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devilhunterx  +   2579d ago
what the ..?
now Xbots are crying over scores and saying reviews dont matter?
BestGamerAlive  +   2578d ago
Far from great
i seen it up close in personal and the textures are bad and framerate is terrible bottom line is Uncharted is way better game all aspects PS3 PLAY BEYOND im da best on any system an any game imma BEAST
edonus  +   2578d ago
You do know there is a grain filter...
The textures in mass effect are amazing (you can really see how detailed they are when they are loading in the layers). The graphics are wonderful something I dont see mentioned alot is the grain filter. Its an effect that makes it look like your watching a old movie, I like it myself but you can turn it of if you dont and it sharpens the graphics to what most HI def games look like ( like Uncharted and Heavenly sword.) As far as these review that talk about these things as flaws the impoatant thing to remeber is that they dont take away from the experience of the game at all.
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