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bozebo  +   1543d ago
2014??? Ffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

2012 could be slightly too early but 2014 would be pushing it.
Lord_Sloth  +   1543d ago
Is this man still in the industry!?
SITH  +   1542d ago
The 360 was announced march 30th 2005 and launched in November 16th 2005. I will wait Around march before I agree the next Xbox is not coming based of that. It is entirely possible for the next Xbox to come next year. And MS has every intent not to let competitors know until the last minute, the by-product of that is we are also left out the loop.
Angerfist  +   1542d ago
Going by how many Times Pachter is right i expect a new Xbox this Christmas :)
Gamerita  +   1542d ago
GTA V is coming out next year its unreal to assume the next gen of consoles will start in the same year & only a couple months apart unless obviously its a next gen title which is NOT.
Saryk  +   1542d ago
I don't know if the guy is right, but waiting killed the PS3. Had the Xbox360 waited it wouldn't be in the position it is in now.

If the companies wait too long someone might jump the gun and eat at some of their business.
rob6021  +   1542d ago
I seem to be the only person that believes Sony will be launching before MS. MS has the kinect platform to profit off of for another year or 2; Rushing their fanbase into something new might hurt that revenue, they also might not have kinect 2.0 ready in 2012-2013. On top of that there's rumors of MS wanting to bundle Windows 8 with it. There's no way MS will rush Windows 8, so if it comes with Xbox, xbox 3 may launch when Windows 8 is ready. On top of that Epic's next-gen partner hasn't been revealed to be MS, it's just been assumed that's who it was, it could be Sony.

It's best for Sony to start the next gen sooner, with a lower spec - that way they set the minimum for next gen lower, encouraging 3rd parties to develop multiplatform with PS3/360/wiiu/vita/ipad3/PC ect.. just scaling up next gen versions. In this scenario it becomes VERY costly for MS to buy out 3rd party exclusivity - because unlike last gen they'd have to cover potential profits from last gen systems too. Sony can use the strength of their first parties and already contracted out 2nd parties to make a platform with unrivaled exclusives that really take advantage of the new tech - where as 3rd parties will be limited to setting the bounds in last gen. My prediction: Sony will rush the market, try to hurt Nintendo. MS will stay back maybe even wait till 2014.
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madjedi  +   1542d ago
Ms can't afford to buy exclusive agreements anymore because making up for losing a chunk of 50+ million in lost sales, is too expensive.

M$ will likely release before sony probably during holiday 2013, @dirtrider sony nickel and diming gamers, at least we don't pay twice just to play online, you were saying what again dumbass.
ForROME  +   1542d ago

2012 - HALO 4
2013 - Announcement
2013 -2014 Fall or Spring Launch w\Halo 5
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