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Beetey  +   1575d ago
I think I'll just wait till we get something official but, this seems like a good sign.
dark-hollow  +   1575d ago
I've just realized that sf vs tekken and ultimate mvc 3 are on A HANDHELD with same graphics as the ps3/360 version but the wii don't have those games and won't even match the vita graphics.
KwietStorm  +   1575d ago
haha yea well SSFIV looks good on 3DS too
alien626  +   1575d ago
i got an email from amazon saying the that the publisher change the date of release of the psvita and they changed it to march 31 and that my item will arrive april 3
Andronix  +   1575d ago
UK store Shop-To list the release as 1st of February 2012 is a big online store for video games in the UK. They list the console and some of the games as having a 01/02/2012 release. Of course it could just be placeholder dates but for what purpose?

Start saving that Christmas present money because I suspect the Vita release won't be long from now?!
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zeal0us  +   1575d ago
Dunno I actually thought it would be release in the march/april period.
a_bro  +   1575d ago
Before March 31 guarranteed. Sony's fiscal year ends on March 31.
jujubee88  +   1575d ago
Thanks @a_bro!
GamersRulz  +   1575d ago
maybe capcom meant it will release SFvsTekken in Japan, did the writer forgot that Vita will be available in Japan this December ?
KwietStorm  +   1575d ago
He clearly said its speculation, but it also fits the early 2012 US release that Sony mentioned.
beast242tru  +   1575d ago
cnt get one these bad boys till mabe august anyway :( gata wait till im on vacation in united states it will cost mabe $500.00 in bahamas
sashimi  +   1575d ago
Yeah Japan will get their Ps Vita before the end of the year. So it wouldn't be surprising for sfvt to release on all platforms on march 6th.
clearelite  +   1575d ago
Well, if this is true, I might have to import it then :(
MasterCornholio  +   1575d ago
End of April beginning of march is what I predict.

Kran  +   1575d ago
Could be this date.

I think what Sony are doing is solidifying Japans release, getting it out there in Japan and then they'll move onto US and EU.

Mind you, isnt EU + US a bigger launch than JP?
jay2  +   1575d ago
Sod waiting 3 months, Santa's bringing Vita to me....
Kran  +   1575d ago
Santa's not coming. You've been naughty :)
Delriach  +   1575d ago
This is from the official press release:

"Street Fighter X Tekken is headed to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2012, and announced by Ono-san at New York Comic-Con, a PC version that just began development. More details on the PlayStation Vita version and the PC version will be revealed in the future. "
KingJFS  +   1575d ago
The Fact Sheet that came with the press release listed a March 6, 2012 release date for the PS3, Xbox 360 and Vita versions.

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