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mokopa  +   1327d ago
Just finished it in 2 hours 20 minutes. I feel like I was cheated. The graphics looks good, but Blackbox must have spend years on an old engine, but were forced to redo the damn thing on Frostbite and never had the chance to test it. Case in point,(spoiler alert)why do we spend just less than 5 minutes to beat the last 3 bosses. Why is 80% of the cars locked and we have to complete the damn multiplayer stages to unlock old cars. Why cant we re-select a car after we made a mistake on the 3 options. Imagine driving a muscle car which has no speed/handling and you can see that you suck and hoping for a garage, sorry, garages are randoma and are not in every track.
THIS GAME BELONG IN THE NEVER TO BE PLAYED GAMES DUMP. Now let me go back to Skyrim and relieve this RAGE!!!!!!
jaixvx  +   1327d ago
More like "The runs"

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