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rebelxs  +   3011d ago
I don't remember ever seeing a game with such a vast discrepancy of scores between reviewers.It's not of the ordinary among movie and music reviews so I wouldn't take it too personally.Hopefully the good reviews will persuade most people to pick it up and give it a deserved chance.I think some reviewers need to take their personal feelings out of the equation when giving a score.Obviously this isn't everyones cup of tea but then you could say that about MGS,Halo 3,etc. but you don't see such extreme variances in scores for these.
Figboy  +   3011d ago
for me it's simple:
if you liked the Prince of Persia games, you will probably like Assassin's Creed. it's practically an open-world Prince of Persia.

i knew this game was for me, when, about four or five hours into the game, i was given a short assignment to assassinate some punk guard who was harassing one of my fellow Assassins (though, honestly, i should have sliced his throat for being such a poor excuse for one of us). i followed guard along his route, snuck up behind him, and stabbed him in the heart. while he fell to the ground, gurgling his last breaths, i slunk away into an alley, climbing to a rooftop, the sounds of the crowd asking "what happened?" fading away while i made my escape.

i like the game alot. of course, i'm a die hard Prince of Persia fan, and thought that trilogy of games is one of the best in the industry.

this reliance on reviews is beginning to trouble me. when i was younger, we used reviews, sure, but in all honesty, most of the games being released back in the NES era sucked, so a review actually *MEANT something. if a game was good, believe me, they told you about it. it was more black and white back then.

now though, there are too many shades of gray with games, and you have too few people trying to account for the tastes of *MILLIONS.

i stopped reading the OPM review section when my tastes, and the tastes of their reviewers began to differ so much that i couldn't take their suggestions anymore following the hiring of some new staff (either i loved a game they hated, or they hated a game that i love).

you guys seriously need to either rent the game, or bite the bullet and buy the titles that interest you. just as long as you get your *ACTUAL HANDS on the game and play it for yourself.

i took a chance and bought the game Lair. i enjoyed it for a time (and beat it), but ultimately, it's a game i knew i wouldn't play again, once games like Heavenly Sword, Ratchet and Clank, Assassin's Creed, and Uncharted came out, as those are more my types of games, so i traded it in (for Assassin's Creed, actually).

it's getting absurd that people are suddenly forsaking their own tastes for the tastes of, uh, other people? what the hell? anything else in our lives, we rely on our own opinions;

clothes: "i'll wear what i want"
women (and men for some): "i'll date who i want"
food: "i'll eat what i want"

but games? "uh, well, uh, that, um, guy, from, like, ign, said this game, that i really wanted to play sucked, so, uh, like, i don't want to get it now..."

it's ridiculous.
tmug  +   3011d ago
I totally loved POP 1 and 3. I disliked AC from the get go. The sci-fi backstory is distracting, awkward and unnecessary, it doesn't pull you in like in POP, it's just an annoyance. The game doesn't do anything to challenge or inspire you. I get what it aims for, a bit of POP, a bit of GTA, Hitman and Shadow Of The Colossus, but there isn't anything that ties it all together. It doesn't have that spirit..
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sgaap  +   3011d ago
Yeah, and tetris is not repetetive pfff... AC is one of the best games I've played this year. The gfx are mind-blowing, and I really feel the ambience of the cities. For the first time in a game, a city feels alive.
How come games like orange box got 9 and 10s? The gfx are mediocre and just shooting at people gets very repetetive. AC should score above that.
Lethal_Cloud  +   3011d ago
Play the game for yourself
honestlyy who eevr wrotee this review must be onee low life who cant get laid in his lifee ...tell me a game that isnt a little repetitive ....
myte as well just say - all u do in halo is go around shooting ppl and throww gernades ..:S
UltramanJ  +   3011d ago
Really a shame this game turned out poor
I'll probably rent it one day, or maybe buy it when it hits $25-$30.
JokesOnYou  +   3011d ago
Sadly this game dissapointed me
however I still think its alot better than 5.5, wtf? thats just a slap in the face to Ubi, yeah its repetitive and people need to stop making excuses like "all games are repetitive", sure thats true to some extent but its a devs job to make those (similiar/same) tasks varied enough where it doesn't get dull/boring, I still like the game but it seems to me Ubi could have a killer game on their hands if they just would have made some different choices and of course a solid framerate, but again a 5.5?= yeah maybe Destructoid does need the hits.

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Matpan  +   3011d ago
Yet another review
I read the article. The reviewer expressed his arguements and his point of view in a correct and interesting way. Yes, he bashed the game in many aspect, yet he recognized what he blieved, where it´s strong points ("Assassin's Creed will feel like one of the most fun games to come out this year -- thanks entirely to the fighting and freerunning mechanics")

Again, like any other review, it´s written by a person, with his own judging values and tastes. There is no such thing as true objectivity, and surely you cannot expect it when reviewing a game: there are so many factors that can make a game fun for some people and terrybly dull for others...

All in all, what remains a reliable rule of thumb (at least for me), and a quite obvious one is: if everyne says it is a great game, it must be at least a good one. In this case, it seems, the opinion is divided.

So go for it if you feel like it appeals to you.

As for me, I will buy this game.
Cynical-Gamerzus  +   3011d ago
Multiplatform crap it is!
Hey before they decided to multi platform it they should of considered PS3!Oh how did they fit all the greatness on a dvd?hmmlol

Oh well i avoid multi platform crap like this..
time's have changed lets start making console games not off shelf 360 ports..OK!
Die_Sloe  +   3011d ago
First post, though I have read these forums for months now. At first it was enjoyable to get a diverse popular opinion on whats really good in video games. Now, its more like Fox News with a real negative stream of news thats constantly bombards the one thing I'm sure we all have in common.

As far as Assassin's Creed, I'm only about 5 hours deep and I gotta say, whoever gives this game less then an 8 is out of their mind. Beautiful graphics, splended physics, an original storyline and not to mention fun, this is TO ME the 3rd or 4th best game of 2007.

Of course, I hear its repetitive, and I'm only so far, but this assault on a highly ambitious title must stop. I cant believe some of the hate this title has gotten...........
BigKev45  +   3010d ago
Just play
Uncharted people and keep quiet. The only game worth picking up this week.
Die_Sloe  +   3010d ago
Too bad Uncharted wont sell a 4th of the copies thats Assassins Creed will. I bet AC pushes 3 million, and then we can anticipate a sequel within the next 2-3 years.

I personally, would like to thank Ubi-Soft for a breath of fresh air in a FPS heavy 2006-2007.
misterssippi  +   3010d ago
WTF Destructoid??!!??
This game is badass (360 version)! This is why I don't put stock into most of the things reviewers say.
People are saying the game is repetative, but dang.....aren't all games basically repetative???...this button jumps, this button kicks, this button blocks, this button shoots. It aint rocket science. What are people talking about? SMG is repetative too, and so is COD4(1 button for grenades, 1 button for guns) but the games are still fun, and so is AC. I like the game because it is fresh and graphically gorgeous, and the gameplay mechanics are solid. C'Mon folks, I feel like some people are just jumping on the bandwagon cuz apparently its cool to bash new IP's. PLEASE STOP BEING SO ANAL.
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