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Asgaro  +   1497d ago
Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   1497d ago
Now that I think about it. Announcing it at TGS would prolly be better.
Petebloodyonion  +   1497d ago
I can understand that Patcher is not a popular guy on this site but he's quite right on this matter!

Microsoft is riding the kinect wave and still have a price drop to announce.

From Sony's perspective it would be illogical as well since they invested a lot on exclusives, marketing and price drop for the year 2011 to re establish the PS3 as dominant gaming machine. Sony will probably put the focus on Vita (and they need to).
CyrusNightshade  +   1497d ago
I can agree that sony is not going to show the PS4. For them to show it, that would mean they have the hardware up and running with games already in development.

If anything there will be an annoucment maybe a concept video montage.
t0mmyb0y  +   1497d ago
You go girl.
ilovemyps3  +   1497d ago
honestly, without being a fanboy:

while ps3 still have a bit of power, to make games like last of us, maybe god of war 4(which should be at least 2 times better than god of war 3), and a few other great games, xbox, with forza 4, gear 3, halo, and a few more exclusives, people, and studios need to admit that there's little power left. would they be able to make a gear of war 4, that would be better than 3 ? i don't think so.

all exclusive games on xbox have showed the maximum the console can give. even if there's still a little power left, i don't think they can handle 2 years, with that hardware.

i think studios desperately need a new xbox. the same with ps3, even if there's still great games announced, i don't think we will see any other killzone 4, or little big planet 3, or infamous 3, on the ps3. there is little power left, really, guys.

like i said in other posts, ps4 and x720 will be ready well sooner than one can think.

sony won't make the same error again, and release a console 1 year after microsoft.

microsoft won't let sony invade the market one year before them, probably with some kinect-like stuff.

i guess all depends on how wii-u will perform.
in any cases, both sony and microsoft won't announce nothing, until.. the other do it.

since microsoft really needs a new system, i guess they will announce it this year, even before E3, so they can grab all the attention, at E3.

so, whenever someone announces his console, the other will do the same, and will announce 1 or 2 months before.

one thing is sure: at Christmas 2013, ps4 and x720 will be available. for Christmas 2012, that depends who will announce something, this year.

they both have the hardware, they have a lot of experience with both ps3 and xbox, they know how to make a new console, how to make it developer-friendly, and how to make it cheap, for everyone. microsoft have had 6 years to develop the new xbox, and ps3, they have cell factories ready to produce cell processors, which should, normally, be the cpu used on ps4.

hardware costs much less than 6 years ago, and they don't need 5 years in R&D to bring a new console. just make a more powerfull ps3, with more ram, a good graphic card and a better bluray drive. for microsoft, just use hddvds,or some sdhc/xc cards, if you don't want to pay for royalties, on blu-ray. a game on a 64gb sd cards could be a good option.a 32gb sdhc card is quite cheap. in 3 years, you need more space? just use 64 or 128gb sdxc cards, they will be cheap. no dvd, no bluray, no hddvd, sd cards could be an option, for x720.

so, honestly, even if you are going to disagree, i wouldn't be surprised if we were playing uncharted 4 or halo 6, in less than 12 months, on our ps4 or x720.

remember, at e3, when microsoft announced the xbox slim? nobody was expecting that bomb. so yes, our favorite consoles may be here sooner than we all think...

go on guys, make that disagree button warm, with your clics ;)
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sak500  +   1497d ago
Agreed. I dont know why people are so defensive with their current gen consoles. 6~7 years in console life and people are still bothered at mere mention of new gen. I'm sure the people who are still so scared of new gen are school going kids who can't afford yet to buy new consoles or who are late to the party.

I bought my first 50" HD TV back in 2005 Dec, that was just 720p and w/o hdmi. I paid a price which can now get me Full 1080p 60" 3D LED but I enjoyed it fully. Same way i have been enjoying 360 from jan 2k6 till date. It maybe due to the fact i was in 30s and with solid job for many years that i could afford my hobbies.

But there are many like us out there who want to really see the next gen tech this year. For crying out loud the phones are coming with tons of GB in ram and yet the consoles are still struggling with the MBs.
Inception  +   1497d ago
PS4? What the hell is pachter talking about?
I still excited with my PS3 :D
goldwyncq  +   1497d ago
Does anyone even take this guy seriously?
guitar_nerd_23  +   1497d ago
Theres got to be at least one of two anounced this year, current hardware is starting to feel tired imo.
The_Abbad  +   1497d ago
It's pretty annoying when people type these huge paragraphs and they don't know what they're talking about.When it comes to e3, anything can happen(ff13 xbox360).
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SnowBlu  +   1497d ago
0%? thats less than 9 thousand!
Father Murder X  +   1497d ago
I just hope that if the Vita fails it doesn't affect the ps4 in any way. M$ probably in their wildest dreams didn't imagine the 360 being around and being relevant 7 years after launch. They have been playing with house money for the last 2-3 years building a next gen war chest. They are probably in better shape than Sony to take a hit next gen. This means that they will probably put some tech in the 720 that Sony will have to match or exceed which means more loss per console. Economic warfare at it finest.
momthemeatloaf  +   1497d ago
lol @ anyone that thought there would be an announcement this year. Stop believing the dumb articles with fake rumors. You will know when next-gen close when you start seeing games this gen that feel like a next-gen game. We are not even close. 2015 is my earliest guess, at least for Sony.
N4g_null  +   1496d ago
Just get a wiiu no need for new Sony and xbox. What else could they add? No hd gamer can afford real power, $700 consoles and $90 games.
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