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JsonHenry  +   1200d ago
Lol, one of the best reviews I have ever read about a game I will never play.
EasilyTheBest  +   1200d ago
Awful review for this game, mine came today and I have played it with friends all day.
If the reviewers are having problems with the controls, they either havent calabrated them properly or they are simply stupid.

I have even had my friends sister playing on it and she never plays video games, she had no problems once she was shown what to do.

I really dont understand what some of these reviewers are doing.
If you have Kinect and are unsure about buying this game because you have heard that the controls are bad, try renting it and see how it gos and make your own mind up.

Check out the above review. They said this about the controls -

Remember it’s Kinect, you are the controller. I believe this game is exactly the concept of what the Kinect was designed for. Rise of Nightmare has some of the most accurate controls compared to other Kinect titles to date.
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edonus  +   1200d ago
That is exactly what I have been saying about this game. Its not game of the year material but these 3s 4s and 5s are rediculous.

The controls are actually quote phenomonal. I think these reviewers dont have enough experience with kinect so they cant adjust just like if you play Madden on Ps3 then play it on the 360, mentally you know what you want to do but the slight feel and difference in layout takes some time for you to adjust. Now imagine instead of your hands adjusting its your entire body.

This game has great pacing good variety a decently entertaining story with a few twists and some revolutionary ideas and gameplay mechanics.

I feel lots of these reviewers dont have any real kinect experince so it that much harder for them grasp whats happening. This guy even admitted he kept stepping out of the being a kinect veteran know that if you do the right action and stay in the playzone kinect see you, if it doesnt that means you are messing up. And thats with everything. I wouldnt call thereviewers that cant play kinect stupid I would just call them un coordinated and awkward.
CaptainMarvelQ8  +   1200d ago
4player,i remember watching those guys on justin teevo
mcstorm  +   1200d ago
I have to disagree wih this review and i think everyone is taking this game the wrong way. Its not a horror game like res its like a bmovie with toung and check. And imo it works well for the game. Its fun to paly easy to control and has alot of different movements in it to keep the game from becomming the same althe way through. Depending on the wepon you hold depends on how you move you arm to use it.

I know its each to there own but from what i have played of this game so far its one of the best kinect gaes so far and works very well and fast. But it also shows what cone be done with kinect if you think about it. To me the only thing letting this gae down is the lack of mp.

For me anyone who has kinect this is a game you should pickup.

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