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majedx9  +   1357d ago
no old school resident evil or barry :(
pcz  +   1357d ago
They are taking the series in the wrong direction. They need to go back to basics. They need to make it scary and atmospheric again. Now it seems they are putting the emphasis on action and fast pace. Its slowly turning into the movie franchise.

i dont care about this game, its not resident evil anymore. i'l just wait for the last of us.
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turgore  +   1357d ago
Its hard to get excited for this game after the trainwreck that was resident evil 4. Dead Space 3 would've been a more welcome announcement.
However the graphics, from the gifs, look very impressive- possibly graphics king. Too bad the gameplay is probably gonna be sub par.
leogets  +   1357d ago
Itll probably have the slow sluggish movement than the last.good to see it goin back to its roots tho.cos zombies in sunny africa was sooo wrong on so many levels. Hope u guys will like it.ill give it a miss.theres only one survival horror game on my radar next year.the last of us.itll bring new shit to the table thatll be never experianced before.not like the rehamped same ol same ol with sequal after sequal.
Garrison  +   1357d ago
You know, I've played a hell of a lot of capcom games in my lifetime but still I just can't seem to understand one thing about them.. "Capcom Fans"!!
Why is it that most of yall are always sounding like a bunch of divorced housewives this gen?!
Jeez guys give it a goddamn rest WE ARE NOT PLAYING in the psone days anymore!!!!

All I read is crying and complaining when it comes to capcom, when they do anything that other publishers do they are milking thieves, when they do things the old fashioned way they aren't "Original" and you punks dont buy their games like dmc4. Their games this gen like dead rising, res evil, street fighter, dmc and lost planet are good games yet you keep on bitching meanwhile most other japanese devs are non existant this gen.
You want capcom to make games your way but wtf do you all even do?! All you guys do is complain and cry rivers on internet forums..
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