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Criminal  +   1399d ago
Wow this really cool, but I still prefer Freddiew's take.
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CrzyFooL  +   1399d ago
Yeah but his was fake, this is the REAL DEAL.
Criminal  +   1399d ago
Yeah, I guess you're right Freddie's was an FPS parody mashed with Mario.

So yes sir, this the REAL DEAL. ;)
ForROME  +   1399d ago
verrrrrrrrrry cool but still not better than this one
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john2  +   1399d ago
The difference is that Freddiew's is a CG video. 525Leomas' is an actual playable game running in real-time with UDK ;)
MuPPet86  +   1399d ago
Pretty awesome. Would love to see more old classics get this treatment.
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Sobari  +   1399d ago
We've seen this exact mod nearly a dozen times on this site.
Magnus  +   1399d ago
I'd play it it looks great I wonder why Nintendo has never done that kind of idea with Mario I'd play that kind of Mario if it was a launch title for the Wii-U
SKUD  +   1399d ago
Feel asleep midway. Woke up and the vid was over. Thank you jesus.
nintendostar  +   1399d ago
If you pay attention you'll see that Mario punches the blocks. He does Not hit them with his head like so many think.
AWBrawler  +   1398d ago
why is this video still floating around? it's stupid imo. i don't like it

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