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riqued  +   3009d ago

That was a surprise, I was expecting a 9.5
Real gamer 4 life  +   3009d ago
Wow a 8.5! i was also expecting a score like 9.6 something around that area. I guess gamespot take no prisoners lol. I think gamespot is getting kinda hars with their reviews, back then I use to love gamespot reviews i though they were the best, but now Ign is clearly better in my opinion.
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Greysturm  +   3009d ago
Well another mixed review game i am still in shock that someone gave it a 6 but well each one is entitled to their own opinion. In my opinion the game looks good but not game of the year or even to the level of Kotor but a good game nontheless. I guess we will have to wait a full year or more to see a better rpg on next gen consoles than oblivion (my vote is for ffxiii or white knight)
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mesh1  +   3008d ago
oblivion got worse reviews and can u tell me when this game got a 7/10 from what reviewer plz ?pc world haha jug on its goten 2 8/10/ 1 8.5/10 and the rest 10/10 and 9+/10 go cry more no 1 is reading
toughNAME  +   3009d ago
Gamespot makes the mart look like a Sony fanboy

oh well, by 10:00am tomorrow I'll be playing ME :D


I dont know what you were reading, but thats not what I meant...and I was being sarcastic so thaTS just way too confusing

w/e -
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ngg12345  +   3009d ago
You are saying gamespot is biased to sony and nintendo?
Well the R&C TOD 7.5, Motorstorm 7.8, RFOm 8.6, stardust hd 7, and calling all cars 6.7 say otherwise. Or a nintendo fanboy. The 7 for battalion wars, 8.5 for mp3, 8.8 for zelda tp say otherwise.
Jack Bauer  +   3009d ago
ya, GS has been very inconsistant with reviews lately... also uncharted witch is a upper 8 to low 9 game, they gave an 8....and halo 3 a 9.5??? now imma halo fanboy but compared to these other games scores, that scored way too high.
I_killed_TheMart  +   3009d ago
LOLLL...Wheree THE hell is theMart??????????? so i can rub this AA in his face....everyone if u see him ...give him a negitive, so he can have a 1 bubble!! :D ( btw i dont even think gamespot cares what console is what. If the game doesn't satisfy their needs it's not as much as i hated them, their the real site that knows what AAA means. I take their reviews for my purchase... i dono but u guys
toughNAME  +   3009d ago
"their the real site that knows what AAA means. I take their reviews for my purchase"
so i guess your one of those gameless PS3 fanboys eh?

go check out their Uncharted review
Dr Pepper  +   3009d ago

They really seemed to spend a lot of time discussing the vehicle/vehicle combat. They also might be the first reviewer I've heard that complains about similar gravitational pull on every planet (what were they expecting from this game?).
Greysturm  +   3009d ago
An inmersive world...
They are allowed to dream of a game getting real world physics dont they? its something that people tend to complain about in games that have it too off.
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Dr Pepper  +   3009d ago
Yeah, but not too many games have an entire galaxy to explore. You just have to make your expectations reasonable, as this game is doing a lot already.
antoinetm  +   3009d ago
ewww something nasty must happen at gamespot's office.

I believe the PS3 review team (2pple) must have captured the green flag!

Anyways, i acknowledge the AAA-ness of that game even tho i didnt like KOTOR.
QQcrybaby  +   3009d ago
Gamespot hasn't got a clue
OK let's review:

Call of Duty 4 is a much better game than Halo 3. Gamespot gave COD4 a 9 and Halo 3 a 9.5

Baldur's Gate II is the greatest RPG ever made and Gamespot gave it a 9.2.

In 1994 Gamespot rated HL2, arguably the best FPS ever, a 9.2. That very same day they rated Halo 2 a 9.4

Gamespot doesn't have a clue. At the end of the day, trust you and you only.
wil4hire  +   3009d ago
Thank God

another day another flop

maybe it can help even out the average of all the BS reviews from 100%'s and what not.
QQcrybaby  +   3009d ago
chose to ignore
9.4 IGN
9.6 Gametrailers
5/5 Gamespy

Troll much?
FirstknighT  +   3008d ago
Yeah wii4hire always ignores the positive reviews. But this game has officially averaged over 90%. Something that the ps3 has yet pulled off. Calling this game a flop is like calling every ps3 game a flop.
Skerj  +   3009d ago
DAMN even I didn't see that score coming from them, ahh well now people with only a 360 know what we were talking about with Ratchet. And this was rated by one of the CREDIBLE reviewers there.
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Legionaire2005  +   3009d ago
Of course Gamespot would give Mass Effect a 8.5.....
I just wonder why they gave Assassin's Creed a 9.0, even though that has many issues as well like repetition and glicthes too? At least Mass Effect is not know for repetition in gameplay like Assassin's Creed which deserves an 8.0 in my opinion. Gamespot can be hypocrites at times!!! Nuff said.
Ahhhh  +   3008d ago
@I_killed_TheMart - soo ugh.. he can have 1 bubble like you? Make a decent and intelligent post and maybe you can have more than 1 bubble. No matter how annoying TheMart is.. he does, once inawhile, make a decent post. And, ME being a AA? I think not. This game is probably longer than any other game out right now.... other than Oblivion, of course. Someone said it took em 13 hrs to beat the tutorial and that was longer than COD4 single player..

Gawsh people... an 8.5 aint even that bad of a score.. yea I personally expected a higher score, but at least it aint like that retard site that gave it a 6..... wtf?
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montavious  +   3008d ago
At this rate...
I dont mean to sound like a crybaby, but R&C, Uncharted, ME all great games that deserve great scores, well over 9.0. And yet SMG gets 9.5 cause they made a 2d game 3d, pretty much. I'm not trying to bash SMG i'm just saying what about it compared to these above titles is revolutionary. Rabbid fanboyism is no longer an excuse to me from Gamespot. Just flat out un-trustworthy, and its sad.
mesh1  +   3008d ago
uncharted and rachdet are flosp that for sure mass effect an AAA game on metacritic so stop cry sony fan girls
Shaka2K6  +   3008d ago
On the other hand, if you ignored the side quests and stuck with just the main storyline, you could be done in 15 hours or less.
JJB-360  +   3008d ago
Why is this topic here?
There's another topic just like this right above this one. That's just stupid- ENCOURAGING fanboyism?!

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