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Bigpappy  +   1242d ago
I am sue I am going to have a blast with this game. Tomorrow is almost here. I can't believe I am so excited to play this game.

There are many people who do not know that you can adjust the tilt seperately when calibrating Kinect. Some games don't need to see you feet and work great with no adjustments. But, a game like this, you want to make sure that your feet have plenty of lead way. I notice this last year when Gamespot was previewing a kinect game abd the guys feet were jumping all over the place. That was because the camera was not tilted enough toward his feet.

Anyway, if you are new to Kinect or are having these types of issues, make sure to go to the calibration screen and adjust the tilt, then continue you get to the save option. Knowing how to dothis will vastly improve your fun factor and the qulity of your play time.
Magaman  +   1242d ago
I agree, feet always seem to be an issue. But when you have limited room it's just rough. The space kinect needs to work well is a lot more then what it seems. Hopefully the various zooms and other attachments coming out soon for the kinect will help.
MasterCornholio  +   1242d ago
I am going to predict that controls are horrible with this game.

I will be back after i read the review.

"While the controls are top-notch, the games graphics are a little lacking. "

Guess i was wrong about the controls. As long as you have plenty of space you wont have a problem with them.
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Dread  +   1242d ago
of course

i expect nothing more form the sony hater extremists. Judge before the review.

Perhaps you could just have read the review first and then comment, but no u rather hate first. ALso, you could have waited to play it before hating , but no u decided to hate first. typical
MasterCornholio  +   1242d ago
Right so i dont have the freedom to make predictions. Shows what a supporter of human rights and free speech you are.

Anyways i do not consider myself trolling because i made a prediction read the article then stated that i predicted wrong.
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-LUKE_SKYWALKER-  +   1242d ago
Thats just plain trolling.

- Bubble for you

Do you even own a 360 or Kinect?
peeps  +   1242d ago
I just wonder if this will go the way of Mad World. I know this is on 360 but you still need kinect to play, I could be wrong but I imagine most Kinect owners own it for fitness/dance games. If that's the case are they going to be interested in this, or is this game good enough to make hardcore gamers buy kinect for?

It just seems like it's selling point is that it is a violent game rather than a dancing one and they seem to be forcing that across with their trailers 'this isn't you average kinect game' etc
dionnysus  +   1242d ago
good point. we will see in a few weeks, maybe less
IM_A_NINJA  +   1242d ago
This is the first in what I hope in a long line of games that offer an actual gaming experience. Dance, fitness games will always have a place with Kinect, as it just makes the most sense, but it's games like Rise Of Nightmares, Ryse, Draco, Steel Battalion, Forza 4 and Gunstringer that I'm most looking forward too.

Kinect isn't just for fitness/dance games, those were the easiest to market and launch with. Let's not forget Microsoft opened a new studio (Zipline) just to get a AAA FPS on the Kinect.

I've had this pre ordered for a while, been really looking forward to it. Wont let N4G hate stop me from trying it out.
edonus  +   1242d ago
I have to try kinect games for myself...

Right now there is to many things surrounding opinions. Youll have the Kinect haters that just hate anything kinect so they didnt really try.

Then you'll have your uncoordinated newbies that cant grasp the learning curve in 2 tries so they hate it. I think they should release a demo. The Gunstringer demo has done wonders to that game for me. I'm still getting this game day one.

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