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Ps3-PCgamer  +   1423d ago
I don't think we will here anything about ps4 this year. Maybe 2013
evilunklebud  +   1423d ago
I've learned not to think in absolutes....
Silly gameAr  +   1423d ago
I want a next gen when there are enough changes in tech to warrant a next gen. I'm just not seeing it now. Don't want to jump into the "next gen" when there are barely any changes from this gen of consoles.

Honestly, I hope they wait. I'm still not finished with this gen anyway.
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blaze22-qwerty  +   1423d ago
Double post, sorry!

Anyway.. I dont think sony will annouce PS4 anytime this year
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blaze22-qwerty  +   1423d ago
Do you expect us to believe Michael Pachter.. LMAO!
Sugreev2001  +   1423d ago
Every Clairvoyant always seem to believe 100% in their predictions,until they fail.Pachter seems to gloss over his failures to keep making asinine predictions.
Angerfist  +   1423d ago
This means PS4 Presentation confirmed :D
Zephol  +   1423d ago
Curse yes! cant wait for him!
SephirothX21  +   1423d ago
Here's my prediction. Sony and MS will announce their next consoles at E3 2013. Neither will give the other a head start this time round so I think both consoles will launch fall 2014. I think the next xbox will launch with Kinect II as an optional side product. I expect Uncharted 4 to be a launch title on Playstation 4 and Gears of War 4 to be a launch title for the next xbox (or launch very soon afterwards). I also believe that MGS5 will be a PS4 exclusive but not a launch title. Games like Crysis 3, Agent, Project Ogre, God of War IV, FF Versus XIII, The Last Guardian and Resident Evil 6 will be among the last games released before this gen comes to an end. Might as well go out with a bang.
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takohma  +   1423d ago
I heard Gears was all done?
Les-Grossman  +   1423d ago
If the Vita struggles in the U.S. then Sony should focus on the Vita. But if Microsoft announces something with the next XBOX then that will force Sony to announce something. They don't want to play catch up again
smeg0rz  +   1423d ago
hold my word. E3 sony and MS new consoles. very low profile like Wii U was. It's all been discussed right now behind the scenes.
smeg0rz  +   1423d ago
Sony only announcing because MS are by the way. They are very much bothered about being left behind again.
Mustang300C2012  +   1423d ago
IMO it won't be announced for either system. Doesn't make sense. MS with the sales they have had and Sony with the losses and recently released PS Vita. You have a $250 system releasing next month but plan to announce about a brand new console while trying to make money on the current console? Doesn't add up. See you at 2014 E3
yabhero  +   1423d ago
It may not but regardless, this guy is an idiot...
calactyte  +   1423d ago
Ok, I totally disagree with Pachter. I think he's basing his information less on inside sources and more on profit/revenue generation of the PS3. I'm guessing that he think Sony wants to make back some more money on PS3 before introducing a new console.

But that thinking is flawed simply because PS4 in my mind, will be a MUCH cheaper upgrade than PS3 was to PS2. Sony already invested the 3 Billion + in Cell Technology and it costs them way less money to get more SPU's on a chip today than it did in 2006. There are too many signs that Sony is going in this "upgrade" direction rather than start from scratch direction which has the huge benefit of cost savings. The biggest sign is that Sony bought back its Cell Manufacturing plant from Toshiba.

So I predict a simple announcement, White logo on a black background perhaps a glimpse of (pre-rendered footage of 2-3 launch titles) at the very end of E3 2012. At E3 2013 (June), they'll come out guns blazing with the actual machine, pricing and launch titles. Then November 2013 they will launch.

I mean, look at PSP, it launched just about a year before PS3 did. Now we have VITA which I predict will follow the same pattern. Also every 5-6 years Sony has released a console, I just don't see that changing. I hope I'm right, graphics/gameplay/AI are getting stale for me this generation.
Proeliator  +   1423d ago
In other news, Michael Pachter announces that the sun will, in fact, rise tomorrow, and every other day of the year.
_Aarix_  +   1423d ago
Well excluding dec. 21. So even the gods want to proove patcher wrong :p
BuLLDoG909  +   1423d ago
cant see it happening this year, sony are gonna pust Vita this E3, gonna be all about there new handheld
smeg0rz  +   1423d ago
Vita is old news by then in terms of product launch, yeah sure they will focus on games, but they have that in the bag, they can't not release info on a ps4 if MS are announcing, if Sony thought being in the handheld market went against their console marketing decisions they wouldn't have brought out he vita :/

They are no longer in the position to sit back and bring the ps4 out when they want to, they will be doing it same time as MS.
BuLLDoG909  +   1423d ago
i would love to see some tech demos or something off both sony and ms, but sony are gonna mainly be showing off the vita, its brand new and barely been on the shelves,
i reckon at the very most, possibly a sneak peek at something hinting at the ps4 at the end of the show... who knows..
girlwithturn  +   1423d ago
PS1 - 1994;
PS2 - 2000;
PS3 - 2006;
PS4 - 2012.
_Aarix_  +   1423d ago
With that logic the ps4 will have 8gb of ram.

Ps1- 2mb
Ps2- 32mb
Ps3- 512mb
Ps4- 8192mb
ForROME  +   1423d ago
Agreed 100%

these people thinking its coming this yr are ridiculous.

Lets lay it out; Intro of Next Xbox PS4, E3 2013

Release 2014
ginsunuva  +   1423d ago
Well, now that Pachter said it that means it's automatically 100%
archemides518  +   1423d ago
couple things:

1. pretty much confirms that it will get shown

2. why the HECK would anybody tell this dude ANYTHING cuz all he seems to do is blabber whatever "inside" info he has all over the internet

3. it's more likely people are using this dude to control/fake out the public. by now they should be thinking "we should get patcher to say 'zero chance' so we can keep selling ps3s and not have people wait for the ps4".....but we're all too smart for that.
ZeV  +   1423d ago
Pachter is a faked guy ! All these predictions are a pathetic fail...

Sony will announce a PS4 at E3 this year for sure...However,a retail release is probably set for early 2014.
YIZZY  +   1423d ago
I need some input from you fellow gamers. I currently own a ps3 and have been a playstation owner since ps1.I love gaming and mostly FRS games, sports, and the GTAS. I bought BF3 for PS3 was dissappointed to find that the trailers shown were for pc. The graphics were better and the games could contain up to 60 sumthin players. Somebody made a comment on another fourm on this site and said that consoles will never be able to be as good as computers because computers r consistantly being updated. So my question is whether u guys think the ps4 will have the capability 2 equal a pcs graphics and capabilities and whther or not I should consider buying a good gaming pc because instead of invsting in a ps4 (which will probably be around 1000 dollars considering how the ps3 was $600 at lauch, then my ps3 broke becausde of YLOD and i bought another ps3 for $350. Thats more than $1000 with taxes)Should I just invest in a pc which can do multiple things and will prob be same price with more capabilities? How much will a pretty good gaming pc go for. Thanks any input is helpful
ThirstyforFanta  +   1423d ago
PS4 - E3 2013
XBOX720 - E3 2012

reggie18  +   1423d ago
Meanwhile, at IGN...

(Report: BOTH New Xbox and PS4 Will Be Shown At E3)
smeg0rz  +   1423d ago
Meanwhile on melee island
Orionsangel  +   1423d ago
Thanks out of touch old man that doesn't play video games. We trust you.
smeg0rz  +   1423d ago
Psp December Japan launch 2004
Ps3 announced July e3 2005
Ps3 November Japan launch 2006

Vita december japan launch 2011
Ps4 announced July e3 2012
Ps4 launched 2013 world wide ( as the blue diodes will not delay European release again)
Dogswithguns  +   1423d ago
I can agree on that..
yokokoroma  +   1423d ago
It would be foolish to think otherwise, the PS3 is not at the end of it's life cycle.
gigarath  +   1423d ago
The Playstation 2 wasn't at the end of its life cycle until 2010, and yet the Playstation 3 came out in 2006. It wouldn't be too far off the mark if the Playstation 4 was announced at E3 2012, to be released in 2013. I think that most people, like myself buy a system two years or so after the generation starts so that all the consoles can get established and so that you can tell if the system your spending money on will continue to have new games made for it. I bought a PS2 in 2003, I bought a Wii in 2009.
videoxgamexfanboy  +   1423d ago
Ive said this before and ill say it again. I just dont feel like ive gotten the most outta my ps3 yet. For me i can wait a couple more yrs for a new ps4. Now my 360 on the other hand, i feel its time for a next gen xbox. And dont mistake my comments for a fanboy because i love all video game systems. Its just that i feel that the 360 is maxed out and theres nothing left to see...
sak500  +   1423d ago
Since this guy is always wrong i hope they announce both consoles this year. I've been playing 360 since jan 2006. In between i've had 3 cellphones (iphone, nokia n900, LGoptimus 3D) costing me few 1000$. Also had 2 full HD TVs and one full HD 3D tv. I can't wait to buy a new console.

Why not? We see new notebooks, netbooks, tablets, mobile devices every few months and these consoles have well run their course.
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