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Nick212004  +   1508d ago
Wow, that is all I have to say
rezzah  +   1508d ago
It is not impressive at all, even the video creator says it.

This along proves why COD 5 an up have terrible MP.

Over 200 kills, around 4 MOABs. All in 1 match...
supersonicjerry  +   1508d ago
not one match but one round of demo!
pc_masterrace  +   1508d ago
Jesus Christ....and yet the VGAs proclaimed this game shooter of the year. fffffuuuuu!
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Kevin ButIer  +   1507d ago
Just go BF3 bro, see you there
vickers500  +   1507d ago
Cod5 didn't have "terrible" multiplayer. It was basically just cod4 with a ww2 skin. There was ONE unbalanced gun in world at war, but it wasn't game ruining.

It's more like Modern Warfare 2 and up have had terrible multiplayer, but the worst you can say about world at war was that it was average/nothing special.
Andreas-Sword  +   1507d ago
I think Battlefield 3 is 10 times better than Modern Warfare 3 !!
da_2pacalypse  +   1507d ago
@Andreas-Sword 10x? seriously? That's being a little generous. I would rather play hello kitty island adventures than another crappy MW game -_-
FunkMcnasty  +   1507d ago
@ rezzah,

I didn't hear the narrator (who was the player) didn't say it was "impressive".. He stated a number of times that he "had to show the world this video because it should never happen" he also went on to say "the fact that this can happen proves how bad this game really is" and that MW3 maps (dome in particular) have "the shittiest spawns ever."

If anything he seemed more like he was trying to prove a point about the broken state of MW3's multiplayer, rather than gloat about his killstreak.
Perjoss  +   1507d ago
thats a broken game if ever i saw one.
Cosmit  +   1508d ago
By looking at the radar, you can obviously tell everyone on the winning team is in on it. There set in a specific location to spawn trap the other team. I'm in no way defending the game. The spawn system on DOME is obviously broken to shit if this is happening. Just saying, this won't happen in any other map. No matter how broken the spawn system is, IT JUST WON'T HAPPEN WITH A DECENT TEAM.

Again the other team must be total crap. And the winning team must be a full squad working as a team, I mean, if you can call it working as a team. And anyone with half a brain wouldn't and shouldn't keep spawning if there in this situation. They should have just left instead of giving this guy free kills.

Take a look back at Bad Company 2. Countless times you would get people spawn trapped. It wouldn't be hard either. And its impossible to get out of it especially when you have their damn chopper circle strafing your spawn. Even harder when the steal your chopper as well, with tanks in your base. As soon as you spawn, you would be dead. I know to just not even bother continue playing if that's going on. Especially if I just joined the game. And countless times I would be on the team doing the spawn trapping. Its basically Killing Paradise. As soon as they spawn, blast them. Easy stuff.

I've done it several times on BF3. Its of course harder but its still possible on certain maps. This can happen with any game. You have a random crappy team going up against another squad that has a full squad of people coordinating their moves, you can almost know from the start who's going to win.

Again, I'm in no way defending CoD. Just stating some facts.
ALL_STAR_28  +   1508d ago
There is none of this on BF3. So no you're not stating facts.

Also, you were bad if you couldn't get out of a spawntrap in BC2 (Unless an Atacama Spawntrap) and even worse that you allowed yourself to get spawn trap.

What happened in that video has never happened to anyone in BF3 or BC2.
Cosmit  +   1508d ago
Really? Never happened in BC2? You obviously never played it then. Anybody here who isnt blind can tell you Atacama Desert had this happen a lot. What was really annoying was those circle strafing choppers. It happened a lot. Don't deny it. I put enough hours to know and experience this on several other maps.

I've never had this happen to me in BF3 but I've been on the side doing the spawn trapping. Hasn't happened much but I've been in games that has had this happen several times. Again, I stated not as much but it happens on occasions. Like you said, this wouldn't happen unless the team was bad so they deserved it. Well I guess you can say that here on this situation. They probably deserved it for being horrible players.
NarooN  +   1507d ago
Dunno why everyone's disagreeing with him, BC2 did have a lot of spawn camping and spawn-trapping. I never had an issue with ground troops, just spawn and blow their brains out. But the chopper whores who circle-strafe into oblivion is what made it all broken. I dunno why there were no mobile AA-units in the game, nor why there was no infantry AA weapons like a stinger, only stationary weapons. The choppers could easily tell when you were in a stationary AA weapon and blow it (and you) to hell without much of an issue. Getting a kill with normal rockets was possible, but pretty rare as it was mostly luck-based, especially with the heli's constantly lagging through the air.

Oh well, just another example of how BF2 > BC2 and pretty much every other BF ever lol.
Killzoned  +   1507d ago
Has never happened to me on BF3 but I've spawn trapped people before in BC2
Legion  +   1507d ago
@ALL_STAR_28 "What happened in that video has never happened to anyone in BF3 or BC2."

True maybe in the sense that the quick spawn and death might not happen in BF3 (as it takes awhile to spawn in BF3.) But BF3 does have some maps that need work.

Oman on CQ Assault has a map level that allows the attacking forces to spawn camp once they take over all the flags. And spawn camping by the fact that you can hang out directly in their spawn and just wait for the team to pop in and die at your hands. Not a single thing can be done once this level reaches that point. As that single location is then the only place they can spawn at that point.

Still not the failure that COD brings to multiplayer spawn camping. But still a failure in the sense they need to fix it in many of their levels.
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hesido  +   1507d ago
BC2 or Battlefield 3 doesn't have this kind of problem. There was spawn camping indeed, but people weren't spawned in a single location to be killed several times by simply standing in a single spot. 2-3 coordinated guys could sneak out of spawn camping in BC2.
phantomexe  +   1507d ago
I've spent a crap load of time on BF3 and i've never seen what your talking about. I don't know on BC2 but on BF3 i think ur lieing on and i say this because even if your team is pined it spawns way outside of the area. It would be next to imposable.
Hozi  +   1507d ago
Dude...are you in denial? No other FPS Multiplayer game is as screwed up as COD...once people figure out the pattern (Which isn't very hard to do) you can't play a decent game at all.

The only solution is to play a better FPS. Imo Battlefield 3 clearly trumps this game in every possible way (pc)
pc_masterrace  +   1507d ago
I think some here are confusing spawn trapping with base raping. Spawn trapping was very unlikely because of the size of the maps and the fact that you could spawn on your squamate.
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dcbronco  +   1507d ago
Even in BC2 a smart player could work their way out of a spawn camp. Teamwork and smoke could usually get you out of a spawn trap. The real problem is the lone wolf mentality of most gamers. That why I like squads in BF. You can spawn on someone. And BF has multiple spawn spots in any given area.
orange-skittle  +   1507d ago
Easily fixed if they give a 2 second invincibility. What game spawns you w/o invulnerability? Even Battlefield doesn't allow players into the deployment area. They spawn all players away from battle, but since MW3 is such a small area, it might seem harder. That shows how bad this game is and not to be compared to a massive battleground that BF3 has. This should kill the comparisons and show why MW3 is not equal to BF3
frostypants  +   1508d ago
Thank God this guy made this video. THANK YOU. The game is embarrassing to the entire franchise and it's pretty much irrefutable when proof like this pops up.
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BluEx610  +   1507d ago
I would quit this game if this stuff happens frequently, but I never run into too many bad spawns. It does happen time to time, but not enough where I'm ready to quit the game for good. They do need to fix this issue though. I like both BF3 and MW3, if you guys like the one or the other, don't bash on the opposition, just be glad we have both franchises, and have options to play different Shooters.
davidmccue  +   1507d ago
All of them on the winning team are in on it, and they have another guy in split screen acting as a fall guy to keep the game running. From his gamertag 'iNsAnity iZ b4k' (insanity is back), he more than likely has been banned before.

Oh well at least all of them are going to get banned now for cheating/boosting.
Plambey  +   1507d ago
they're not cheating or boosting though, simply exploiting what is clearly a fault in the map
NeloAnjelo  +   1507d ago
Kinda like MW2 huh?... Same game, same issues.
Johandevries  +   1508d ago
Ah, another article shows how terrible a game Modern Warfare 3 is and I suddenly need to release a turd like hell. See you soon
uc3nyc32  +   1508d ago
For the ppl complaining about spawning learn your lesson stop buying bs and you won't have to complain. Instead of plying COD I'm putting massive hours in on UC3 and dnt have to worry bout tht on mp. Some ppl never learn activision and its partners don't give a #*ck about ur gaming exp at this point anymore.
Soldierone  +   1508d ago
I actually remember the spawning in UC3 was terrible in the beta haha, so I was a bit afraid to get online when I bought the game. Who would of thought....a beta fixed the issue and its not here in the final game.

Perhaps Activision could call up Naughty Dog and ask them how a beta works.
uc3nyc32  +   1508d ago
Yeah the first beta was sweet and the second one was a nighmare that many questioned what drugs ND were on due to the abou face. However I was an avid visitor to the forums and once the posts about issues such as blind fire kills, sprint, spawning, etc... Started coming in ND was quick to listen to the fans and make things right. I can honestly say that the beta testing and advice from fans shaped the mp to be the great beast it is now. I've never experienced spawn killing in UC3. Its sad I was a big mw fan and now unless they change their tune and fix the bs issues and upgrade the monotonous gameplay it has become I won't buy another.
vickers500  +   1507d ago
I'd rather not play either of those games terrible and unbalanced multiplayer modes. They both suck.
uc3nyc32  +   1507d ago
Hey everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I beg to differ I haven't been getting in any unbalanced games as of late everyone I get matched with for thr most part is level 75 or lower level legacy. You can't pull me away from this game and my girl who isn't even a gamer has become one since uc2 mp. Some games I do good some mediocre but in no way or form is uc3 mp terrible, if anything its one of the most fun mps I've ever played and I've beengaming since I was like 12 and I'm 33 now.
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cpayne93  +   1508d ago
Man, one of those guys on the other team got 0 kills and 114 deaths... They didn't even spawn in a general area, it's the EXACT same place. Just awful.
hesido  +   1507d ago
Yes, and people still claim BC2 had similar problems. It is not even similar to begin with. See how the guy spawning in the other corner at about 1:30 takes out the player? That should have happened much earlier.
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peeps  +   1508d ago
Fair play to the guy doing the video, hopefully this will put some sort of pressure on IW cus imo your enjoyment on COD depends on how lucky you get. Theres no skill in the video as demonstrated and there's no skill when I get killed and then spawn behind the guy that killed me, the guy already in my cross-hairs lol
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Wikkid666  +   1508d ago
I've never once spawned in the spot

Probably a boosting room
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blodulv  +   1508d ago
That corner has put me in a death streak on more than one occasion.
Wikkid666  +   1508d ago
0 and 114
0 and 107
26 and 69
7 and 25
7 and 35

Sorry no one stays for a beating like that.
frostypants  +   1508d ago
Doesn't mean anything. Bottom line is the spawn generator kept dropping them there. Maybe he explained to them what he was doing before the round so they wouldn't quit...but that doesn't change anything if true. He wasn't trying to show off anything other than the broken maps.
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Wikkid666  +   1508d ago
Spawning is like math equation. If these things happen then this will happen.

So if you watch the map at the same time. They are spawning in other areas... his team mates are spawn killing them there.

And I know the spawns suck, but this isn't not an accurate representation of that.
Majin-vegeta  +   1508d ago
Oh really??watch this.
OdinX  +   1507d ago
He DID say that half the enemy team was AFK; you could see by those scores that the other half were at least TRYING to get out of it.
Dee_91  +   1507d ago
@wikkid when was the last time you played MW2 ?
People be like 2 and 17 and 5 and 20 while im on the same team and im like 30 and 5.

Its like they just randomly give the best person all the horrible people in the lobby or put all the good people on one team and put all the horrible people on one team ... I play merc. team death match.

Not to mention the randomly generated extra accurate auto aiming or the aiming down sights and when someone get in sight the gun moves off target like an negative magnet they give players....
JeffGUNZ  +   1507d ago
This is def. boosting. Funny how he only dies when he gets his MOAB. Also, I have never, ever spawned in the same spot more than 1-2 times. They spawn trapped the team. Half of the team wasn't playing, so all they did was cover all areas of a small map except that garage and forced the game to spawn them in an area where there an on enemies. This guy is selling propaganda. He and his teams set this spawn trap up. The game spawns you, well it TRIES to spawn you away from an enemy, if you are in a small map and cover all portions of it but one little room, they will spawn there. Didn't you people notice how none of his team went to the spot he was to rack up some easy kills? They had to stay in particular spots for the enemy to continuously spawn there. This guy is a booster and an scumbag. The only reason he has a narrative like this is so he attempts to make it look like he is showing a flaw so IW doesn't ban him. If it's so cheap and bullsh*t, wouldn't you stop doing that to give the team a legit chance? This guy is a f*g.
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Clarence  +   1508d ago
This is why the game is crap. No skill necessary. That not even fun to just get kills like that. Where's the challenge. Horrible game just horrible.

What's crazy is the guy making the video says the game is complete $h!t yet he went out a bought it. Its not the first MW game that you could do this on. The perks alone make MW bull$h!t.
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ilovemyps3  +   1507d ago

i'm glad i don't play cod or bf games. 501-8.that video makes me sick.

i guess i would blow my tv and pad, before turning off my ps3 and scratch the disk.

i remember, when i finished killzone 3 single mission, i played online for 3-4 hours, and even if i'm not a good player, i could make 10-15 kills in a session. a couple of times, i even managed to finish first.and without all those perks and special stuff. just playing, picking my class and gun, and fire.
never did i get caught in a spawn shit like that. i really had a great time playing killzone 3 online. unfortunately, i had no time to play online, and stop playing. but i bet if one of these days, i go online, i will still have a lot of fun, and , even with my little skills on fps, i will do some frags.

i imagine the guys that were getting killed over and over, on the video: saying SHIIIIIIII-T, every 3 seconds, all night long :)
SJPFTW  +   1508d ago
LOL you know they wont fix it. I remeber 2 months after MW2 released another youtube commentator WINGSOFREDEMPTION exposed the one man army noobtube exploit. Till this day it has not been fixed

Knowing activision they will use this as a another marketing ploy for the next COD saying how much more balanced and fixed it is while in reality nothing more than a copy and paste with the exact same problems
ilovemyps3  +   1507d ago
man, just watch cod sales since the beginning.and do a graph.
you will see like 3-6-9-12-15 millions. maybe codmw3 will sell 16-17 millions.
activision already know people are waiting for another cod game, in november 2012.whatever may happen, even if the game is broken, people will buy it.and they know it.2013 story is already being written.and 2014 version too. they don't care about what a few 50'000 guys will say, complain, etc. they think about the 17.950 million people that will buy the game.

look at killzone 2, the team worked hard with the engine, so everything is better. look at uncharted 1: naughty dog kept working on the engine, so we could have that snow on uc2, and sand, water, fire on uc3.
look at many other games, studios keep working hard on their game engines, so people get a better game, with more particles, better textures and graphics, better everything.

now, just watch cod games. they keep using the same fu-ing engine, over and over. i'm still waiting for a new graphic engine, with some crazy stuff going on.bu no, they keep using the same shit, man, we're in 2012. ,mw3 graphics are good, for a 2006-7 game. not a 2011-12 game. why would they spend one year, making a new engine ? all they want is selling 20 millions units, in november 2012. same engine, same stuff, just do 20 millions x 60 = 1.2 billion. why would they change the formula ?

all they want is making cod games, some new levels, new maps, and here you have madam, a new cod game.
microsoft don't need to rely on other games. forza or gears or halo not selling that good ? no problem. at least, 10 million xbox owners, because there isn't many great aaa games to play, will buy cod, and will go live, which means a live gold subscription.that makes 10 million live gold subscriptions.other sales don't count. only cod do count for microsoft.
i bet in us, 50% of x360 consoles are bought only for halo and cod games. so yeah, it's really important to microsoft that a cod game is released every year: people will have a fresh version of the game, let's be honest, every cod game, it's not a new game. it's the same old shit, only maps change.and another version means another gold subscription for 1 year, to microsoft. perfect business, right ? before people click on disagree like a mad, accept the fact this is the truth...
activision is giving microsoft and gamers what they want : some new maps, every year.

they must have developed an engine, they click on "generate", and you have a new map, with cars, barrels, buildings, randomly spread on the map. they just need to fine tune things, and in one week, the map is done.

a guy from R&D: "dear activision ceo, people are asking for a new graphic engine, they are tired of seeing the same textures, the same quality, the same stuff, repeated every year"

activision ceo : "F-uck you"
activision shareholders: "yeah, F-uck you"
microsoft sales man: "yeah, double F-uck you"
SJPFTW  +   1507d ago
LOL COD is the top selling games on the PS3 by a mile so your argument is flawed.
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Hicken  +   1508d ago
I guess it ain't broke, though, right, CoD fans? Nothing wrong with this game at all, right? 20 million people WANTED this, right? They all voted with their wallets for THIS, right?
cpayne93  +   1508d ago
Well said, I would like to see people try to defend this atrocious atrocity. Hopefully some people will see this and realize how lazy the devs are. How hard would it have been to throw in a couple more spawn points?

This is inexcusable.
bodybombs  +   1507d ago
the crappy part is, we all knew this was gonna happen deep down. none of us wanted to believe that they could fail for the 4th time in a row
kudakadere  +   1508d ago
60 dollars well spend , now time to buy DLC with mw2 maps because i don't realise i could just play mw2 -__-
Gamer-Z  +   1508d ago
0 improvements and even worse lag, maps, sound, character animations, and spawns from previous CODs. You are literally buying a downgrade if you get this game, imo.
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blodulv  +   1507d ago
Even though I was looking forward to this game, you are correct unfortunately. Definitely feels like a downgrade.
PygmelionHunter  +   1508d ago
Ok, I don't have anything against MW3 but WOW, what a crappy spawn system...
ExitToExisT  +   1508d ago
I hope kids will stop giving away their parents hard earned money to cod at some point.
acemonkey  +   1508d ago
thats fcked.....but he saids the game is shit and his legit but he plays on that map and takes credit for the kills?top 100?
Spenok  +   1508d ago
Go look this guy up. He is mearly pointing out an obvious flaw with the game. If you look at any of his previous videos you will know he is a legit player.
acemonkey  +   1508d ago
seen his videos on black ops pointing out just sayin he did this in a rank match not a private lobby so theres 76 kills to his record now.... cool he pointed it out....spawns really suck in every game people need to get over just saying every video i see him in...he bitches about COD and he keeps playing them...BF3 i have and own both....but MW3 and CODs won the battle u can say they got more votes on ign and other sites....but COD made more money at the end of the day is what matters
Spenok  +   1508d ago
Ah, good point. Maybe he wasnt intending to do this when the match started?

Lol not sure... but then again in a private lobby he would have to get a whole bunch of people together and pretty much coordinate it.

And i have to disagree with spawning sucking in every game. Most games actually have either fairly decent or even good spawn points.

The last part of what you said confuses me. I think your talking about how BF3 has more votes on IGN, however you worded it as if CoD had more votes.

Though i do agree, at the end of the day the sales are what matter most..... to the company MAKING the game.

If more people see videos of how broken games like this become, or worse yet experience it first hand, as he says in the video they will more then likely not want to play the game again, and will probably choose to skip on the sequal.
acemonkey  +   1508d ago
most games rainbow 6 had shit spawns u could camp outside of the building...most games even bf3 u kno where the other team is comin its right in front of you....atleast mw3 u never know where their coming....besides this one map and maybe some more if you team locks down a part of the map......people bitch about mw2 and bought black ops people bitch about black ops and bought mw3....when the next game comes out its going to do the same thing people are going to buy far from a COD fanboy i have the mw3 and havent even open it yet.....but as far as posting videos to see how bad the game is broken and people aint going to buy it...i doubt that its just going to cause more fanboys going at it...and if posting videos help votes or people not buying the game then why the hell is skyrim still selling on the ps3 and xbox with all its problems...but i was talking about ign Bf3 vs mw3 and bf3 won the best mp and all that...sorry if i worded that wrong
hiredhelp  +   1507d ago
Wtf acemonkey
Cod made more money thats what counts F ME if thats how you think then i feel sorry for you.
Goodness dont worry about quality work and gameplay,lets just make another cod cos sales well thats what matter's
Septic  +   1507d ago
I'm sorry acemonkey, but you're clueless.

" but MW3 and CODs won the battle u can say they got more votes on ign and other sites....but COD made more money at the end of the day is what matters"

Reborn  +   1508d ago
Utterly ridiculous. And worst part is, Activision are just abusing the uninformed consumers. (I know, I know, some people are informed, and like it)

Fool me once..

Fool me twice..
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saint_seya  +   1508d ago
Fool me 3, 4, 5
Combo, multi fool me (with mortal kombat voice)
andibandit  +   1507d ago
fool me..22,23, MOAB here i come, 24, ..DAMN some punk spawned 2 feet behind me
ZippyZapper  +   1508d ago
^^^ out of the wood work :D
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LoneWolf019  +   1508d ago
People that play mw3 annoy the hell outta me. Everyone says this game is trash, Sh!tty and what not put yet they still put the effort into playing it -_- ridiculous.
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Titanz  +   1508d ago
Black Ops Nuke town stage
Massive fail.
jetlian  +   1507d ago
l loved that level!!! They spawn trapped the other team in this video. Dome is small enough to do it in. also people didnt try hard enough to get out
Unlimax  +   1508d ago
Told you guys This game is Garbage and the most weirdest i have ever heard in my entire life that people keep throwing there money for Bobby kotick over and over and over .. WHERE'S HUMANITY ON THAT !
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cleanhealthy21  +   1508d ago
the split screen guy on the other team is helping them boost at first.

They also have a 6 man party, they spread around the map, then notice how one of the guys on the other team just stays behind the door he is keeping his team spawning there because there is nowhere else to spawn that isnt occupied by the other team (notice how no barely anyone on the radar is moving and oretty much only 1 guy is getting kills). the whole thing is set up.

theres nothing that can be done about this because it is going to happen when you have nerds like this trying to exploit the system to look good.

this doesnt happen in normal rooms.

Anyone whose actually good at this game could see this from a mile away.
KeiserSosay4788  +   1508d ago
The point is that it IS being exploited and that it is fairly easy to do so. That should NOT happen in a competitive MP game.
Studio-YaMi  +   1508d ago
I don't know why anyone would give this guy a disagree ?? he is stating the truth,when you occupy every other spawning area,the other team will only spawn from the only place that you wont be in,it's broken yes,but who would actually do that in normal online rooms with random people ?

if this exploit happens,it would be in a room with grouped team mates who know each other!

Am not defending COD though,the spawning IS broken,I mean when I played on some of the maps,I would kill a guy and he would INSTANTLY respawn right behind me ! that's just unfair and stupid !

But come on,this(the exploit in the video) can not be done unless your team mates are all your friends in real and you know how to do this exploit,other than that,it couldn't happen on a regular room with random people.

I know am going to get disagrees because "OHH U PLAY COD U SUCK HURRR DERRR DURRR" but I don't care,I play games that I like to enjoy with my friends,my friends like COD games,so what's wrong in having some quality time with them and having fun ? I could play other quality/great games like BF3 but my friends don't play it(I did buy it though to support good developers).
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TheoreticalParticle  +   1508d ago
Unless the spawns are different in Demolition, there are still two perfectly viable spawn locations inside the Dome structure, and inside the bunker, and none of his teammates are there.
damnyouretall  +   1507d ago
only 1 of my buddies bought bf3 with me, everyone else mw3. but even average games can be kinda fun when youre hangin with your people, so i feel ya.
BeaArthur  +   1508d ago
That's just pathetic. I'm not even going to sit here and make fun of the game like I typically would...that's just inexcusable.
HmongAmerican  +   1508d ago
all of the maps are so small that u don't even need to look for the opposing team. Just let them come to you and shoot anything that move with the red name on top of their character head.
Kahvipannu  +   1508d ago
Shooter of the year guys.. Shooter of the year... Oh when people will get common sense and not support these guys pushing this kind of stuff out every year...
Kahvipannu  +   1508d ago
He is wrong!! The worse you make the game the more people will buy it!! It happened 3 times & that is the winning formula in the console market! -_-
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Studio-YaMi  +   1508d ago
Totally agree,COD games need vehicles,seriously why exclude them ?? it would be lots of fun to be able to fly a plane or a helicopter,riding a tank or jeep..

That's one of the reasons I like BF3
if am not mistaken,some of the early COD games had vehicles,correct ?

Edit :
ehh you edited your comment >_< ! nvm then..
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Kaos_Vll  +   1507d ago
and it's most likely the reason millions of cod fans DON'T like bf3. not everyone wants or even likes vehicles in their shooter.

even with all it's flaws, and cod has TONS of them, it's loads of fun.

why do you all even care? you're not cod fans and as soon as cod changes anything and it fails you'll be the first to say they should have kept giving THEIR FANS what THEY WANT.
Majin-vegeta  +   1507d ago

I could sit here and write a whole page on how they could freshen up cod but then i would just be wasting my time cuz we know it won't happen.
Kahvipannu  +   1507d ago
Indeed atleast CoD1 had vehicles in mp, and WaW, but Kaos has a point, tought it's again "all or nothing" kind..

CoD is about arcade non-stop shooting, including vehicles doesn't mean you have to try to adapt BF's more strategic, and more rich gameplay. You can have your mindles fun with them too. Tought kids would actually drive them by themselves, and AI would not rank the kills, so it could alienate some fans, but still, it could work.

And why do we care? Well, to be honest I don't personally care how good/bad coD is, I just feel bad for the gamers who support devs/publishers that apparently dont give a **** about theyr consumers and fanbase.

It's ridiculous, if people would vote with theyr wallets, maybe CoD would actually improve? Or even better, they might had fixed the old problems in it. It's stupid beyond stupid, like selling your own car back to you 4 times after you have bought it, with new paint on it, but engine is still same...

But nevermind, see you all on the Battlefield.
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ShadowKingx  +   1508d ago
this is and easy fix for infinity ward. all they have to is

1. patch it. if possible
2. release the map again as free dlc and use that map instead of the disc preloaded one.

i really like dome its a great map but with the spawning like it is make you want to throw it out the window.

i guess all we can do now is avoid this map as much as possible.
ExCest  +   1508d ago
it is an easy fix

just like every other problem in COD

o look. They're still here. New IW & Activision must be procrasterbating (Tosh.0) with all that money
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Axecution  +   1507d ago
They could easily just throw a piece of wood between the truck and the building, preventing people from hiding there.

LOL what a crap game. I torrented the single player and, after boycotting CoD games since MW2, was debating buying it for the multiplayer. But now there's no way in hell. This just reminded my of the crap that CoD's multiplayer puts people through.

I miss Resistance: Fall Of Man and Warhawk. :/ Some of the best multiplayer, easy. Online and offline. Dx

I gotta say though, MW3s single player was really fun. I loved it.
And off-topic, but WHY THE HELL DONT PC GAMES SUPPORT SPLIT SCREEN? I could easily connect 4 controllers to my PC. Honestly. So stupid. I'd still buy it for the local multiplayer if it had split screen but ive recently gotten into PC gaming... So dumb. "Oh you have friends in real life? LOL too bad".
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