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donniebaseball  +   1542d ago
I think I might actually agree with Pachter for a change. 2012 seems way too early given the sales rate for 360 still.
gamingdroid  +   1542d ago
Yeah, I think the Xbox 360 is in it's prime right now with a very strong momentum. Not sure if releasing a console in 2012 would make sense although one can wish.

I certainly want the next generation to start as soon as possible.
RememberThe357  +   1542d ago
I feel torn between wanting new consoles and wanting them to wait a little longer so that we can get an even bigger jump in tech.

I can wait a bit longer for the next consoles. I don't think Sony or MS want this gen to be over quite yet.
RBdrift  +   1542d ago
It really woudent make since from a business standpoint to replace a product that sells a ton for Microsoft, and Sony just a couple years ago started making profit from each PS3. So I doubt they want to release anything too soon.
stevenhiggster  +   1542d ago
I agree with RB, as much as gamers and devs might want the next gen of consoles, Sony and Microsoft don't.
They are still making tons of profit from 360 and PS3 and lets not forget that neither company is really making ends meet just now.
They aren't gonna go for the risk of launching new consoles just yet.
ApplEaglElephant  +   1542d ago
I dont want new xbox 720 anyways...
I wont be upgrading my Xbox 360...

It is clear that MS wants to go the casual route. and i am quite frankly disapointed with how MS just practically dropped hardcore in the middle of a cycle.

They will prob have few exclusives at the launch of 720 to lure core gamers, but i wont fall for it. They will just go back to printing money with Kinect after a year or two.
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ApplEaglElephant  +   1542d ago
@DK286K Are you that blind?
You are comparing games for 10 million user base(kinect) vs 55 million user base(360)...Games like Dance Central sold 2+ million. How much do you think that game cost to make? a milion bucks tops?

How about games like Halo? you are looking at 50 million bucks. 50 times bigger budge, but i dont see 50 times bigger sales.

Which has bigger profit margin? Dance Central. I am not sure whether you are blindly denying or just dont understand how this works.
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gamingdroid  +   1541d ago
I have never had any issues finding games, and MS keeps delivering big AAA exclusives every year with plenty of third party games to mix in. So what is the deal?

I don't mind third party games, nor do I mind playing some casuals games. Kinect Sports and Dance Central are both awesome games. The former which sold over 3 million copies and the latter sold over 2.5 million copies.

Yet, we are getting Halo 4. We just recently got Gears 3, Halo: CEA and Forza 4.
Projekt7tuning  +   1541d ago
So, since Michael Pachter said that. Does that mean it's coming out this Christmas? lol
tehnoob3  +   1541d ago
When the ps3 came out the ps2 was still the best selling console for many months
Mustang300C2012  +   1541d ago
Yeah but the PS2 didn't go for 6 years before new consoles came out either. This generation is completely different then the last.

I have been in the camp that it will arrive around 2014 due to how the 360 has been doing. I just don't see them launching Halo 4, GTA5 and other games due out next year, and then advertise a new system. What game are they going to advertise with the new system as Halo 4 is being released in the same time frame? On top of that the 360 hasn't seen a price drop in 2 years. They still have that as an advantage. Nothing points to why they would need a system to come out in 2012(Wii U is not a reason IMO lol). Even if devs are getting kits today, I don't see any game being ready for a day one launch by next Fall. I don't see Nintendo repeating their success at the beginning of this generation with what they have currently showed. Nintendo doesn't have the same demographic players that MS and Sony do. They don't have the online infrastructure to compete with either Live or PSN. Those are factors that to think of.
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Mustang300C2012  +   1541d ago
Yeah but the PS2 didn't go for 6 years before new consoles came out either. This generation is completely differe then the last.

I have been in the camp that it will arrive around 2014 due to how the 360 has been doing. I just don't see them launching Halo 4, GTA5 and other games due out next year, and then advertise a new system. What game are they going to advertise with the new system as Halo 4 is being released in the same time frame? On top of that the 360 hasn't seen a price drop in 2 years. They still have that as an advantage. Nothing points to why they would need a system to come out in 2012(Wii U is not a reason IMO lol). Even if devs are getting kits today, I don't see any game being ready for a day one launch by next Fall. I don't see Nintendo repeating their success at the beginning of this generation with what they have currently showed. Nintendo doesn't have the same demographic players that MS and Sony do. They don't have the online infrastructure to compete with either Live or PSN. Those are other factors to think of.
Game4life  +   1542d ago
I've been saying it for a while but there really isnt a need for new consoles right now. The price of consoles (except the wii is still about mass market price (200$ or less) I know alot of tech geeks want new consoles with all this stuff but with evrything that they want the console would cost a fortune. The consoles are also just starting to take off in my opinion. Try again in 2013 or 2014
ATi_Elite  +   1542d ago
Next Box 720 = 2012
M$ gained a huge portion of Sony's market share by releasing early. M$ will continue with this strategy.

Releasing a new console now while the 360 is still selling pretty good is the right thing to do. The 360 will still bring in revenue while the 720 is sold at a lost until the 720 can be made cheaper and sold at a profit just like Sony did with the PS2 to help the cash flow while the PS3 lost money until it could be made cheaper.

M$ has already given out system specs to many Devs for next box games.

Halo 4 releasing for the Next box sounds logical (with a 360 version as well)

Xbox 360 is basically on auto pilot right now as M$ has no in house studio making games for it BUT i'm sure devs are working on Next box titles.

I think many gamers are ready for a next box.
dirtrider  +   1542d ago
sorry, but i logged into say im getting tired of seeing m$

sony right now are the ones nickel and diming btw. so ill type this

morganfell  +   1542d ago
Hate to bust your bubble but it has been confirmed that HALO 4 is a 360 title. I am glad because I do not want to wait.

Microsoft isn't going to release a new Xbox next fall and at the same time release their flagship title for the last generation of consoles. How much sense does that make?

Releasing two versions means most players will just buy it for the current 360 which means the punch from a top title is nullified.

More info here including links to the confirmation:
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gamingdroid  +   1542d ago
Why not release it on both consoles?

Early adopters don't adopt early because they can play current games on current systems. They want cutting edge now....

PS2 was still selling when the PS3 was released. I think it would be a great strategy to move forward with dual platform release especially if you get both versions as an incentive to upgrade to next generation console.

That said, there doesn't seem there has been enough leaks to substantiate a 2012 release. Who knows, maybe MS doesn't even know....
DiRtY  +   1541d ago
"The 360 will still bring in revenue while the 720 is sold at a lost until the 720 can be made cheaper and sold at a profit just like Sony did with the PS2 to help the cash flow while the PS3 lost money until it could be made cheaper"

We all know how this turned out.

Financial year 2006: 2 billion USD loss
Financial year 2007: 1.1 billion USD loss
Financial year 2008: 584 million USD loss
Financial year 2009: 890 million USD loss
Financial year 2010: 429 million USD profit
stevenhiggster  +   1541d ago
Gotta lol at people sayin "the PS2 was still selling when PS3 released." Yeah it was, and look how the PS3 sold for the first year or two.

They'll wait till the current console well is dry.
otherZinc  +   1542d ago
Pachter is absolutely correct!

M$ is launching their best selling exclusive Halo 4!
They wouldnt confuse the market.

People were saying Halo 4 would launch to the 720? Why & lose 60million XBOX 360 opportunities? When the 720 would only sell about 5 or 6 million? That's horrible business logic!

I said this before & received a bunch of disagrees! Hay, M$ wont even announce a new XBOX next year with the sale of Halo 4 next year. You can bet on that!
llMurcielagoll  +   1541d ago
I agree as well, I don't know if this is a solid reason but I think 2012 is way too early for next-gen of gaming generally.

We still have games to come on our PS3s 360s Wiis and PCs in the current gen. So for that reason I personally think, nope not gonna happen in 2012 at least.

I think later 2013 or 2014 would be reasonable for the coming of next-gen-gaming.
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BlmThug  +   1541d ago
But 2014 is way too long
JsonHenry  +   1541d ago
I can't wait to laugh at Pachter this time next year. :)
frostypants  +   1541d ago
Problem is, Pachter is ALWAYS WRONG. I mean seriously, how this man is still seen as credible by anyone is shocking to me. I guess he knows just enough to fool a bunch of stock traders who know next to nothing about the video gaming industry, but geez...

The 720/PS4 WILL be out by late 2012/early 2013. Period, end of discussion, rock beats paper, etc.
Dno  +   1541d ago
Actually you are wrong.

Pach guess at a wii HD... that happened

pach guess at a Call of duty online paying service and that was right.

He gets a lot of things right. (some wrong also)

Also your wrong. they announce new consoles at E3 a year and a half before they release (case in point Wii U). That means THIS YEARS 2011 e3 Would have new systems. It did not. No new system till 2013/14 thats the only end of discussion.
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tehnoob3  +   1541d ago
Xbox 360 announced e3 2005 and released holiday season 2005
damnyouretall  +   1541d ago
yeah i agree. competing with the wiiu is bs. if that thing cant atleast run unreal engine 4 then its not in it for the long haul. gamers are smarter now cause of these last 2 generations. fanboys of the more powerful console far outweigh fanboys of mario and shit
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Rahim92  +   1542d ago
So the 4th Xbox would be called Xbox 1440? Right..
3GenGames  +   1542d ago
This isn't about the xbox after the next though. Your logic=flawed. 720 would be a good name, after that they can worry about it. And who really cares? It's not hard to make a name for a system. I'd worry about getting a prototype working first.
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Rahim92  +   1542d ago
My comment was basically supposed to be a reply to Lugia 4000's comment. I forgot to press ''reply'', so partially my mistake
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Lucreto  +   1542d ago
2014 seems to be a good timeframe.

Developers need time to work with the new hardware, then make an engine to work with it and then develop a game with it and they expect them to do with before next year while they are releasing games this year.

With the economy as it is at the moment a new machine is not what we need around now.
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hennessey86  +   1541d ago
I think
microsoft could release a new console next year and suprise us all, I think the main difference from last gen is that they have the install base to continue to support the 360 like sony did with the ps2. I think they will probably release in 2013 but we wont have to wait till 2014 thats way too long. 2012 will be the last big year for the 360.
ForROME  +   1542d ago
They are launching HALO 4 in Dec 2012 why would they have their "new" system out in 2012?

They Wouldnt

They might announce it; and get people into Halo 4 and say the only way to play Halo 5...

Is on the "new" Xbox

See how that works
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Jdrm03  +   1542d ago
Or they followed through with their "forward Compatibility" research and for gamers that are actually dedicated to the hobby, they can purchase the xbox 3 and Halo 4 and play halo 4 with better graphics/fps/performance.
hennessey86  +   1541d ago
Halo 4
was confirmed for next year but it wasnt announced what system it would be on, microsoft could throw a huge spanner into sonys machine if they release a new console next year with halo 4 as a launch title can you imagine
Wikkid666  +   1541d ago

Look at the Halo 4 art work on Sure looks like Xbox 360 to me.
Hufandpuf  +   1542d ago
I agree, I don't know why people thought It'd be next year.
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FlintGREY  +   1542d ago
They need to do something....besides Kinect.

The 360 IMO is past its breaking point....the next console WILL be here next year.

I expect at some point for all the big-headed XBOX fans to want MORE for once and stop settling for less...

This entire generation took a big ass nap because of the 360
PimpDaddy  +   1542d ago
Why don't you explain to me what big-headed XBOX fans are missing?

Your comment cracks me up. The Xbox 360 started this generation. They moved this generation into HD graphics. They moved this generation into a central unified online gaming service. They introduced wireless rechargeable controllers. DLC. Digital Distribution. There is a lot of innovation that Microsoft brought to the table the past 2 generations.

But you go ahead and say Microsoft ruined this generation if it helps you sleep better at night FlintGREY#7...
Zechs34  +   1541d ago
I do agree with most of what you said but there's some stuff there that's not true.

Wireless rechargeable controllers have been around for quite a bit. The wavebird comes to mind.

The HD graphics claim has been had by PC gamers years ago. Its just a resolution.

Dlc, while a good idea in theory, has been abused behind repair this Gen and it sucks because these so called DLCs just used to be free content patches.

Don't take this wrong, I just wanted to add to your comment. But honestly, Microsoft did a lot more right than wrong this Gen. They deserve their credit.
PimpDaddy  +   1541d ago
I stand corrected. I knew about the Wavebird but didn't think anybody would actually bring it up as a counter argument. Although I will say the 360 was the first console designed with wireless controller as being standard and not using a controller port add-on like the Wavebird did.

As for your other statement. Of course the PC has been doing what is considered HD resolutions and above for many years. My point was that the 360 was the first "console" to accomplish this.

The DLC is what it is. For bad or for good it's here to stay and has allowed us all to have immediate access to games, add-ons, patches, and other content. To me that is a GOOD thing.

I'm glad you agree that Microsoft deserves some credit this generation. I know they aren't perfect. But IMHO they were the most innovative console manufacturer this generation. That is coming from somebody who owns all 3 consoles and is basing his opinion on his own experience...
HarryEtTubMan  +   1542d ago
A big majority of the deluded fanboys who can't except that ps3 is nothing compared to ps2 crowd are gone now, but you still see them linger here and there.
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DebateMaster  +   1542d ago
the real deluded fanboys r the ones who compare the ps 2 to the ps3
aawells07  +   1542d ago
Lmao Thats such a bad comment. So bad. Poor guy.
guigsy  +   1542d ago
2013 would be my preferred launch date, this generation is still as strong as ever for me.
Jdrm03  +   1542d ago
Here, I will poke a hole immediately in Pacther's logic. He is looking at it from a financial stand point in the current. What he needs to do is look at it from a GAMER stand point for the future. Microsoft is on their way of losing the dedicated gamer audience. They will end up like Nintendo scrambling to gain the confidence of gamers again if they continue on their current path.

Launching a new console next year, with hardware anywhere near the rumored specs in the target boxes with a strong launch line up AND the ability for 360 games to be played in higher res/better graphics/fps is only a win win for them in keeping the dedicated gamer crowd content.

They keep the 360 on the market for another 2 or 3 years as a console for the causal gamer/families at a sub $200 price point and will make a killing. They launch the Xbox "infinity" as it has been dubbed at a higher price point and watch the dedicated gamer immediately jump ship because of the improved hardware/actual dedication to games. In 2015 they strike with Kinect 2.0 and bring the casual crowd up to the new hardware and kill the 360.

The question is when they do that, will they find a balance between both markets or screw the dedicated gamer.
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SDF Repellent  +   1542d ago
Oh ok...u do know core games are publish by 99% third party right? And x360 has some of the best core games out there to satisfy their core audience. You using the Wii as a bad example because that system does not have GTA, Skyrim, Gears, Halo, or Batman AC. Microsoft will be fine even if their first party is less than Sony. I see nothing wrong by expanding their system to the masses because it is business.

The Dreamcast has the most core and niche titles Ever for a system and Sega has a full 1st party lineup that are second to none for the Dreamcast. It failed because Sega did not advance and expand the system beyond it's core audience and with little third part support, it was the end of Sega.
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kevnb  +   1542d ago
99% of games are multiplats, and of those 99% are ports from xbox to playstation. What is sony going to do? People are getting pissed that call of duty and skyrim dont work as well on their system. And they are just going to keep doing what they are doing, the third parties make plenty of games for the dedicated gamer while m$ puts out halo, gears and forza. Only thing m$ cant do is gain a market in japan, but it would only take something like a monster hunter exclusive.
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BoneMagnus  +   1542d ago
Nice cut and paste of the comment left on the bottom of the linked page.

What? You didn't think anyone would notice that?
Jdrm03  +   1542d ago
I posted that comment.
PimpDaddy  +   1542d ago
Jdrm03: Explain to me how Microsoft is on it's way to losing it's dedicated gamer audience? Sales of their console are still good. Multiplatform titles sell significantly better on the 360 vs the PS3. They are still releasing exclusive titles like Gears of War, Forza, Halo-CE remake.

All they have done with Kinect is try to appeal to a different audience. Nothing wrong with that. They still have plenty of games for the so-called hardcore gamer as sales of Gears 3, BF3, Skyrim, and MW3 can attest to. Now with Kinect they can also appeal to the little kids, soccer moms, and other casuals that don't currently play shooters.

I swear people like you who are so close minded because of their anti-Microsoft bias need to form their opinions a little more intelligently...
Raptura  +   1542d ago
Halo 4 is coming out next year. Having a new XBOX come out at the same time wouldn't be smart for them unless it were a launch title for that system and not on XBOX 360.
GraveLord  +   1542d ago
So you're saying we're stuck with YET ANOTHER 2 Call of Duty games? Activision is never going to upgrade the engine unless they're forced to. Maybe the Wii U will be powerful enough?(lol jk)
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kevnb  +   1542d ago
he said its not coming? I guess the next xbox is coming next year after all.
B1663r  +   1542d ago
I loled at you, but I think he is closer than the 2012 predictions...

Microsoft is not moving from where they are right now as long as they continue to rake in 8 billion dollars a year profit on the thing, and basically they don't have to do anything except maybe slide the price down once a year...
Noticeably_FAT  +   1542d ago
I think it's just the Sony fans hoping the next Xbox doesn't ship next year. Think about it people, Microsoft has scaled back their first party games production, we only have Halo 4 confirmed for next year and they could easily make it a launch title for the 720 and also offer a 360 version, just like Nintendo did with Zelda Twilight Princess.

Microsoft is a proud company and I'm sure they not only want a jump on Sony again, they also want to finish this current generation in second place. I think we will still see full 3rd party support for the 360 until 2015, but it's definitely time to pump out a new Microsoft console.
IAmCornHolio  +   1542d ago
Wow... Pride has zero to do with Microsoft or the xbox. Microsoft is as completely craven(opposite of pride) as any other company out there.
Noticeably_FAT  +   1542d ago
Oh stop with that BS, Microsoft went into this generation with a goal to beat Sony and they've done it. If this were a normal 5 year cycle it would have been over around a year ago.

Your a fool if you don't think companies like Microsoft feel pride and have goals and ambitions.

They want to jump on Sony this generation again because it was a smart thing to do last generation and gave them an insurmountable lead. They also want to beat Sony this generation, I'm not saying the PS3 is a failure or anything, what I am saying is that Microsoft just really wants to finish off this generation ahead of them.

Sony is in the worst position because they have a expensive handheld about to go to market, they have a ton of money wrapped up in Move and they are pumping millions into 3-D support. I don't think they can come out with a console next year and Microsoft knows it.

Why wouldn't you want to get a leap on the competition?
Jocosta  +   1542d ago
Craven by definition is not the opposite of pride, craven means cowardly. Humility or low self-esteem is the opposite of pride.
blackburn10  +   1542d ago
Please. Microsoft was LUCKY that they didn't go down in flames. RROD alone should have killed them and it was only through gamer ignorance and their ability to slither out of it that they got away.

They lost this gen to a weaker system, they lost the support of a whole country. Despite the fact that they had a whole year head start, they still can't out pace Nintendo or Sony who are breathing down their necks even at their weakest. Everything Microsoft makes is either crap, broken or made by somebody else. Their games barely look better then PS3 exclusives, they depend almost completely on third parties who are looking to jump ship next gen. They have almost zero first parties left to make games tailored to their next gen systems.

Most Kinect games, that are supposed to be so advanced, are either ignored, look like crap, play like crap or are so simple minded it makes your head spin while people make excuses about all the average and lower then average scores they get. And the only reason that people on the 360 buy more of a miltiplat on the PS3 because we have a bigger variety of games both first and third party and can't be bothered to buy some of them.They have no handheld to compete with the VITA or 3DS and their phone is garbage. And the one merit of the 360, Xbox Live is only kept so well so they can charge you $60 every year to play games that are mostly MP based so you have no choice but to pay the fee.

Sony and Nintendo DOMINATED their gens.Just imagine Microsoft STILL can't pull ahead of a competitor with a weaker console or a competitor that is at its weakest. Instead they are only now trying to climb to the top when this gen is almost over yelling 'look at me!' while everyone is wondering when the next gen is coming.
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Jdrm08  +   1542d ago
Lol, Windows Phone is far from garbage.

I know you haven't used it because anybody that has knows it's not garbage.

Does it lack features that other phone have? sure. But you know you are doing something right when the competitors are already ripping you off after a year of being on the market lol.
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Tyre  +   1542d ago
A Next Xbox releasing in 2012 is The Nightmare for Onlive lobbyists like Pachter...He's wrong. Announcement will be next year. Again he tries to influence the industry. Xbox360 can't hold out untill 2014 without a new Gen overlapping. PS3 might hold out untill 2014 without a PS4 overlap(there is also the Vita coming next year). If there won't be a new Xbox incoming in 2013 without an announcement people will be dissapointed...sorry but that's another 2 Whole Years! That is too long. Xbox will loose it's core audience interest...certainly in Europe. I'm looking out for an announcement next year, it's time for an overlapping (complete scalable engines and BC next-gen). ps i hope Onlive will crash and burn...renting games online streaming only? are u people crazy? I want to be able to posses games and play them offline when i want to, Onlive is just a shake down, nothing is not choose for streaming services(we gamers will lose all our choices)
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kma2k  +   1542d ago
I keep posting this next xbox name, quick history xbox named the 360 becuase they wanted to be the same number as ps3 & the nintendo wii was going to be called the revolution so xbox got creative & came up with the 360. So following that ideology the next xbox name is going to be


they get the 4 from playstation 4 & they can take the u from nintendo & there you go, a catchy name following there history of staying close to names of the competition.
BitbyDeath  +   1542d ago
2012-2013 is a lot more likely than 2014.
As for the name i'm sure they'll just go with something completely different like Xbox Cubed or something.
Dlacy13g  +   1542d ago
Agreed...I would think 2013 launch is most logical with possible announcement in 2012 at e3. This keeps 2012 solid for sales with the likes Halo 4... And sets them up for a next gen Forza and Gears title in 2013 - 2014.

As for the name.... Whatever it is... Xbox will be part of the name... As will the continued growth of XBLA into more than it already is. Kinect will also evolve.
CrimsonEngage  +   1542d ago
NeXtbox or Xbox 362
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NoobJobz  +   1542d ago
I think whether the release date is 2012,2013, or 2014, the console needs to be announced next year. Maybe some potential specs.
IHateYouFanboys  +   1542d ago
it wont be called the 720.

the xbox 360 was called the 360 because 360 degrees represents a circle. the circle stood for how everything on the new xbox all fits together in one integrated package - live, games, friends, videos, etc. - and that the gamer is at the centre of this circle. (that is straight from microsoft btw)

for that reason alone, 720 makes no sense. 720 is just 2 circles in the same spot. the next xbox will NOT be named the xbox 720, or xbox 3, as xbox 3 would look 'behind' compared to the playstation 4 purely from a naming perspective. thats why Microsoft didnt name the xbox 360 the xbox 2 - people would see 2 and automatically assume its not as good as 3.

i still think 2012 is the year for the 360s successor to at least be announced. Microsoft will want to announce/launch while the 360 is still ahead worldwide in sales, so they can call it the follow up to the number 1 HD console. they will also want to get a jump on sony again, as thats what allowed them to get in this position of power to begin with.

and honestly, when has Pachter ever been right? the guys got no idea, yet people still listen to him and he gets paid to be clueless.
Mickbelfast  +   1536d ago
The wii is ahead in sales & won't be caught this generation
contra157  +   1542d ago
Its not coming put In 2012 relax you don't need a new system upgrade every 4 or 5 years. It's the push for the graphical power that lessens a consoles life span. Now a days everybody wants better graphics instead of gameplay shame
Tyre  +   1542d ago
There's way better A.I./Physics/Animations and they all will result in surprising new gameplay next to Halflife 2 was both when it released(next to an awesome story)...New Graphics and new imagine. It's not all about graphics...but true CGI Quality is still a long way to go and that is the promise of history and what most gamers/developers would like to become a reality.
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XDF  +   1542d ago
If it happens, I will be the first in line to pick it up. If not, I have more than enough games to buy in 2012. Mass Effect 3, Ghost Recon Future, SF vs Tekken, Borderland 2, GTAV, Halo 4 and whatever else gets release in 2012 should be more than enough for me and most gamers.
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PimpDaddy  +   1541d ago
WTF is wrong with N4G???
You got 3 disagrees for your statement. How can anybody logically disagree with you saying that you will buy the console at launch or that you plan to pick up a few games in 2012.

This bubble and comments system is broken. If somebody disagrees or tries to take a bubble then they should be required to add a comment and you should be notified about who is taking your bubbles.

Anyways I think your comment was logical and agreed with it...
pucpop  +   1542d ago
Bent Box
tdogchristy90  +   1542d ago
The fact both systems are selling like hot cakes, the quality of games is getting amazing (and I for one would love to see it stay at this level for 1-2 years), they are used to the tech, the world economy is in the toilet, the graphics are pretty satisfying (skyrim, uncharted 3) limits argument be damned, things just seem really good right now both for the gamer and the industry...2012 just seems a little early, idk about 2014 but 2013 at the earliest seems reasonable.
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Brownghost  +   1542d ago
This gen of consoles has just gotten started with this years games
Raider69  +   1542d ago
Its coming!Better soon than later!
4lc4pon3  +   1542d ago
I am ready for Next Gen. Bring it on my pockets are more then ready. All this talk about bad economy is hogwash if you cant afford it either save early or figure out another way.

The current consoles are dated & like I said a new generation is needed
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Voxelman  +   1542d ago
So 2012 confirmed then
The_Infected  +   1542d ago
I think 6 year old consoles are not cutting it. There will never be a wow factor as far as graphics anymore this gen. To me 2013 would be the absolute latest to release a new console. Hell by 2014 Nintendo will have a major head start.
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Brownghost  +   1542d ago
I've played many games with ok graphics and there great, people this gen are graphics whores like you
The_Infected  +   1541d ago
Yea i love graphics and they dont have to be the best but i would like to see next gen games.
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tehnoob3  +   1541d ago
I don't think games will a difference in graphics like the ps2-ps3 jump. I think AI will be the most improved next gen. I'm sure many developers have skimped out on AI due to console ability and the need to have a good looking game. I think the most significant advancement that will happen in the next few years will be ray tracing in pc games and eventually the console probably the gen after the next one
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