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GraveLord  +   1435d ago
Him and his team were all camping on the spawn points all over the map. Its a form of boosting and is bannable.

Anyway the fact that he gushed about how Battlefield 3 is "taking over" shows his true intentions with this video. Consider that his farewell video since he's going to get banned. Watch how he will make a video later saying how he's tired of COD(but he won't mention that he is banned) and is switching to Battlefield 3.
Sparticus_1  +   1435d ago
it is NOT a form of boosting..its called spawncamping...and the designers are the ones that created this action..not him....stop trying to defend this pos game
JeffGUNZ  +   1435d ago
No moron, it's boosting. His team is standing on the other spawn points and not moving the entire game, leaving one possible spawn. He died like 4-5 times in the video, but had 26 the whole match. Where did they come from? They came there when he and his team set up the spawn trap. They all had tactical insertions, so they can keep the spawn trap in tact. This map is small so it's easy to set up if your whole team works together. They are spawn camping to BOOST. Why else would they be doing this? They let 1-2 team players rack up the kills and points and will just alternate the next time they play dome.

People enjoy some small maps for CQC, you can do this on many games with small maps. This is not a COD flaw, this is clear spawn trap for boosting. If you ever played this game, you'll realize this since myself nor any of my friends EVER spawned in the same spot like that more than 1 time. Re-watch the video and you'll see all the other team players stay in one spot and you can even see several tactical insertions right by them so they can continue to spawn-trap and boost.
TheOtherTheoG  +   1435d ago
So much for 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it', eh...
xxmatrix1xx  +   1435d ago
Oh IW you have downfall-ed since COD4 and you still think you did a good god with MW3
DFresh  +   1435d ago
I should of stopped playing Call of Duty after MW2 but my dumb ass said I should give Treyarch a chance with Black Ops.
Big mistake.
Ever since Black Ops came out I've never played another COD game again and never will.
It's a shame.
We're lying to ourselves if we don't think this game series has potential to be great but the laziness of the developers and Activision greed has killed this series.
Move on to other games people.
It's that easy.
NeloAnjelo  +   1435d ago
I stopped at MW2.
Euthanasia78  +   1435d ago
Feel free to read any of my other posts for My opinion on MW2.5. The N'Sync of games. I couldn't dislike a game more.
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Neko_Mega  +   1435d ago
Black Ops had broken spawning, MW3 has it too.

I just love it when your team spawn an one person from the other spawns behind you and kills everyone.
SpinalRemains138  +   1435d ago
I think he's taking the game entirely too serious.

It's not a sport. It's a small FPS game. Tiny maps and you run around and kill guys.

So what that map was broken. Would you really expect more from an annual release?
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CanadianTurtle  +   1435d ago
I think people are forgetting that a lot of us have lives outside of gaming. Like kids, work, college, Uni, etc.

A lot of us don't have the time to gather BF3 buddies and play organized matches with communication and stuff like that. MW3 is a better choice for these people because it's a "quicker" and more time efficient game.
BF3 is a big game, not all of us have the time to learn it.
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Sparticus_1  +   1435d ago
20 bucks says all the people talking smack about the game in this forum own it...BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA
invalidsyntax  +   1435d ago
I considered buying it, but thankfully I rented it from redbox. I returned it an hour later. Seriously, the game is crappy. I don't understand how someone could possible say its better than Battlefield.
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iMpuTeD  +   1435d ago
this is pretty much cheating/exploiting they should ban this whole scrub team
JeffGUNZ  +   1435d ago
Exactly. I love how everyone is bashing MW3 for this when the other team set up a blatant spawn trap and boosted kills. If he was really mad and upset at this, he wouldn't have continued to plant his tactical insertions and spawn kill them. He is trying to put this BS video out with his unbuyable story of "pointing out a flaw" because he is nervous this video will show him and his toolbag friends cheating.
spektical  +   1435d ago

Gamerita  +   1435d ago
i'm starting to dislike the call of duty franchise specially after the latest installment by sledgehammer games,its so bad,tons of hackers,crappy weapons with no feel to them & tiny maps with so many corners & walls. MW used to be the best but since the breakup between activision & the talented developers at IW i can see MW is a dying all they have left is TREYARCH made call of duty games.
blodulv  +   1435d ago
Black Ops had is problems, but ultimately it smokes this poor excuse for a successor easily. Doesn't matter though as it's probably all downhill from here.
amateratsu  +   1435d ago
Man that is wack, but tbf i would of left long ago in that game, why continue to spawn when theres no hope?
JAMurida  +   1435d ago
Isn't this only on that map though? Or is it on every map? I haven't played MW3 yet.
Relientk77  +   1435d ago
The title: 76 Killstreak In 1 Minute Shows How Broken Modern Warfare 3 Spawning Is

the video is over 7 minutes long. What?
Ezio2048  +   1435d ago
SwampCroc  +   1435d ago
yeah that is blatant bs right there... hahaha MW3.. she went downhill before she even released...

but on topic... it's clear this is a broken spawn system...

but many games have spawn issues...

for one...

I would like to join a Multiplayer Match from the beginning everytime I log on and play...

I don't want to click and jump into a game that's already going on where 1 team has like 85 out of the 100 kills..

The spawns in TDM on BF3 aren't the best... I haven't played MW3 but from this video I can tell BF3 is better... but that don't mean it is how it should be...

many times in BF3 TDM mode you spawn right next to each other and just die... the spawn points are random but it doesn't matter you could spawn right in front of an enemy...

I would just like to see some proper spawn planning in games... and I don't want to always jump into a random game that has already started when I load up the game. it's unfair... very statistically unfair...

if I log on and click "join game" they put you in a game that's almost over 80% of the time...

edit - oh yeah... I just remembered... last night I played a round of Squad Rush on Tehran Highway... the other team was on top of the map... on the overpasses above the actual map... don't know how they got up there but they were. at one point they just kept jumping down to the street level down below..
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tigertron  +   1435d ago
Thank god I didn't buy this. I'm not trying to troll here, but Jesus...
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t0mmyb0y  +   1435d ago
I miss CoD2 multiplayer :(
NeloAnjelo  +   1435d ago
Seriously... does this surprise anyone?

The last game had the same issues. Unfixed, unchecked, released just as broken, unbalanced, and a glitch fest. In 8 months the cycle will start again, with the publisher and developer making the same promises as before. From all the money the game makes you'd think that more time and effort would be spent offering and maintaining a quality experience. Instead we get the same bull over and over from this franchise.

Makes me sick. I blame Activision.
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SuperStrokey1123  +   1435d ago
Just play against me, you will get loads of high killstreaks lol
J86blum  +   1435d ago
-throws in two cents.-
bobrea  +   1435d ago
The spawn system in BF3 in TDM games is pure trash, but in the other game modes it's fine. This video is ridiculous, though. That should never happen. So I guess I have another reason to not play COD games anymore.
redcar121  +   1435d ago
thats a private match this video means nothing what a load of rubbish
erivera1994  +   1435d ago
I know i may sound dumb, but what in the world is a MOAB? from this vid it looked like a 24 killstreak and like a mini nuke. can any one tell me what it is and what the letters stand for?
SwampCroc  +   1435d ago
mother of all bombs
Sarobi  +   1435d ago
The game has been broke since MW2, why would MW3 be any different. Each game they bring out is more crappier than the previous, hence making the previous seem like a work of art.
bkladyluck  +   1435d ago
ummm just want to point out in mw3 and bf3....the objective based games have set spawn points......not like team deathmatch that has random spawn points. like no one every realizes that all these videos are with one game mode. so far this has never happened to me on a level like that in cod, maybe got trapped for 2-3 deaths and that's it. in bf so far conquest is the easiest to get trapped at your default spawn when the other team kills the whole team and pushes them back to the default spawn. plus with helicopters, tanks and damn near impossible to move up to regain one flag so you can get out. even the best player can get trapped when looking down the barrel of a tanks......
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