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BLACKJACK VII  +   2795d ago
1.Mass Effect

Honorable mention for COD4, Halo 3 & Uncharted. The 500th installment of Mario on the Wii does not impress me, nor does R&C. I guess I'm "too old" for those types of games, but then again, I don't think I'd have either of those games as my personal GOTY when I was 15 years old, versus the other available contenders this year.

If Mass Effect didn't have any framerate hitches, it would be GOTY hands down, period. Best videogame story of "Next Gen" undoubtably, and one playthrough is as long as Bioshock + COD4 + Uncharted combined.

xplosneer  +   2795d ago
Perfect game?
I say combine Uncharted's world and person's graphics, COD4's multiplayer, Bioshock's campaign desicions, and Mass Effect's length/talk system and you got best game ever.
Big Jim  +   2795d ago
Back in the old days, even though people often disagreed about whether a game was good (its subjective remember), people could almost always agree whether or not a game had good graphics. Not so anymore. Just look at ME. A ton of people out there are saying that ME has incredible graphics, and I thought it had the worst next-gen graphics I've ever seen. Worse than BulletWitch. Whats the deal? This game is sooo ugly. I'm not spamming or whatever that word is, I really just don't understand this. Am I looking at the same game? Very odd.
Matpan  +   2795d ago
so what...
The guy did not fancy the game that much... had a bad day at work (coffee machine was broken, his wife "had a headache" the night before).


It sure raises the voices to say "bleh..B..." when everybody else is shouting "A!"...

Still a GREAT game.
RAM MAGNUMS  +   2795d ago
Ps3 player are boneheads.
Uncharted is what these nit wits are hollering about that game is for kids who like to unload a pistol into a man that can take a whole clip. Very unrealistic. Can you say linear? Very good. Now go play uncharted and remember that gears of war kicks this games a$$! Mass Effect is a RPG like oblivian. No comparison to Drake's Homosexuality. Seriously The enemies on uncharted are stupid and why would you have to solve a childs puzzle to find guards waiting for you. Mass effect is exploraration uncharted is saturday morning cartoons action. Get it, Got it, GOOD. Now Grow up. X-box has moved on. we as a community look past ps3 gamers and are very used to just calling you guys a bunch of losers starving for a descent game. LOL!!! Sony mind ya business and get your fans back they are smelling up my xbox forums with their stupidity.
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