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The Wood  +   3000d ago
this isnt strange at all
Planning ahead is normal business practice. Hope they dont drop the 360 out like the original xbox (bad move). Maybe this is why we didn't ever here any 5+ year plan for the 360 like we did the other next gen console

Fool me once, as they say
Gamespot-equals-EGM  +   2999d ago
At least its good to know Microsoft isn't throwing in the towel after this generation, lol. Its good to have MS around, it keeps Sony on its toes and vice versa (having MS as the only major player in the industry would be a nightmare IMO).

But I'd die if the next Xbox ends up having a Blu-ray drive. That would crack me up like crazy.
ben hates you  +   3000d ago
i'll believe it
and you can guarantee sony even if they're sticking to their ten year plan are cooking up somethin
socomnick  +   3000d ago
Sony isnt going to have the ps3 for 10 years it so far has been a catastrophic failure they need to launch a new system one more developer friendly.
Lifendz  +   2999d ago
You say they need to launch a developer friendly system? Well the PS2 wasn't developer friendly at all and we know how that turned out. And as we've seen with COD4, it's not impossible. In fact, Ratchet, Uncharted and KillZone (graphics only) are proof that the PS3 is very powerful.
superdude  +   2999d ago
i guess you could say the 360 is a failure too, since the ps3 has sold the same amount as the 360 did when it was only a year old
kevin1122  +   2999d ago
you obviously dont understand business and how it works if you think the ps3 is a catastrophic failure. there is a reason why people at sony make tons of cash and you dont.
smoothdude  +   3000d ago
I bet you that the next xbox will come with blue ray disc drive.
Dark_Overlord  +   3000d ago
Not very good business IMO
The 360 has only been out about 2 years now, and they're already anouncing the new one, not very good business IMO. I think it would be better to work on it but not announce anything especially with the way they dropped support for the original xbox, it may put some people off buying one for fear of having to buy a newer console in a year or two's time, especially if like i said above they repeat their original xbox mistake (that p*ssed a lot of people off, the way they instantly dropped support)
xplosneer  +   2999d ago
If the announcement is at 2008's E3 then 2010 or 2011 for Xbox 3? Maybe 2012?

The sad thing is that it seems Microsoft wants to turn consoles into a Pc-like market as well(upgrade every year, standards to meet) when the point of consoles is to be unlike Pc's and have a basis of power for years.
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aggh im on fire  +   2999d ago
This is common practice. Consoles take years to develop, i remeber Sony saying they were starting work on the PS4 the week Ps3 was launched. Launching a console isnt like making a sandwich, it takes years.
Lifendz  +   2999d ago
Think they'll abandon 360
like they did the original Xbox?
hardcorehippiez  +   2999d ago
i agree
seems to me like history is repeating itself
harv052  +   2999d ago
I think Microsoft is saying "We want to f*ck you up the ass". Unfortunately, for most people, the answer will be "I don't have a choice but to bend over". Let's hope with their new project that they get the hardware right...
Lifendz  +   2999d ago
faulty hardware
shouldn't be a problem this time because Sony plans on using the PS3 for another 8 or 9 years. So if Xbox "3" comes out in 3 years, that's still a lot of PS3 life. This means they won't have to worry about beating Sony to the punch again. This doesn't mean I won't wait to purchase their next console just to see if the hardware problems are there.
Gantrfaxx  +   2999d ago
Of course they are making the new xbox, important is when it will hit the market. I hope not to soon. X360 has a lot to give, i hope they will not abandon it the same way they abandoned the first xbox.
Maddens Raiders  +   2999d ago
-- "because, we have to..." --

You're damned right they do.
Gamingshouldbefun  +   2999d ago
microsoft doesnt give flying fucc about their customers.. Ive been using windows for 12 years now... once they make new one you HAVE to get it otherwise most games wont work.. same as vista.. in1 year it almost wont be possible to play any new games on xp with dx10.. and Im not even talking about buggs and glitches ...
they droped first xbox like sack of shiit.. I mean its your product! people still own it.. its amazing to see in stores 2 times more games on ps2 than ps3, xbox and wii all together.. and still making new ones on it. thats the only thing I like about sony they care :)
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TheMART  +   2999d ago
Sony is also already into project PS4

Nintendo is into the next console (or maybe Wii HD)

That's how business works. New stuff is planned and drawn out years and years befor it's launch.
Jo0j  +   2999d ago
a company is planning a new product? REALLY?
give me a break, this is old news, he made that statment over a year ago.

P.S.-lol at all the fanboys eating this up 'omg M$ must die'- PS3 choads make me laugh
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Tsalagi  +   2999d ago
I haven't seen anyone say Choad in 13 years. Thanks for the middle school flash back. 8D
jinn  +   2999d ago
what color will the ring of death be this time?
Danja  +   2999d ago
Yeah SONY is already in Project PS4..but im sure whenever it launches they won't hold there fanebase by the throat and force them to upgrade as M$ did to orignal Xbox owners..

Besides M$ really needs to start over cuz the 360 has so many freakin problems to begin with..
Eclipticus  +   2999d ago
what problems, that they havent addressed? rrod? took care of it? noise. took care of it.
games? took... my bad thinking of ps3 for a minute.

EDIT: FPS?? I own 2. Fear and Bioshock. There are more than FPS on the 360.
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Danja  +   2999d ago
UMM M$ hasn't fixed the RROD problem..I doubt they ever will...unless they have a recall..which won't happen either..

and nice try with the no games do realise that the PS3 has released the most new IP's for this year ??

so how many FPS do you own..?..maybe you should try Uncharted and experience how Next Gen games are suppose to
540damn  +   2999d ago
"rest on your laurels"? wtf is this guy talking about? didnt they just barely start turning a profit and beating the ps2? the wii is kicking their ass too. what laurels would he be resting on if they actually exsisted?
Eclipticus  +   2999d ago
1st of all both of these articles are months old, march of 2007 and the other one was in 2006. so how is this news?
secondly. Every company, starts to design and work on the next console, while the second is launching. perhaps a break but, they dont wait years. It is not a sign of no confidence, its a sign of wanting to stay in the business.
Backward Compatibility is the norm now. Since PS2, so xbox3 will be B/C, even if that means downloading and storing older games on the HD.
since basically, MS is Backind HD/Toshiba to slow and block Bluray/Sony, I highly doubt the xbox3 will have Blu-ray, especially since. both formats seem to be a stop-gap. Meaning. Downloading will be the future, MS is Aiming for.
And why did PS2 succeed, because they were the only ones around, They beat MS to launch, by how long. and Nintendo wasnt able to compete, of course Sony is going to win that round.
I would say somehthing like previously mentioned for the name. XboxLIve/ XboxNT/ or something along a different name. i.e. XboxRevolution, RevolutionX. Something to distract from the numbering, since MS will always be one console generation behind Sony.

edit for Family guy/#20. Hey I had the Dreamcast as well, and a few games for it. But when that launched it was coming off a failure that was the Saturn. and going up against a WELL established PSONE and N64. Yeah it was out, but from what i recall it came out before PS2. All in All with the gaming masses it was an Also-Ran, Dead in the water.
Shenmue, Skies of Arcadia, Soul Calibur, Seaman? what else was there? Panzer Dragoon?
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FamilyGuy  +   2999d ago
Wrong problem
The problem isnt that they're already starting to work on the Xbox 3, it's what happened with the original thats... scaring(?) people. Starting to work on a new console years ahead of time is natural but in M$ case they shouldn't let word of this get out because the mass market (non-video game site/magazine readers) will thinks it means that the next one is coming soon and they wont end up buying the current model in fear of it becoming obsolete in a short amount of time.

You can't be certain that M$ will actually do the same thing they did to the original xbox with the 360 but that thought is what scares most and would prevent them from buying the current model (if read).

Announcing this was a bad move on M$ part, but what do i care, i hate their controller too much to ever own an xbox console...
Eclipticus  +   2999d ago
i dont think they OFFICIALLY announced it yet. Otherwise it would be all over the non-fansite. and the Real NEWS. not gamersites.
danarc  +   2999d ago
So what does Sony do if Xbox 3 is released 6 years before PS4? I'll feel that I have a 'last gen' console...
Eclipticus  +   2999d ago
exactly, i am sure that is reasoning behind, launching early. especially, with sony saying ps3 is future proof for 10 yrs or whatever. since they are coming out with this tech now. xbox3 will be even better. and no plans for sony to release one around the same time. It just means a bigger base for MS. unless, both consoles agree to stagger releases, and work together and not against. release a new a console every 4 yrs. 4 yrs/sony next 4 yrs/Ms another 4 yrs/Sony etc etc.
FamilyGuy  +   2999d ago
And why did PS2 succeed, because they were the only ones around, They beat MS to launch, by how long. and Nintendo wasnt able to compete, of course Sony is going to win that round.-QUOTE

What about the Dreamcast? Don't say things that hold no ground...
doomsonyman  +   2999d ago
i sware microsoft is one peice of crap company. it's going to be the same crap with the original xbox there going to leave there hard working and loyal fans in the mud and expect them to buy this new peice of crap. it makes me laugh because there fans are totaly in love with the 360 and microsoft is just gonna santch the carpet from there feet and say "well we know you spent your hard earned money on games and all the add on's we shoved down your throte but guess what, now you get to give us your money all over again with this new crap-a-box". microsoft doesn't care about there fans they only care about money. they new if people had a choice they wouldn't buy xbox 3 but you know what they're gonna do? they will abandon there first party development and any type of customer support for the 360 and force you to buy xbox 3.

don't you think if they had any confidence in thereselves they could support both consoles? or are you just so in denile you can't see whats infront of your faces. they tricked me with the first xbox but i'm not dumb enough to fall for the same act twice. and i really wish i could say the same for alot of you xbox fans, but right now you guys are in a coma. a coma that only you can blame yourself for. microsoft is only half of the problem, most of the fault goes to it's consumers for puting up with this travisty
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gnothe1  +   2999d ago
man you guys are a joke!! theres alot more to business than you know!! first of all the xbox 1 was MS FIRST console, secondly MS didnt own any of the components in the xbox 1, so to keep manufacturing them they would have to keep eating licenses fees per system!! they were already fighting a loosing battle against the super popular PS2 an wasnt gaining ANY ground!! so as a company what do you do. cut your looses as a company an move on or do you sit there an BLEED unnecessary cash!! supporting the xbox 1 was nothing but a money pit for MS. supporting the xbox 360 is also a money pit but the difference this time is MS is the market share leader, there in number one between them an sony, so they dont have a problem in supporting this console, plus MS owns all the components in this box!! so less loses that way also!!
Evo9  +   2999d ago
x360 have been officialy eliminated from this generation (ps3) is the only winner
we all know even xbox boys knows that , and what microsoft does is that they only focus in the actual console and they forget about their other olders consoles like what happend when the 360 came out they totaly forget about the xbox 1 thats somthing customers dont like thats why i love sony they care about the cosumer i still play new games for my ps2 but well thats out of the topic expect more from ur ps3 soon

x360 is not enough for ps3 generation and they know it so they want to make another machine to compete
toughNAME  +   2999d ago
I have my fingers crossed for 2009
gnothe1  +   2999d ago
Family guy
family guy!! sony hurt the dreamcast with all of its fake performance promises of the PS2. alot of people was on the fench about the dreamcast because of what sony promised. they tried the same thing this time around with the PS3 an 360,they promised alot of super performance over the 360 an has yet to fulfill those promises!! an anyone believing that 10 year plan is in for a surprise. because if a new xbox release in 4 years putting the 360 at 6 years old an the PS3 at 5 years old you must be crazy not to expect a new Playstation that same year or the next!! the PS2 is without a doubt the most successful console in gaming history an it have even lasted 10 years. MAYBE sony HAS to support the PS3 for 10 years to break even on its PS3 start up looses!!
one thing to think about, development cost NOW is through the roof, so you know development cost for the next gen is gonna be even higher an sony cant afford to let alot of developers get alot of experience with the new box kits an have them CHEAPER than the PS3 kits, thats gonna really hurt them again!!
doomsonyman  +   2999d ago

dude i'm not going to call you stupid but your definetly far from excepting reality. really think about it, how many people were there that followed gaming back then like we currntly do this generation? NOT THAT MANY, and definetly not enough to send a console maker out of busniess. the ps2 had a rough first year but it's second year it completely destoryed the dreamcast. not because promises but because better first party games and yes brand recognition. but come on you have to give sony credit for the games that came out that year, there were so many that i don't even know what they all were. and thats the same reason that sony beat nintendo and xbox (better games). come on man do your research about the ps2's games and you just might find that you like sony more than you thought you did


all the stuff you said about ms might be true but obviously it's impossible for them not to know that they had established a good fanbase with the xbox 1, i was one of them. but to just completely abandon what was still a good console and also your fans is completely unexceptible. and think about it they are selling the same amount of consoles with xbox 1 then they are selling now!! so there not making any new fanbases. so what was the point of making the 360?? simply because they didn't like being beat by sony. and you can't tell me that there not losing money on the 360, so whats to stop them from doing the same thing over again when sony starts to dominate more? your on the wrong side's not the bad guy
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HarryEtTubMan  +   2999d ago
i JUST hope they put HDDVD in there so they can fail.
gtgcoolkid  +   2996d ago
hasn't ms already said they will release a bd player attach on 360 if bd wins?
gnothe1  +   2999d ago
fanboyism goes back further than you know!! plus i never said I didnt like the PS2 or PS3 because i have owned PS2's an currently own a PS3. plus your right the Playstation did have the most games which in return led to a bigger fanbase. so whats so different about what MS is doing with the 360. more games an a bigger fanbase as of right now!! I like sony but the thing I dont like about them is the fact that they use deceit to gain the upper hand over the competition. instead of letting the games an hardware do the talking they try an down talk the others to make themself seem better!!
doomsonyman  +   2999d ago
i agree they do downtalk the competion when there in the lead but comeon in sony's case the good definitly out weighs the bad. and come on the 360has good games but nowhere near the ps2 and if sony fofills there destiny nowhere near the ps3. but sure you can come out with lots of games but if they arn't innovative or even try to do anything different and are all shooters? come on, you can give them credit for trying but you can't say that they have the best games. i suggest you go to wikipidiaS sony computer entertainment page, it doesn't have all the franchises they have done but it does cover most of them and it really makes you appreciate the drive visionary attitude sony has in sleeper hits like amplitude the mark of kri kinetica and war of the monsters. look it up
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Says you  +   2935d ago
and we all know that history is just going
to repeat itself all over again like the media turning on Sony and saying that it was a ludacris idea to do that and then the XBox fans would diss on the new console that is sonys and say the same crap that they said before in the past and like right now and then 2 years later the media is going to act sorry on what they did to them and praise them again.

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