those U.S. players, I only like Alex Valle & PR-Rog, I could careless about the rest!!!!
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iamgoatman  +   1471d ago
"First of all, what sort of yahoo plays fighting games on a 360?"

Uhh not sure what difference that makes, anyone who was serious about fighting games wouldn't be using the consoles default controller anyway.
maniacmayhem  +   1471d ago
What's the difference between the fighting games on 360 and PS3?

Both default controllers are trash and if you're a serious fighting game fan you would have a stick.
Other than that there is no difference in either versions of fighting games.
Ocean  +   1471d ago
With regards to 360 exclusive characters for this game, What about having a couple from Killer Instinct?
LordStig  +   1471d ago
nah, killer instinct should be it's own game.
Snookies12  +   1471d ago
Yes, MAKE A NEW KILLER INSTINCT DAMMIT! Sorry, anger and rage... That game was amazing... *sigh*

Oh wait, that's right, these days games aren't good lol! I kid, I kid... Some are good, some...
jonboi24  +   1471d ago
I fear that the way Rare is now, it'll be for Kinnect.....
Gamer1982  +   1471d ago
Killer instinct really? Fighters from another fighting game? The problem with 360 is MS have been funding it since day 1 for hardcore gamers and now they don't care about you. They want Kienct to succeed and nothing more. But the fact people moan because of a lack of character? You chose the damn console at the end of the day! Nobody forced you to pick 360 over PS3. Get over yourselves and grow up I say. You cant pick 1 console then cry because the other console has something yours doesn't. If it bothers you that much get both. That's what I did and don't regret it 1 bit.
darfreeze  +   1471d ago
Don't worry Xbox gamers, your version of the game will be kinect compatible. :D
Ddouble  +   1471d ago
Lool, This made my day.
Thank you
MWH  +   1471d ago
unfortunately this game has turned into another Capcom Vs.
i thought it was going to have the solid slower-paced and more focused feel of the SFIV gameplay away from the chaotic and blinding orgy of moves of the Vs. games.

my expectations were different, but i will wait and see.
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dedicatedtogamers  +   1471d ago
Give KoF 13 a try.
Tito08  +   1471d ago
Good recommendation!!!! ;)
Optical_Matrix  +   1471d ago
Microsoft don't have enough active exclusive franchises. I think that's the main problem here. Apart from Fable, Forza, Halo and Gears, they've pummelled all of the rest into irrelevancy for some strange reason.
tplarkin7  +   1471d ago
Because Microsoft is the future. Sony and Nintendo are the past. SF is a 20 year old game.
Why o why  +   1471d ago
Dude, as a 360 guy, you do NOT wanna Start washing your hands of multiplats for now or the future........crazy jack
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Tanir  +   1471d ago
more proof 360 isn't for fighters. inferior controller, and always gets worst end of the stick for fighters.

though its also MS's fault for only having 3 heroes to choose from lol.

Chief, Marcus and the fable hero.

Fable hero is lame, so scratch that. Marcus is pretty lame too but fits the art style, and chief would be unbalanced with all his ranged weapons, unless he is like nicole from DOA4.
4agemO  +   1471d ago
SF vs Tekken lol. Didn't think this game could look any worse, but adding a dozen misplaced fighters did the trick. Good job, you've done your system proud, $ony.
Tito08  +   1471d ago
Well, at least it ain't timed-exclusive map-packs like in call of Duty!!!!!!!!!
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maniacmayhem  +   1471d ago
hmmmmm, still doesn't explain why Mega Man and Pac-Man aren't included.

And I'm sure we Xbox gamers can do just find without those two characters. don't know why anyone would "cry" foul, I could see if ps3 had exclusive characters like Alex, Elena, Bryan Fury or anyone else that is relevant to the SF and Tekken universe. But these guys are joke characters and probably won't even be allowed in the tournys.
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Hicken  +   1469d ago
There's the old fallback:

"We'll be fine without the extras."

How can you guys REALLY be okay with getting LESS stuff all the time? I mean seriously, I'm not all that big into fighters (BlazBlue and Rivals Schools on PS1 are it for me) but I'd still be bothered if there were a bunch of Xbox characters on the 360 side, and no Sony characters on the PS3 side. Hell, even if I had no plans to get the game (and I don't), I'd be upset for those PS3-only owners that got shafted out of extra content.

But for some of you Xbox guys, it's no big deal to not have extra characters, map packs, retro games (Battlefield and Medal of Honor, for example), or even whole freakin first party game.

Shit, I'm mad FOR you. Same as I get mad for CoD fans who STILL have to wait for map packs even though they bought Elite BECAUSE THEY'RE ON PS3.

Edit: Yep, I'm a huge Sony fan. But I've got a reason: GAMES. For the past three generations, I have not lacked for games on my Sony consoles. In the previous two, however, their competitors didn't inexplicably stop making games.

Since their success is based on the support of myself and others like me, I think we have the right to be mad about being shafted, no matter how "little" it may appear to some. ESPECIALLY when it's something multiple consoles will have in common. If not the same, a 360 owner should expect comparable- if not the same- bonuses as a PS3 owner, just like both should expect the same level of quality in a multiplat.

You see, maniac, I'm a gamer. I've got my gaming preference, but I don't want to see ANYBODY getting the shot end of the stick. When the WiiU comes out, I expect its owners to not get shafted. I expect there to be tons of first party support, along with third party support. I expect that when Sony or MS get exclusive bonuses in a game, Ninty will get their own exclusive bonuses, too.

Even if you think they suck- and you haven't played with them, so you really don't know- extra characters are still extra characters. (Side note: all your buddies may play on 360, but aren't most tourneys played on PS3 now?) As a big fighting game fan, how can you REALLY justify having fewer characters?

I don't "shed a tear" for fanboys. Fanboys almost invariably screw themselves over by supporting things they shouldn't. I shed a tear for all the FANS of Xbox (READ: not fanBOYS) who get screwed over thanks to fanboys' support and Microsoft's greedy practices. I shed a tear for all fans of GAMING who are hurt by ANY fanboys, and ANY company's greedy practices. That's why, in general, I don't support Capcom this generation.

There's a difference between you and I: one of us is hellbent on making sure our preferred company's closest rival looks bad whenever possible, and the other wants that rival company to do better by its consumers instead of chasing profits.

I think everyone can guess who's who.
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maniacmayhem  +   1469d ago
That's because you're a huge Sony fan that can't get past this console war. And you'll get "mad" at the stupidest little things that will affect no one and have no impact on anything relevant.

To get mad at every little thing this console or that console game might have extra is completely stupid and a waste of time. There will sometimes be extra content for one system as oppose to the other. That's life, why the hell would I get mad for these ridiculous characters.
A fat megaman, not even the regular megaman we all know and love and the net is even complaining about that. Two small stupid looking cartoon cats, pac-man in a big wooden robot suit...the only cool character out of these extras is Cole.

But as you stated yourself you are NOT a big fighting game guy and have no plans to even purchase this game so of course all you see is the fanboy side of it and expect Xbox folks to get Hulk angry. But what i see as a huge fighting fan are these fighters not being relevant and allowed in major tourny's like i already stated above.

And please don't pretend you're shedding a tear for the Xbox fanboys. I know what you're all about Hicken.

And if it was that serious i would Gamefly this for my fat 60g ps3. Unfortunately all my fighting buddies are on 360.
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maniacmayhem  +   1468d ago
You are not a gamer Hicken what you are is a troll. You go around commenting on games you have no interest in and never will.

*** I'm not all that big into fighters (BlazBlue and Rivals Schools on PS1 are it for me) ***

And you comment on systems you do not even own.
So right there I don't take anything you say serious. As a person who owns a PS3, Xbox and Wii I think I have more GAMES than you and is more of a GAMER than you will ever be. And even if I only owned a 360 I would still not lack in the GAMES department. Which you so clearly think the 360 does.

**(Side note: all your buddies may play on 360, but aren't most tourneys played on PS3 now?) As a big fighting game fan, how can you REALLY justify having fewer characters? **

Your lack of knowledge for other systems is blinded by your own arrogance and stupidity. You must of read a comment above about PS3's being played at tourny's and then decided to apply it here...cute. *ahem* All major fighting games that have exclusive characters are NOT allowed in major tourny. Kratos wasn't allowed in MK9 and when SF4 first came out the console exclusive characters were not allowed at EVO. There is NO difference in fighting games for each console. If I played SSF4:AE on PS3 then went to a friends house and played the game on 360 there would be no difference in gameplay. All moves, snapbacks, rollouts, combos would be the same.

How can I justify…I already stated in my original comment which you tend NOT to read…”don't know why anyone would "cry" foul, I could see if ps3 had exclusive characters like Alex, Elena, Bryan Fury or anyone else that is relevant to the SF and Tekken universe.”

Does that even make sense to you?

***I shed a tear for all the FANS of Xbox (READ: not fanBOYS) who get screwed over thanks to fanboys' support and Microsoft's greedy practices.***

HAHAHA, gawd you are insane. It's almost worth arguing with you just so I can read your insane rants. You talk like your some mad monk preaching from a soapbox on some broke corner street. Go sell that crap to someone else Hicken.

Yes Hicken there is a big difference:
One of us..ME, can appreciate what all the companies have to offer. I can see what faults they have and acknowledge them without bias. I can see an exclusive and say without lying that i AM NOT interested in that. I have the privilege of being able to experience all games for all system. The other...YOU will continue to stroke Sony's ego, damn the other companies, close a blind eye to all criticism towards your company and it's games and scream "media is biased" whenever you get a chance. You will not get a chance to explore other games for other systems because you chose one. You are closed minded and can't even see it.

PM me if you have anything else to share.
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Tito08  +   1465d ago
@ Maniac- I know you're cool & everything, but using tournaments to prove your point for not having exclusive characters is lame... This is a matter of what you get for your buck, not a matter of going to a tournament.. I mean, that ain't any sort of sports, it's a game... You got to think out of that Tournament mentality, this ain't martial arts tournament, this is about what you'll get out of a $60 entertainment game...

There's Xbox fans out there that are complaining about that, those people doesn't think tournament, they'll thinking about those $60 they're gonna spend on, & seriously, they have the right to do so, especially complain to Microsoft for that.... Seriously, I would envy ya'll if it was the other way around... Can't pretend everything when it comes to Xbox is perfect, because it isn't, none of the 3 companies are perfect!!!!!

You can say "Its fine, I'll deal with that" or "Damn, no 360 exclusive"... But don't bring tournaments as an excuse to prove your point & defend lack of exclusivity when the subject is about what you get for your buck, not "tournament" skills", this is a game for entertainment, not a sport, if you're a tournament player, then ok, if not, don't use tournaments to back your point!!!!
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FrigidDARKNESS  +   1471d ago
360 gamers can retaliate and dont buy the game at all that will send a message out it will kill Namco Capcom quarterly earnings. They will be on there knees begging for forgiveness.
Grimhammer00  +   1471d ago
You can make an argument that these chracters don't belong or that Sony probably paid for it.

But it's far more likely that MS truly doesn't have any current chracters that really fit. Plus, MS don't care anymore unless it's connect. If this pisses you off....get ready for 720!
GraveLord  +   1471d ago
Microsoft won't pay for exclusive anything, unless the game is Call of Duty.
TheDivine  +   1471d ago
Id love kaim from lost odyssey, marcus from gears would be epic (no pun intended), master chief, theresa from fable 2 and 3 would be awesome to play as, sam fischer, shu from blue dragon, and they could always use some other characters even if they arent as well known. Kaim and marcus would be the best ones imo. Id love it but its not a big deal, extras are just that, extras. Not neccessary to the game but nice to have.
rjgbyrne  +   1469d ago
What bull, if Capcom cared about their OWN fanbase they would have done non-exclusive characters for both platforms. Namco have learned with Soul Calibur, FU Capcom and the glow-in-the-dark horse ye rode in on...

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