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wollie  +   1516d ago
anyone whos hasnt played this, should. Its the best game on the wii, probably the best JRPG released this gen.
TBM  +   1516d ago
Cool because i was going to trade in my wii once i finish skyward sword which is great btw. now i have another game to play for my wii.
Godmars290  +   1516d ago
But given the amount of complaining and literal begging it took to get here, its certainly a mixed bag.
dark-hollow  +   1516d ago
But it totally worth it!
Its IMO the best JRPG game this gen hands down!
Funny how those HD consoles lacked in jrpg games.
I thought more powerful consoles allow for more "potential" in creativity!
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Godmars290  +   1516d ago
1) Not getting why I'm getting disagrees when what I said was true. If Nintendo hadn't been nagged the game likely wouldn't have come out. By the feel of its release, coming as a Gamestop and direct order exclusive, it sounds like it was Gamestop who finally convinced them.

2) I am really, really tired of a JRPG being called the best of this gen when this gen has been so obviously poor for JRPGs. Especially on HD consoles where there have been very few.

The market on the Xbox and PS3 has been starved and under delivered. Anything that comes is seen as a godsend.
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dark-hollow  +   1516d ago
Even by jrpg standards as a whole, this game is masterpiece!!
Have you play it yet?
LoaMcLoa  +   1516d ago
You guys in NA better buy this game, if you wanna see the other two being released in the states that is.
TheSanchezDavid  +   1516d ago
Oh, I'll definitely be getting my hands on this title on day one! I really hope Nintendo decides to localize the other two.
LoaMcLoa  +   1516d ago
Well, I think that's up to Gamestop too, as they're the ones helping publishing the game.

There is a rumour that they're interested in Last Story too!
TheSanchezDavid  +   1516d ago
Here's hoping those rumors are true. Those three games are the types of grand adventures I've been hoping for, and it would be great to get the chance to experience them. If anything, at least Xenoblade Chronicles is on its way to NA in 2012.
pcz  +   1516d ago
its in my top 5 games ever
and that is saying a lot, i am a very harsh critic :D

the game is better than skyward sword in my opinion.
wollie  +   1516d ago
miles better the skyward sword.

Its the best JRPG traditions, mixed with a little new freshness. Its fantastic.
Instigator  +   1516d ago
You should be excited. It's better than Skyward Sword.
Sugreev2001  +   1516d ago
Great news for Wii owners like me who are fed up of Nintendo games.Hopefully it turns out to be as good as I expect.

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