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Dante112  +   1436d ago
I'll definitely will be picking up a Vita come Feb. MvC, Fifa, and Uncharted will be my top three games to buy.
Rynx  +   1436d ago
I will be getting Uncharted and Little Deviants.
Snookies12  +   1436d ago
I'll be getting... Wait shoot, I don't have money... :\

But I will be getting a Vita! lol
Abash  +   1436d ago
Im getting a PlayStation Vita: First Edition bundle along with Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Unit 13
PshycoNinja  +   1436d ago
With my First Edition PSV I am getting Gravity Daze and ModNation Racers: Road Trip! Both games look awesome.

As for the media like I said in a previous article, unfortunately this is the state of our games media today. Anything that can get them hits and garner them a bunch of money they will do it in a heart beat.

I am tired of dishonest, bias journalist and their underhanded tactics. Of course engadget and other site wont acknowledge that they are wrong and will blame Sony for "beating around the bush". I still just cant believe how undermining the media is these days.
Qdog  +   1436d ago
Already imported my Vita and an 8GB from Japan, ABSOLUTELY LOVING IT so far. I'm now waiting on Uncharted: Golden Abyss to get here. Also waiting on the US release so i can play all my PSP games on that beautiful screen.
Bereaver  +   1436d ago
I really gotta ask this question because I'm completely oblivious to the marketing in America because I've been living in Shanghai for the past 5 years.

Do people know about the Vita? What it's capable of? And what hardware around it's capability regularly costs?

I'm dead honest with these questions, I have no clue.

Here in China, children love the psp/ipad. But when I tell them that the PSP2 just came out in Japan.

They're all like, what's a psp2?
It's not a legal platform to sell here but still. You'd think they would have heard something from someone at school.
THESONYPS3  +   1436d ago
Yes everyone knew about the Vita ages or NGP back when it was announced. There is a 3g/wifi version(you have to pay on a plan like a phone) and justa wifi version. Btw im Australian and America definately knows about it. in America its supoosed to cost $250 wifi only version and $300 wifi/ 3g version but then you have to pay for a plan. In Australia wifi is $350 and 3g/wifi $450. some specs and features of the hardware:
CPU: ARM® Cortex™- A9 core (4 core)


External Dimensions : Approx. 182.0 x 18.6 x 83.5mm (width x height x depth)
(tentative, excludes largest projection)

Screen (Touch Screen): 5 inches (16:9), 960 x 544, Approx. 16 million colors, OLED
Multi touch screen (capacitive type)

Rear Touch Pad: Multi touch pad (capacitive type)

Cameras: Front camera, Rear camera

Sound: Built-in stereo speakers
Built-in microphone

Sensors: Six-axis motion sensing system (three-axis gyroscope,
three-axis accelerometer), Three-axis electronic compass

Location: Built-in GPS
Wi-Fi location service support

Keys / Switches: PS button
Power button
Directional buttons (Up/Down/Right/Left)
Action buttons (Triangle, Circle, Cross, Square)
Shoulder buttons (Right/Left)
Right stick, Left stick
START button, SELECT button
Volume buttons (+/-)

Wireless Communications:Mobile network connectivity (3G)
IEEE 802.11b/g/n (n = 1x1)(Wi-Fi)(Infrastructure mode/Ad-hoc mode)
Bluetooth® 2.1+EDR (A2DP/AVRCP/HSP)
HakatoX  +   1436d ago
THESONYPS3 pretty much summed it up...
As an American (not the lazy basement dwelling Muslim hating, self righteous idiot) and I can tell you first hand that even my 6 year old daughter knows about the Vita... She is mad at Sony right now for making her dad wait two months for his Christmas
jukins  +   1436d ago
have my first edition bundle already preordered and almost a 2nd for the kids paid off. But i will say this im kinda tired of sony being put under the microsope so much more than any other video game company. All the articles about it today are saying "PS vita outsold by 3ds" while leaving out that it was 7days of sales of the 3ds and 2 days for the psv, not to mention monster hunter debuted on the 3ds which is like crack to japanese gamers.

oh well cant wait for it to come out in NA.
rickhunter89  +   1436d ago
hope fully us ver comes with a memory card included !
xX-StolenSoul-Xx  +   1436d ago
wow kudos to them.

Ima pick up a Vita but the memory card prices are so high. Meh
jujubee88  +   1436d ago
Not really
In the US, the 4GB and 8GB memory card prices are set but, SCE has yet to officially announce the price of the 16GB and 32GB memory cards.

It is really doubtful that the 32GB memory card would be over $100 USD when it launches in the US.
Jio  +   1436d ago
Yeah, for some reason I think it'll sell better in the US than Japan. Right now, there aren't many popular Japanese games for the PS Vita, but when it lands in the US Uncharted will be major and Call of Duty with integrated PS3 play will push it through the roof.
metsgaming  +   1436d ago
yea they need to announce something on that call of duty game before the release date. The name, a screen something. I dont like COD but it can do the vita wonders especially if the online is as fully fledged as the consoles. Hopefully it wont be the same exact COD that releases next fall. (waits for all COD games are the same comments) lol
GribbleGrunger  +   1436d ago
whoops. double post
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golsilva  +   1436d ago
what games are coming for vita in japan before the us release? i know gravity daze is one, which should a big hit for a new ip. i think a tales remake game is also coming out along with wipeout 2048. Anything else?
StbI990  +   1436d ago
Persona. Final Fantasy X. Metal Gear Solid Snakes. Zoe of Enders... so on. 3DS is dead.
golsilva  +   1436d ago
damn persona 4 coming out that soon. thats the most wanted vita game in japan by famitsu. that will sell very well.
ronin4life  +   1436d ago
Kingdom hearts, kid icarus, resident evil, metal gear on. 3ds isn't dead.
axisofweevils  +   1436d ago
Persona's good, but it's no Monster Hunter :D
yabhero  +   1436d ago
3DS has metal gear solid and ZOE... also it has monster hunter as and exclusive. In Japn thats the equivalent of cod being exclusive to one system.
GribbleGrunger  +   1436d ago
that's a hard call and i very much doubt it. unless Sony ship more units... i thought they couldn't? or was that just another unfounded rumour?

edit: wait, are they talking about sales for this Christmas or sales overall?
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Ryo-Hazuki  +   1436d ago
If Enterbrain's prediction of 1.4 million in 7 days is correct that would be insane numbers. I find that hard to believe but we will see.

I like the prices of the games in the U.S so far.
Some games will be $29.99 and some will be $39.99. Like Hot Shots Golf 6 will be $29.99 and game's like Uncharted will be $39.99. Sounds good
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GraveLord  +   1436d ago
What is your source?
Haven't see any predictions of 1.4 million anywhere.
Ryo-Hazuki  +   1436d ago
Click on the article. It says Enterbrain predicts that in 7 days in which I find that hard to believe. Enterbrain is a japanese magazine publisher
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metsgaming  +   1436d ago
Just divide 321K by 2 and multiply that by 7 and you get 1.1 million. They would have to sell more during the rest of the weak per day then they did the first two days for that to happen. It might happen if those rumors that online preorders where not counted but i never heard of that before. Then there are people who wanted wifi and counldt find it because they sold out and had plenty of 3g so there might be alot of people who couldn't get it the first few days so that may help. So who knows but i think the prediction is a bit high. Unless they mean 1.4 million sold to retailers then yea that will probably happen.
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jneul  +   1436d ago
well 1.4 million in 7 days will be impossible to achieve mainly because the shipment was 500k, and none of us know when the next shipment is, articles like this make me laugh
ps can't wait to get my vita in februatry fell so excited just like when i first got my ps3:-)
tiffac008  +   1436d ago
If Sony can get those PS Suite games out, get the Remote Play feature going and advertise the social features of the device to the casual consumers. Then the PS Vita can probably meet or surpass expectations.

Right now everything is in Sony's court. The machine itself is great and it looks like the games are there to follow but the follow through strategy by Sony will be key to its success.

Edit: Wasn't the 200k extra shipment by Sony report proven to be false? That means Sony was only able to shipped 500k with 325k sell through, so the PSV stock stands at 175k right now.

So I'm not sure how Sony can meet that 1.4M sales in a week that Enterbrain is talking about... o_O
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TopDudeMan  +   1436d ago
Who knows? As of right now, I don't see it. Not with the (lets just say "rough") launch in japan.
Haunter_  +   1436d ago
Rough launch?
Oh you mean the screen glitches?, you know, the ones that turned out to be Chinese people lying.
Or was it Sony's apology for the glitches that never happened?, you know, the apology that never happened because it was fanboy websites lying.
Or was it because of the terrible sales?, you know, because selling a bit less than a handheld that has been out for a year, had a sales spike because MH just released on it and has millions of owners vs the launch 'week' sales of the Vita, is bad sales.
Sony should just cancel the Vita if it's going to keep underperforming like this. /s
WildStyles  +   1436d ago
Am I the only one who doesn't give a shit about which one does better? I just want both of them to give me a crap load of good games.
sashimi  +   1436d ago
"The PS Vita is under tight scrutiny right now." Yeah by fanboy western ya their opinions don't really matter much.
Khordchange  +   1436d ago
I dont want to sound smart, but didn't the 3DS have the best handheld launch in nintendo's history? and no it wont sell that much
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Yodagamer  +   1436d ago
no launch game is better than tetris :P
remanutd55  +   1436d ago
ok im getting the first edition bundle and Uncharted , ModNation , Unit 13 , Gravity Rush and Motorstorm RC , i dont think LBP will be part of the launch line up
Sithlord-Gamble  +   1436d ago
Ill be getting one day one w/ Uncharted, Hot Shots Golf, Modnation and MAYBE Lil Deviants/Escape Plan ... but I plan on buying alot of the other games like Sound Shapes, Gravity Daze and a few others once the reviews come out.
brettyd  +   1436d ago
i've started putting money aside, im going all out on day 1!
user858621  +   1436d ago
Depends whether Sony are capable of getting publishers to bring exclusive games to the vita. Having an original GTA game or Final fantasy game would really push sales. They lost a main series monster hunter so I'm guessing portable 4th would likely be announced for it sometime.
smashcrashbash  +   1436d ago
Is that a joke or something? Have you been under a rock or something. Sony already has developers bringing exclusive games to the VITA. Haven't you seen the list of developers or games at all?
Rockdown  +   1436d ago
Each developer will only release 1 game for Vita before abandoning it.
JoeReno  +   1436d ago
@ Rockdown

With comments like that you might aswell change your name to Bubbledown.
GoldenPheasant  +   1436d ago
get those ps1 and ps2 classics of off psn to work. stat! get the remote play to run moar games.

I am still going to purchase this thing most likely when it drops. My apps: Ruin and Gravity Pants.
metsgaming  +   1436d ago
there really hasnt been any info out on the remote play. There are some games that work and i want to know how the lag is. The lag on psp is horrid and i saw the killzone 3 video and noticed some lag. The psp was wifi b and vita can do g and n and i want to know how well it works with each tier.
Toman85  +   1436d ago
I do not think so. US gamers are too much interested in Microsoft and Apple. Microsoft and Apple is US home turf, and Sony products doing best in Europe by far.

I dont care who is gonna sell most, I have 3DS and I have preordered PS Vita. Picking it up with 16-32gb memorycard and 3-5 games at launch!
MasterCornholio  +   1436d ago

As long as devs developed great games for the Vita I don't really care. However if most games go multiplatform then the Vita version will suffer the most because developers will develop for the weakest system first then port over. This isn't like the consoles where both have a similar ammount of power. With the 3DS and the Vita there's a huge difference in specs.

But other than that it will be just fine.

joeorc  +   1436d ago
No need to worry about ports
As a matter of fact the port process for the lowest spec system helps the PSVita not hinder it. There is a reason for that, remember unlike the living room topset box game system like the ps3 an the xbox360.

The PSVita is running a Quad core Arm core A9 think about that for a sec. The main chipset Arm core is in over 97% of the worlds embedded systems now.

Thats from smartphones to tablets to smart Tv's an to small embedded system PC's like cottoncandy. The usb stick Arm core PC

The main point is even Apple an Nintendo's handhelds run Arm core system chipsets with their current chipset with lower specs than the PSVita but still the same basic core technology as what these Arm cortex chipsets all share.

So its not like the same problems in xbox360 porting to the PS3.

Development is more like the development for the mobile platforms an PC the higher the spec the better it can handle the lesser spec designed software stack. Thats most of the time that is without some tweaking needed.

That also means less strain on the PSVitas chipsets due to that very reason.
There is also a Quad core Gpu that is Sgx chipset the same as inside the ipad but the ipad had only the single core ver. So once again going from the ipads larger screen down to the PSVita will not task heavy the PSVita because it can handle the code because the chipset is at its core the same with the fact the PSVita has 3 more cores of the same Gpu core just smaller screen size, smaller resolution.

So its not going to be a real problem as a matter of fact the better battery life you could get out of the PSVita while running those ports!
Ultr  +   1436d ago
1 sale from me :)
I will at least get Uncharted and Gravity Daze, then we'll see what my friends are getting, I want some Co-op, Wipeout, unit 13... :) cant wait!!
Game3s  +   1436d ago
The PSV still has no games that interest me all i see are game that could have went on the PS3 that they put on the PSV.
I want a new gaming experience on the handheld not more of the same i get on the console.
The handheld version suppose to be unique not console ports.I will wait until i see a good game a unique game to the Vita.
VampiricDragon  +   1436d ago
sony apologists.

They want US? The 3ds is outpacing the ds US sales by over 4 months.

Its hilarious the stupidity of these people thinking call of duty or uncharted will be system sellers in the US

1) You can get call of duty on no less than 3 other platforms all better suited than this devices which is where people will buy the game

2) Same with uncharted. People wont be buying handhelds for it. Look at japan
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yabhero  +   1436d ago
Well considering that 3DS is expected to be at around 12 million by vita launch no... it wont be surpassing 3ds anytime soon

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