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pwnmaster3000  +   3002d ago
does it really matter if its a aaa game
it doesnt really matter not lots of people will kno is an aaa game
giovonni  +   3002d ago
I will be the judge
I've heard negative feeds for Assassin's Creed, and that game is a great game compared to what the reviewers mad e it out to be. So heres what I'm going to do, Im going to play it,and review it my self.
chanto23  +   3002d ago
Assassins Creed is...
indeed a good game, but you cant deny the fact that what you do during the first assassination is what you do through the other 8, so basically the first 30 mins give away all it has to offer gameplay wise so at the end of the day its a boring game. Whats the point of collecting flags???!!! at least on the 360 you get 10 gamerscore or my eyes 8/10 is a good score for Assassins. Same with ME, too many glitches and shortcomings to be considered a great game, it is in a fact a promising franchise but this first installment its an 8/10 at most..
JokesOnYou  +   3002d ago
#29 supaet, said it best
Summary of reviews:

ps3 owners thinks ps3 games are better

360 owners thinks 360 games are better

reviewers thinks 360 games are better

so the truth is sonykids are bitter because everybody except loyal ps3 fans think 360 has better games, life in denial is tough, but heres the kicker, if the whole world is wrong then explain why 360 exclusives sell waaaaay better than ps3 exclusive even when you consider the difference in actual size of fanbase, hmmm why is that? 'cause even when you account for ps3's smaller install base, ps3 software sales are still significantly lower, hmmm why is that? so why aren't the majority of ps3 owners buying these so called great games?, I mean seriously isn't great exclusive games the biggest reason you buy a GAMING console?

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