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goodganja44  +   2833d ago
This game suffers from terrible frame rates and piss poor loading times.

At best this game is 2/5. What can you expect coming from 360.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D
hydrog  +   2833d ago
Wow, you're one tragically uninformed being.

This game is incredible, i'm on my second playthrough and have not had a single issue with framerates or loading times.

bloop  +   2832d ago
Wow ganja, just......just wow!!! "I present a fair and unbias opinions on the games and consoles out today." This is what it says on your profile, yeah?? Wow

Anyway, yeah I agree Hydrog, 10/10 in my book. You'd know that ganja if you actually played the game.

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