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Trexman89  +   1143d ago
In other news, Rockstar looking for cougar for motion capture
doctorstrange  +   1143d ago
Sounds like an interesting game
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da_2pacalypse  +   1143d ago
Rockstar making an open world game? NO WAY :O
Lifewish  +   1143d ago
No way!!! /sarcasm
Rainstorm81  +   1143d ago
Come on Red Dead Revolution
Sev  +   1143d ago
RDR is one of my favorite game/game worlds of all time. I hope they make more.
Kran  +   1143d ago
Good title for a third red dead game ;D Hope they use it
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NYC_Gamer  +   1143d ago
wish R* vancouver would give us another bully
doctorstrange  +   1143d ago
Oh hell yeah
Would be brilliant, but sadly I don't think it'll happen :(
DaveMan  +   1143d ago
The composer accidently leaked that he was working on the track for Bully 2.

Plus Rockstar Vancouver said it would love to work on a sequel after Max payne 3 ships.

So I'm pretty sure we'll see a sequel before this gen ends
Rainstorm81  +   1143d ago
Yes bully was very underrated last gen, Manhunt was a great (super violent) stealth game but we most likely wont ever see another one of those, not to mention the 2nd one wasnt that great.
Kran  +   1143d ago
You say last gen, but Bully is on the xbox 360 so it does still sneak into this gen.
BattleTorn  +   1143d ago
I wish R* Vancouver would post 'tester' positions!!
spacedelete  +   1143d ago
would love to have Bully 2 or Manhunt 3 but i doubt we will. would love them to go on the ps store as PS2 classics though.
Rainstorm81  +   1143d ago
I agree a PS2 classic Manhunt for 10$ would be great, but Bully would have to be a port of the Scholarship edition on 360, because i want my trophies
urwifeminder  +   1143d ago
Lol ive had red dead for ages still only been to two towns i guess i should get on with it.
DeathAvengers  +   1143d ago
You really should, it's a fantastic game.
urwifeminder  +   1143d ago
I will def give it a go i dont usually like open world games much the travel allways does my head in feels like dead gameplay ,but i had lots fun without exploring , i may never finish it co op is heaps of fun i played 15 hrs of goofing really havnt done a thing lol.
fiShAMmer  +   1143d ago
That'd be awesome, if they brought a new title ... We've been waiting long enough
ilovemyps3  +   1143d ago
Red dead shoes ?
Now that naughty dog is doing the killer and ultimate horror/ zombies game,the last of us, which, according to balestra, they are doing it in a way never done before,maybe many other studios will try to make many horror games,so naughty dog isn't alone,when the last of us is released. Rdr already got a zombie dlc, right? Maybe they could make a full game based on that theme?
I don't see them making another red dead game,with horses,etc.
Jeez, if only we could see studios working together onthe same game:
Imagine a open world game, with sand and water, from naughty dog, lighting effects like killzone 3 or infamous 2, roads, streets,etc from take2 or NFS shift team,
Objects,weapons, modeled by guerrilla games,fire from naughty dog, again,buildings from battlefield,characters from quantic dream,stories,scripts from cod Activision,with puzzles and other stuff by media molecule, monsters and enemies by resistance and god of war 3 teams, with QA by evolution studios(motorstorm is incredibly and flawlessly done,with perfect 3d),add eidos for gadgets/weapons, santa Monica for music, Ubisoft for handmade animations,textures, and sound effects, add some hidding/cover mechanics from gears, add a bit of skyrim team, for designing huge worlds, cities,along with castevania lords of shadow team, spice it up it ninten\\, no ,Nintendo, since you decided to only make shovelware and monster hunters and pokemons during almost 10 years, we wouldn't need you, you can go back and make your brand new silver plastic pokemon #88 game.

Teams already share code and tips, I'd really love to see them working together on full projects. I don't understand why Sony don't sell/provide game engines, like the ones used on killzone 3, uncharted 3 , little big planet 2,etc... To other studios? Thoses engines with good tutorials, Sony could make 1st and 3rd party studios "spit" incredible good games.really, uncharted 3 engine, even a small team could make huge, beautiful and cell optimized games.

Guys, do anyone think one day, we could see Sony and Microsoft working together on a new console?why fight, when you can just divide money by 2?

I wish Sega could announce a new console.or at least, team up with Sony.that would be insane.
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DaveMan  +   1143d ago
I heard rumors that this would be a sequel to RDR, but rather a Pirate themed open world game. Honestly a new ip like that sounds way more appealing, especailly since they've done everything they can with RDR
BattleTorn  +   1143d ago
That would be amazing!!

Either way, anything R*, I pre-order
thatruth86  +   1143d ago
w.e. it is im looking forward to it
dogdirt2000  +   1143d ago
Let's hope R* San Diego treat their staff a little bit better than they've done in the past. Plenty of other dev's handle heavy work periods and crunch without destroying team morale, so it's not an unreasonable thought.

That's one reason I wouldn't see myself applying for a position there... my being in the UK and not U.S. being a secondary reason! :P
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ilovemyps3  +   1143d ago
Followed your link and... I feel really bad for these guys.sooo sad :(
Now I know what their next game is:

'Half Dead Employees'

And the first dlc:
'Finishing survivors'

And 2nd dlc:

'21st century slaves'
LoneWanderer09  +   1143d ago
Open World games is my favorite style, lets just hope it will be as good as RDR
ChiVoLok0  +   1143d ago
I was hoping for another Midnight Club game. Probably my favorite racing series ever.
RastafariPrime  +   1143d ago
Good god, this is the announcement I've been waiting for.

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