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snoop_dizzle  +   2990d ago
i can partially agree, its not exactly revolutionary and it does have flaws, but still i found it to be quite enjoyable.
skychad1111  +   2990d ago
Has anyone noticed this trend?
It seems whenever a great game is released, at first, all the reviews are great but its always a week or so later some moron decides to be different and disagree. Reminds me of that friend everyone has the thinks he's so smart and tries to be different. Not only is this review hard to believe, but if a site wants my credibility, they should consider releasing the review on time and not 2 weeks late lmao.
wil4hire  +   2990d ago
@ SKY.
The PROBLEM is.. every single review of the game mentions its technical failures, loading issues, choppy framerate. They just still decided to give the game 10/10 "BEST GAME EVER" (OXM).

Destructioid is saying the exact same thing... but giving a lower score. It shouldn't effect the average though, seeing as how the "official" xbox fan sites have given this game nothing but 100%'s. I think there are 6.

This game h as problems... in a different day in time for gaming.. that would mean it is a 7 or 8 because of the problems. But now, there is no such thing as problems.. as long as your fanboy heart can ignore them.
Hatchetforce  +   2990d ago
The guy isn't being different, he is dead bang on right. He wasn't sucked in by the massive PR machine. His words echo what I have said in several recent posts here about the conversation system being a massive smokescreen.

With 4 paths in a tree there is often no effect or a best only two distinct possibile outcomes. All you have to do is save the game and then go back and replay sequences choosing different paths and approaches and you will see the reality. Between this, the idiot team AI that loves to get in your way despite orders, the clunky framerate and it's MASSive collision detection issues, over 75% of people you can't intereact with, etc etc a 7.0 is just right...if you can be honest in the midst of a fanboy fit.

On the other hand I have also been playing The Witcher on PC and I will have to say that it is a RPG that really does have serious consequences and a phenominal presentation.
skychad1111  +   2990d ago
You r an idiot...
Those earlier review said the frame rate and other graphical issues were minor flaws, and were both overweighed by the good aspects heavily. I can tell how much of a fanboy u r by how fast you jumped on the bandwagon of critisizing my valid point. Even Ocarina of time, which is hailed one of the best games ever had flaws back in 1998, but it still deserves 9 or 10. But enough said,...its obvious u haven't even played Mass Effect. LMAO
Hatchetforce  +   2990d ago
No you are the idiot because you can't read a gamertag. You are just having fanboy fits because the truth is too much for your adolescent heart to handle. Next time check your facts when saying people haven't played something dumbass.

BTW I don't even see a gamertag on you so you must not even own it...

If anyone is lacking proof of having played it, then it is you cheesedick.
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skychad1111  +   2990d ago
UR obviously a ps3 fanboy becuase your comments contain no point, but instead insist on trying to find lame insults that a 9 yr old could do much better. Anyways back to the point, Mass Effect is a great game that is only guilty of minor flaws. Alot of reviewers will give below the average reviews to gain more site traffic. Its so sad these ps3 fanboys will only agree with me when on this issue when it concerns there own games. Get a clue.
Hatchetforce  +   2990d ago
I back up my point of having played the game - a major accusation you made. You can't = you fail.

The person that had the 9 year old fit here was you. The individual that began the name calling with the word idiots was you. Go change your diaper and take your ritalin before you bust a blood vessel.

Me = Dual Console and PC owner. Broad exposure equals better gaming and less narrowmindedness.

You = Rabid prepubescent wannbe fanboy.
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wil4hire  +   2990d ago
@ Hatchet.. They are brainwashed... move on.
these guys are really fanatical.

@ Sky.. SO ALL THE OTHER XBOX owners in this thread are admitting to the same issues. they aren't "MINOR" either. Maybe to you, but not to all of the reviewers. And not to all xbox owners either.

You have people that clearly played the game... saying the same thing the reviewers were saying.

Find me the quote where anyone said the flaws in Mass Effect are "minor"
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skychad1111  +   2990d ago
LMAo at Hatchetforce...
will the 9 yr old p3s fanboy rant ever end. Just because I can tell you havent played the game doesn't mean you need to cry. I once again made a point and gave u all opportunity to defend your view and all you did was flame. I feel sorry for you, intellectually :-)
skychad1111  +   2990d ago

nobody said there were no flaws in the game. Thats been said a hundred times but must of went over your head because of your intellegence level. Calling people names like "imbecile" and "cheesedick" really show how special you really are so I will stop now and let you continue your rant. ;-)
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Hatchetforce  +   2990d ago

Ha ha I know. It is ridiculous to watch people so upset over something like this. I could see it if they said yes these issues are there but I still like the title. I understand that. Hell, I have numerous games like that on many platforms. I enjoyed the hell out of Kane and Lynch but it has serious issues. But some people can't admit that even to themselves.

It is also funny to get accusations levelled that you haven't played it yet it is right there in your gamertag. To be told you haven't played it when your gamertag shows it is idiotic. Especially when those charges come from some imbecile with no proof of having experienced something they are so rabidly defending.


Another idiot below that can't read a gamertag. Also another person that doesn't understand simple english. No one is saying the game is not enjoyable. No one is saying the issues in the game prevent it from being playable. What we are saying is they exist - which means the game is not a 10. And we are saying the game isn't the end all be all of RPGs. Even the Destructoid review said it is a good game, just not a great game. That is a matter of opinion.

If you can't face the fact other people have different opinions then you are in for a rough ride in life. Maybe you should go ahead and make that cut or jump now...

What isn't a matter of opinion is the fact the game has issues and some of the claims about the game and it's dialogue system are outright bullshit. A smart consumer knows this and is honest with himself, a fanboy isn't. It doesn't mean you can't enjoy or like the game, even alot.

Mass Effect had a chance at being Game of the Year...before it came out. Even I thought so based on everything I had read and what was being said. But the facts are those chances were ruined by ... Mass Effect itself. It didn't live up to the billing. Some people can't handle the truth (Jack Nicholson voice needed there)

If Mass Effect could have been nominated without coming out then it would have stood a chance. But the proof of the pudding is in the eating and Mass Effect is an okay meal, not the banquet fit for a king.

For all this talk of me and others being fanboys, it isn't us that are having a conniption over something we worship having the truth told about it.

Some attempts to attack Destructoid are just beyond the pale of common sense. Look at this excellent example of a fanboy flopping around in an absolute fit of rage:

SUBJECT: Power of Green
CONDITION: 100% Brain dead enraged fanboy

He made this moronic and ridiculous comment below:

"Destructiod is a green light for Sony fanboys anyways when the subject's about anything MSFT."

[note, the error in correctly spelling Destructoid is the Power of Green's. Maybe there should be a law aginst attacking things you cannot spell, let alone properly comprehend]

He implies quite clearly in his post that Destructoid is a Sony favored site. Let us examine the facts, shall we. Let's look at 3 recent high profile Destructoid reviews on each platform. It is too bad they haven't posted a review yet of Uncharted. Remember these titles were picked to demonstrate the obvious because they are not multi-platform with the exception of RE4. Also remember this is done because people like PoG ignore the obvious.

Xbox 360

Mass Effect - 7
HALO 3 - 8.5
Bioshock - 10


Heavenly Sword - 8
Ratchet and Clank FTOD - 8.5
Everyday Shooter - 8.0


Super Mario Galaxy - 9.6
Metroid Prime 3 - 8.5
Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition - 7.5

If anyone should be flipping out at Destructoid it is PS3 fans. Yet children like PoG love to rail at the sky and ignore the facts. Here is note dummy - Destructoid lays into everyone equally. You can't stand the fact they weren't bought off like 1up. Tough. Suck on it and cry. If you want a leaning site that claims to be center of the road that would be Joystiq and it is obvious which way they tilt.
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dragunrising  +   2990d ago
@ Hatchetforce
Ic that you have played Mass Effect...but have you really played it longer than a day? You see, I've played Mass Effect in excess of 30 hours and find that all the "technical flaws" people are complaining about moot. If you were intelligent you would have disabled the independent AI and made micro-commands for your squad to follow. I can guarantee you could never play...or "beat" the game on anything but normal or easy difficulty. The game is far more engaging and fun if your making combat decisions. Bioware rpgs have always been about micro managing combat. Show me proof you actually know the hell your talking about. Lame fanboy.
Nicosia  +   2990d ago
wil4hire and Hatchetforce, i heard you guys don't care about Mass Effect but ya'll all over the place about this game. The thing about the framerate is kinda funny that you debate it, yet you havn't played the game. Thats the thing about you both, you havn't played it. If the game was killed by framerate problems then i would agree, but you both are nitpicking.

People are brainwashed, please look at yourself before giving blame to another.
stunt213  +   2990d ago
i played this game a lot at my friend's house, the only thing that annoys the sh*t outta me is the framerate and the glitches.
dragunrising  +   2990d ago
I was trying to be nice, but your a dumb ass simpleton that tries to act smart. You never answered my question about whether or not you beat the game or invested any time longer than a half an hour. How many achievements do you have in the game? Did you play with team AI on or off? Were you aware that you can skip cut scenes if you so choose? Its called the X button...try it...thats if you still have the game. I'm waiting to hear your rebuttal and vast knowledge about Mass Effect...Oh, and I DO agree that everyone has a difference of opinion...except, yours happens to suck and isn't credible.
vloeistof  +   2990d ago
well well
gaffyh  +   2990d ago
I fail to see how Mass Effect was a masterpiee in the first place, it is basically a shooter/RPG, except that the dialogue is actually spoken unlike normal RPGs, but wasn't that done in FFX to a certain extent anyway? I realised then how annoying it was to wait for the person to finish talking when usually you could read it yourself quicker.

I would say it deserves higher than 7 probably around 8.5, but it's amazing how Microsoft can hype up a game when it isn't that gret.
Jack Bauer  +   2990d ago
i disagree with him... it looks like he ran through it... took me 24 hours to beat doing less than half the side quests...and is definetly worth multiple play throughs ...goes to show reviews mean nothing, they are just one persons take, and a person who plays through it like that doesnt mean nothin in my book.
IGNFTW  +   2990d ago
sheng long  +   2990d ago
this is still a good score, nothing wrong with a 7/10.
only xbots or sony droids believe the game should be a 9+ in order to be considered good.
Z501  +   2990d ago
So what if he ran through it he's a reviewer
I'm sure he has other games to review.He still has a valid point.
From first annouced til now = BIG DISSAPOINTMENT

Gamingisfornerds  +   2990d ago
I agree to some extent.
It's flawed in many ways, yet it's still my GOTY. 7/10 is a bit low imo, but he's entitled to his opinion and I can see how someone could give it that score.

Mass Effect doesn't live up to the hype, and it isn't revolutionary. The combat is decent, the exploration is not what it should've been, and the RPG elements aren't as deep as initially advertised.

Still, even though it doesn't seem all that great on paper, it's an experience like nothing else out there. The attention to detail in creating this universe is incredible. The story and the enviroments (main quest) define EPIC.

The main problem with Mass Effect is that the experience it offers overshadows it's gameplay. This will turn off a lot of people. Trust me though, this game has to be played through to really understand what's so great about it. It doesn't look great on paper, but when playing it destroys anything I've play this gen.

Edit: I'd like to see these 'silent disagree-ers' actually reply with solid aguments rather than just clicking the disagree button for once. Though I guess if you don't have solid arguments to disagree, it's a lot easier that way. ;)
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CrazzyMan  +   2990d ago
Hehe, my opinion, that ME is not a PERFECT 10 got support =)
Nice to see, that not all media sold to M$. =)
Gamingisfornerds  +   2990d ago
That Tin-foil hat really suits you I must say!
wil4hire  +   2990d ago
Tell Jeff about the "tin foil hat"
You guys dont get it..

there is something up with the major game reviews.

The fact that CNET runs both GAMERANKINGS and METACRITIC is hilarious as well.

Some people use metacritic like its better than gamerankings... lol.

Interesting to see how Gamespot & Edios will affect our industry.
Gamingisfornerds  +   2990d ago
Oh sure, I don't deny something fishy is going on indeed.
I just think it's funny how certain people always claim MS is behind this and all the great reviews 360 games are getting are due to MS paying the reviewers off.

Which is pure insanity obviously, hence the tin-foil hat remark. :P
skitzoid  +   2990d ago
I take it you believe in the "magic bullet theory" as well?

I think it's funny how people think others are parnoid or delusional because they are realist and they don't live in a fantasy world that is so pleasant and wonderful. I guess it's not exactly a bad way to live thinking this but I would rather be a realist then live in a world of make believe.
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Gamingisfornerds  +   2990d ago
All I believe in is common sense.
I've played most 360 games that have gotten these good reviews and I think most of them do deserve the scores they got, with a few exceptions.

Although I personally think Halo 3 is overrated along with a several million other gamers, all those other millions of gamers that enjoy the game, think otherwise. So who's right here?! Bioshock which I think is great and is an instant classic, doesn't deserve all the perfect scores it has gotten either. But that's just my opinion.

Yes, games get overrated. But they don't get overrated because MS sent the reviewers a couple of bucks, but because reviewers tend to get caught in the hype aswell. In that regard, they're just like humans! ;)

Sony fanboys are guilty of spreading these onesided conspiracy theories because they feel the games released on THEIR platform are underrated and the games on the OTHER platform are overrated. Obviously MS payed off the reviewers, because no way in hell is it possible for the 360 to have more and better AAA games this year. It's just impossible!

Just ask yourself, if GeOW, Mass Effect, Bioshock etc were all PS3 exclusives and Uncharted, HS and R&C were 360 exclusives, which games would you root for? I know the answer, and it's "simple" fanboy "logic".

Possibly next year, if the PS3 will have more and better AAA games than the 360, the tables will be turned around 180 degrees. The 360 fanboys will whine about how all the 360 games are underrated and Sony is paying off the reviewers for giving good scores to PS3 games. You'll see!

MS plainly can't get away with bribing all these review sites simply because of the fact that some reviewer somewhere could leak that information and by doing so, get the story of the year, get millions of hits and earn a lot more money than MS could ever offer them. MS is not that stupid! And let's be quite honest, MS didn't really need it.
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CrazzyMan  +   2990d ago
"Just ask yourself, if GeOW, Mass Effect, Bioshock etc were all PS3 exclusives and Uncharted, HS and R&C were 360 exclusives, which games would you root for? I know the answer, and it's "simple" fanboy "logic"."

Do you see many people rooting for Lair?
name  +   2990d ago
Eh, regardless I'd still buy a 360 for this game if I had the money. The setting and the customization alone is enough for me.
Meus Renaissance  +   2990d ago
From what I've seen it deservers more than a 7, I'd personally give it an 8.5 but I haven't played it yet myself so... Out of all the exclusives the 360 has had, this is the only one I wish it was Mutliplatform. It looks like a great story.
THAMMER1  +   2990d ago
A 7& is decent.
I personally give it a 10. Only because I have been very bias toward RPG's. I really hated them before. But this game has been so rewarding that I'm now looking forward to some new JPRG's now. The glitches people talk about are not as abundant as some popple try to make it see. Mainly only after a load. This game is really a solid 9.

I have allot of anti gamers in my family who sat and watched me play for a few hours last week. A day in the history books for me. 5 game hater family members and me sitting there killing aliens and talking to people. Family yelling out which options and weapons to choose. NICE!!!!
superman  +   2990d ago
I finished Mass Effect this morning. It was a masterpiece. To me it was.
CrazzyMan  +   2990d ago
Well, of`course, if you don`t care about textures wrapping, framerate drops, long downloadings and stupid AI teammates, it`s a masterpiece. =))
Though, i wouldn`t say, that the game got far ahead from kotor.
Hatchetforce  +   2990d ago
I don't care about frame rate drops either as long as the game is playable. That said, I mention these issues because they are used to damn other games yet seemingly these and other issues are conveniently forgotten in some ME reviews that handed out the candy 10.

EDIT for Blackjack below:

Denouncing a website as irrelevant gains more credibility when you can spell the word 'irrlevant' correctly. Also, they are obviously of some relevance in that you feel their story possesses enough credibility that it is necessary you refute it. Were it truly irrelevant then nary a response would have been required or posted. Say what your will but your words indict you and your actions demonstrate you a liar.

No doubt Destructoid knows how to use the 'X' button to jump through (bypass) conversations. But that is just the point. It is one thing if it is your second, third, or fourth play through. But if you feel like bypassing conversations the first time through, then alarm bells should be going off warning you that there is something decidedly weak and wrong with the conversations in the first place.
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CrazzyMan  +   2990d ago
yeah, it`s great, when developers release BETA games, not polished ones.
just because of you people "which don`t care about issues" other gamers get beta games.
why to polish game? when they still will eat that. It`s great to be blind in this console generation.
AllroundGamer  +   2990d ago
i totally agree with you, it's a good example how easy is to brainwash simpleminded people (aka fanboys) thx to all the media hype, and it will get only worse in the future :(
jaja1434  +   2990d ago
I'm not saying that having frames rates and such issues acceptable, but to a certain extent, well it is. I've seen my friend play a few level and while the texture loading is somewhat annoying, the only real frame rate problems I noticed was when the action started to heat up. But thats something I've come to expect now a days. Hell even CoD4 slows down if you run through smoke.

Anyways these kinds of problems with always exist for one simple reason, programming is a pain in the ass. Any one who has worked on any simple project can tell you that there will almost always be that one case that will screw everything up.

So after actually learning to program I try to give games some leeway when it comes to glitches.

In any event its a fun game that I can't wait to buy...after finals...don't need any distractions right now.
Gamingisfornerds  +   2990d ago
Poor framerates, tearing, pop-in are all unacceptable I agree.
But if you want to play the game that lies behind this, you have to look past these issue's. I don't like it anymore than anyone else here and I really hate MS for allowing this crap. They simply don't care.

But in the end, ME doesn't suffer from this to the point that I can't enjoy the game.

It's a weak and wrong conclusion I know, but if I want to enjoy this (imo) otherwise great game I have to look past these issue's. Sure, I can boycot MS and Bioware and not buy the game, but that will not make a significant impact unless everybody does this. And meanwhile I can't play the games I love.

It's a pretty sad situation, I agree. :(
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THAMMER1  +   2990d ago
AllroundGamer & CrazzyMan
How are you enjoying the PS3 version of Assassins creed?

You two are total hypocrites. You people probably have PS3's...right. So by the way you post you would think there is not one game on the PS3 with poor frame rates and glitches. How do you feel about Assassins creed?

I think you guys are only in here to stir things up and try to bring people down to your level. You two are spamming a guy who said he was happy he beat the game. Where is your post in the uncharted articles where you are sharing how happy you are over beating that game? Maybe you have spent too much time on this site hating to enjoy your games for your self.

Go pull your SIXAXis's out of you @sses and a clue. You guys are the ones who are PS3 fan boys so the joke is really on you. The CELL is smarter than you remember.
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AllroundGamer  +   2990d ago
always to make offensive comments which is just showing, that you are one of the simpleminded people / fanboys i was talking about... and btw i finished Assassin Creed on my xbox360 and i would give the game a 9/10, probably one of the best games of 2007 to me.
QQcrybaby  +   2990d ago
9.5/10 imo.
wangdiddy82  +   2990d ago
this game is far from great.. Just go play it and u will see..
Its a decent game but theres nothing special about it..

This game got over rated from some sites because of bioware and MS.. Sites suck there co@k.. With all the flaws most sites listed they still gave it high scores.. But this game got a lot of low scores too..

This game is boring and good luck on getting through the whole game..
QQcrybaby  +   2990d ago
Your opinion
I have already beaten the game 3 times. Mass Effect is the second best RPG ever made imo, behind Baldur's Gate II. I am guessing that you are a J-RPG fan, which would explain why you dislike Mass Effect.
Wii60_FTW  +   2990d ago
two words
F*ck Destructoid
BLACKJACK VII  +   2990d ago
I agree. Destructoid SUCKS A$$. I came to the article to just chime that in. I dont care if they gave ME a 0 or a 10... their site SUCKS & their opinion is IRRELIVANT.

UltramanJ  +   2990d ago
Has Destructoid ever given any game a score higher than 7? They seem to enjoy handing out so-so scores to major releases.
Whoooop  +   2990d ago
ummm yeah!!
try the website.. REVIEWS tab..

Grinchy  +   2990d ago
I am very confused about this one. The game looks awsome, and I really want to get a 360 for this. However there are so many conflicting views on the framerate I dunno. I went to youtube and tried searching for Mass Effect framerate problems and coundnt find ANYTHING. Surely if it was that bad someone would be upping vids of how dire it was.

Personally, I think it is being blown out of all proportion by Sony Fanboys.
trunker  +   2990d ago
no wonder devs keep churning out FPS's
it seems soo easy these days to bash titles (especially new IP's) that stray from the norm like Assasins, Mass Effect, the upcoming Splinter Cell Conviction

are these petty reviewers content with the mariosnakezeldafifachief sequelism (nothing against aformentioned franchises by the way) but these guys try to do something different and their work gets slammed by some cubicle reviewer ...maybe studios should stop taking risks on new IP's and play it safe eh?

UBISOFT (for example) could have run and run with SC, R6, Prince of persia for many years to come but they still put their money into Assasins and other new franchises

titntin  +   2990d ago
theres lots of people pointing to the faults on this game, and they are not wrong.

I finished it last week with 43 hours of playing time put in. I liked it a lot and would give it 9/10 myself, but the critiscms I've heard about it from reviews that have given lower scores, have beeen fair critiscms. There is no way a game with this many technical issues should ever get a 10/10. I had to completely reboot the 360 on 5 occasions due to technical issues and glitches with this game and I don't find that acceptable. In addition there are framerate , loading a nd graphical glitches that suggest to me that the game was rushed. It is also a lot more linear than we were led to believe it would be - now I'm playing it for a second time, I'm playing as a renegade rather than the paragon I completed it is, and theres really not that much divergance in the plot than the first time I played, which is slightly frustrating!
None-the-less, for all issues, there is a really immersive experience here, that I heartilly recommend. As always, look at the reviews screaming 'perfect', look at the reviews screaming 'flawed', and figure that its somewhere in between. That way your expectaion levels will be right, and you can enjoy a good, but slightly flawed, game.

My two cents:)
N4GayFanturds  +   2990d ago
A definite 9 but hardly a 10!
It's a 'must own' title for sure.

And for those who harp on the games' flaws, go play Lair <cough-cough>.
ThaGeNeCySt  +   2990d ago
Mass Effect is everything I believed it would be when I first heard about it... I love it... it's definitely a masterpiece IMO
Gahigiddy  +   2990d ago
6.5, 7, seems about right
It's flaws are just inexcusable. Even without playing the game, one can see the HUGE problem they cause with immersion by watching the gametrailers vid review.

And the story is just contrived rubbish. The dialogue is cheesy and childish, very expected and bland overall. Characters are one dimensional and it completely fails to replicate Heavenly Sword's facial animations, leading to a total lack of emotive response.
367 To Your Ass  +   2990d ago
they give a 8/10 to Heavenly Sword

but they give a 10/10 for bioshock

so that means bioshock is better than heavenly sword.

some reviewers can be bias or have there own personal feelings and preferences mixed in the bag ,people should for once agree with me on that.

i'm ok with mass effect getting low scores just like Sony fans should be happy with Heavenly Sword getting lesser than bioshock......sounds bad i know, no one should dictate the rest of the worlds personal preferences.
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power of Green  +   2990d ago
Hollly sh*t its PS3 troll day in here trying to get some cheerleading going on in here.

More PS3 fanboys than 360 fans. F*ck Destructoid and their BS opinions about all thats MSFT. Destructiod is a green light for Sony fanboys anyways when the subject's about anything MSFT.

You scum need to worry about Killzone 2's graphics and the technical slop textures(looks average from afar but looks like blocks up close) your b*tch ass rants dont even make any sense when I play the game its one of the best games I'v ever played.

If I were A PS3 fanboy I'd be more worried about MGS4 looking more Next-gen then it does with the piss poor lighting effects average textures and sh*t green color. Killzone's a joke vs the hype and praise its getting its graphical issues are worse I'd rather wait for textures to pop in than have them fade to sh*t upclose on my HDTV(looking like Mario one). lol
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Agent VX  +   2990d ago
ROTFLOL, and yet all of this harsh tones against Mass Effect, and still not a single PS3 exclusive has scored higher. It really has to make you think that PS3 owners are just blind to what a really good game is.

I guess if you have never tasted an "AAA" experience, then your opinion really doesn't count. And that is something that we can say PS3 owners don't enjoy. Don't worry......Maybe next year PS3 owners can taste a really good game.....maybe........
sephy 9 2 5  +   2990d ago
Lmfao never "tasted" a AAA experience. Assuming the majority of PS3 owners owned at one point another PS product, I'm pretty sure they've played more AAA games than you have.

Anyway ME is a great title and this review took too much off for its flaws. Hopefully it holds no weight on gamerankings.
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Bladestar  +   2990d ago
I don't care what you call it... or if you don't like it.. as an RPG fan... it's always great to see the genre going outside of the box... it's refreshing to see games where you are not asked to save the old town against the metrosexual guy... or collect chickens... and magical coins.. and boats that fly... and talking animals (i.e. fish that can walk in two legs... I'm don't remember when was the last time I put 30 hours in a game.. yes I've being playing this game for 30 hours... doing all the side quests and getting all the achivements... also I have not beaten a final fantasy game since Final fantasy X... before that one I beat Final Fantasy VII... all the others were crap... Hopefully XIII is great... this game has the potential to even be an MMO... hell.. I hope they really make this game an MMO.. it has all the elementes of one.. sidequest are fun to do and the world (err... Universe) is completely open ended... potential to be a infinitive game with unlimiated DLC... lots of planents you can't lands... games have lots of clusters with many solar systems... many of the planets you can't land.. but only collect information about them... all they have to do is add an new planet and a complete story line and it easly add 20-30 hours of gameplay.... This game should be an MMO... they can continue to grow the cities, countries, continents, worlds, solar system, clusters and even galaxies... this game even plays like an MMO... probably why I live it so much...
ShiftyLookingCow  +   2990d ago
that was a cr@p load of sh!t. I just finished my first playthrough and I tried to be as thorough as I could be that means almost 40 sidequests(or more) and then 5 main quest missions(thats a little short, and could be completed in 10-12 hours, if you only played that and few side quests for some EXP), leveled up to 49 and had played more than 47 hours according to my save(add more for reading codex and managing my inventory). The game and its universe was so immersive I couldn't give a damn about the few noticeable glitches(Only Epic seems to have mastered UE 3 anyway). The combat is not flawed, its quite enjoyable(more than most shooters anyway) after an hour or two with it(and gaining some abilities). Squad command is not accurate but still works fine(I used my squad quite a bit). Personally its one of the best games I have ever played. Destructoid made themselves clear about their bias against ME when they bashed it a few months back with stupid reasons. Sorry for the rant, but that review was just bull.
Unknown  +   2990d ago
but if people are consistently saying that ME has frame rate issues and the such does. I think that no one who has played the game is denying that. The controversy comes from how people DEAL with those game issues. In my opinion a game shouldn't be launched with problems as those mentioned in ME. But hey, sh!t happens. I find it sad how some reviews don't seem to understand how HARD it is to I don't know why it was launched but it was launched the way it is. Look for a patch within the next few months and hopefully these issues will be a blur in history. My question is, if a patch is in fact released, al the lovely BIO SHOCK, then what then. All these people who have a negative opinion of the game, will they flock to the game then? I played BIO SHOCK and it had a couple of issues, h3ll my 360 even bricked on me playing the thing ha ha! But you know what, even though I had to wait a d@mn month to play it again... it did not affect from the immersive world of RAPTURE. I played Ratchet and Clank and noticed that it had flat textures on the leaves and other graphical hinderences. HS or H3 and so on. What makes these games great vs. good is how, if graphical issues(or any issuses for that matter) exist, is how they overcome that and still keep the gamer hooked. Maybe thats why the game has consistently seen high reviews.
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cherdman  +   2990d ago

Mass Effect is the best RPG to come out in YEARS. BTW, you can quickly get out of conversations. It's called the X-button. Destructoid needs a lesson on how to play the game apparently.

After playing Mass Effect conversation systems in other games are simply garbage.

Took me 34 hours to beat the game and about half of the side-quests.
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JokesOnYou  +   2990d ago
a few conclusions
1. Destructoid is correct it is a flawed game, I wouldn't say it deserves a 10/10 but 7/10 is too low imo, but with that said its his review, so in his opinion its a 7/10 NO big deal.

2. Its ironic that *some people* say reviews dont matter, yet if the score for a 360 game is low its a "fair" score, if its a low score for a ps3 game its "biased".

3. I'm playing ME right now and there are glitches, yet its alot better than many games I've played that didn't have any noticeable glitches= is a glitch free game better than a game with some glitches simply because it runs perfect?, in other words is Naruto Rise of the Ninja a better game (Destructoid gave it 8/10) because its a good game *and it runs perfect? I mean Naruto isn't exactly trying to push the bar on graphics or adding anything special about gameplay, don't get me wrong my roomate rented it, its a cool game (I only played it an hour) but again I would in NO WAY say it delivers anywhere near the experience that I've had with ME so far, so all I'm saying is the reviews/scores aren't neccessarily wrong but in such a subjective business its hard to convey just how good a game is without some people thinking its inflated and some thinking its too low.

4. I like reading reviews and hearing all types of points of view, I STILL think reviews play a valuable role within the gaming community and unlike *some people* I never hate on the reviewers, just like now even when I obviously disagree with them, nope and I dont think sony had anything to do with this score, ha ha lmfao, but seriously in the end all that matters is I'm about 20 hrs into ME, its one helluva game and NO review is going to change my mind about that.

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Unknown  +   2990d ago
Love your avatar dude
anyhow I agree witht the fact that some games TRY and push boundaries and even though they may fail to revolutionize a genre, the evolution that they create is worth more to ME(ha ha get it... ME) than a game that sticks within conventional "guidelines" of a "good" game. I mean people look at flaws to determine whether a game is revolutinary or worthy to even be MENTIONED as GOTY. Well here's anaolgy. Think about someone you love or someone you married. They mean the world to you, yet they have their flaws. They might not cook the best or whatever. But in the end...they create this emotion that is undeniably addictive. It makes you feel great about yourself and what you're doing. That's what AAA games do in my opinion. Not saying that the bashers are wrong cause, I myself haven't played the game. But when I do, IF i like it I will be more vocal. I liked HS even though, to me it was nothing new. I liked ROFM ALOT cause it had a good story. H3 I liked cause of the story and colors lol. I like alot of games across all platforms. I've seen games get sh!tty reviews because of wtfk (who the f&ck knows)! But games like this and HS that gets mixed reviews are that may have a particular problem heavily vocalizes are worth trying. Because that tells that that game strikes a cord with someone. It either moved them or made a fan boy mad that it wasn't own their system.
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