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xxxAnubisxxx  +   1432d ago
Been a long time since I've enjoyed a multiplayer game this much!
lostinplace  +   1432d ago
Very nice review
GuruStarr78  +   1432d ago
9.7 / 10......LOL.
corroios  +   1432d ago
Sorry, but this game doesnt seems groundbreaking on consoles to get this kind of score. Again, its impressive what a good marketing campaign can do.

Its not true HD, i dont care even if it was 719 lines. We are in 2011. single player is short. It has a good multiplayer, but you cant give a near perfect score and forget is problems.

What about the Story? and the character? Its sad (money) when this aspect are all forgotten in some reviews and in other they are called bad, done before, nothing new..
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BeaArthur  +   1432d ago
You do realize that different people write different reviews and that they are not all the same and thus they do not all hit on the same points.
icarusorigin  +   1432d ago
True hd is 1080p or higher, very few console games can handle games at that resolution.Pc gaming has been 1080p+ for years. There are tons of games on consoles that downsize the resolution(cod for example)
Battlefield games have never been about the singleplayer
BlackTar187  +   1432d ago
yea Bf1942,BF2 and BF2142 the best of the series didn't even have a SP capaign it s you vs bots on same amps or pure MP awesomeness

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