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jinn  +   3004d ago
trying to copy halo or star wars
vloeistof  +   3003d ago
well well
AllroundGamer  +   3003d ago
wow a nonbiased review... well sometimes it is good to read reviews from the not so respected/known games websites, cause they probably won't get any money from distributors to add some extra points to the score.
THAMMER1  +   3003d ago
I give Mass Effect a 10 while I do agree with this review as well.
I give it a 10 because I really did hate RPG's. But this game has completely changed my mind about the genre. If you have not play this yet I believe you should.

I could never even fathom a game could have this type of depth and with such non restricted galaxy and still be so fluid and consistent with the story line. If you like RPS's and hate the 360 this is a game you should put you bias aside and choose to have fun with.

RPS's are now a game of choice right next to 1st person shooter just because of the game alone. Next are Infinite Undiscovery and Too Human.

One more thing this graphics are top notch. I cannot believe people are not praising this game for it’s graphical and cinematic performance. My whole family was watching me play and you could see the gloss over every ones eyes and oh’s and ahs galore. MASS EFFECT really is good.
sonyfanonly  +   3003d ago
hopefully it will come to the ps3 or bioware makes a new ip it would be great

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