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Voxelman  +   1398d ago
We all know the really reason is they can't stand the fact that Duke Nukem took longer to come out so they are going to develop ep3 for 16 years...
pucpop  +   1397d ago
Gordon Freeman finally gets laid.
t0mmyb0y  +   1397d ago
I will be 'pining' for EP3 and HL3 until they release.
jony_dols  +   1397d ago
Hopefully 'if' Black Mesa Source ever gets released, then that will be enough to keep us tide over till Episode 3 (or Half Life 3, or whatever the hell Valve decide to call it) gets a proper reveal.
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vulcanproject  +   1397d ago
They want the last scene of the series to have Gordon say one word and will thus spend the next decade looking for the perfect voice to utter it :D
WhiteLightning  +   1397d ago
Him talking would be epic

Valve need to give their characters a voice, I'm not all that bothered by Gordon since he was a mute back when Half life first came out in 1998.......but Chell from Portal she needs a voice

But yeah Gordon for example speaking to Alyx in the final scene would be amazing. They need a good voice actor though
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AMD_CROSSFIRE_FTW  +   1397d ago
They are using the Pixar marketing strategy...wait 10 years before doing the sequel so everyone will be ultra hyped and be super impatient to get there hands on it and will guarantee to be GOTY and sell a dozen of million copies...
f789790  +   1397d ago
Ummm it would sell plenty if they released it now.
banner  +   1397d ago

It's going to end up like duke. I couldn't wait for this after I got orange box, then valve let me down.
Live_4_Gaming  +   1397d ago
I figure we'll be hearing about this's been too long and we all know they are working on it. It's the "franchise game". It's gonna be huge, that's what's taking so long. I'm sure there is a new engine that Valve has yet to let people know about, Source 2 or something, and creating a new engine takes a while..look at ID and Rage for example. It will be worth the wait, it's not Duke Nukem..and taking up for gearbox, the next duke game will be bad ass.

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