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TBONEJF  +   1620d ago
Black Ops is the top selling FPS game. Every time it's release on their anniversary they sell from 500,000 units during it's first two weeks then a million later on. Still don't know how does Activsion keeps selling and selling every year like this. I try to play Call of Duty bought the Modern Warfare but didn't like it. But Nov is the starting of the Holiday season and of course they have lots of COD fans that would buy it. I heard the last one was very short. So I'm glad I didn't buy the last COD. I'll stick with my Resistance/Uncharted and any other FPS games that's better than COD.
ginsunuva  +   1620d ago
Don't buy this game. If you really want it then rent borrow or trade for it. Don't suport this company.
momthemeatloaf  +   1620d ago
Come on Activision, up the map packs to 20 dollars so you kill the franchise faster
SSKILLZ  +   1620d ago
Damn and MW3 is gonna
make a easy $30 mill and $24 mill on DLC plus CoD elite subscribers
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BlueEye  +   1620d ago
Just wish they could release zombie maps individually, I don't play Black Ops MP all that much and I'm buying my first map pack soon, the zombie map pack.
Brownghost  +   1620d ago
quantity doestn mean crap ive seen way better games with more quality than cod that barely sell as much as COD
Der_Kommandant  +   1620d ago
My heart just died a little
GTRrocker  +   1620d ago
I hate Activision.
GTRrocker  +   1620d ago
I didn't know there were that many kids with consoles.
Sarcasmology  +   1620d ago
Millions of humans making immoral purchases to distract themselves from real life's problems? No way!!!!
zeddy  +   1620d ago
i bought the ps3 version and one dlc not going to happen again especially with treyarch at the helm.
Three_Sisters  +   1620d ago
With these sales figures...I feel Treyarch will do the same thing Activision did in MW3...

Use the same game engine for way less expense and milk more money out of the customers....
Platinum_k  +   1620d ago
23 MILLION???!!! I thought they sold well, but GEEZ! NEVER thought they would sell that well... O.O

The best selling exclusives for both PS3 and 360 COMBINED isn't even close to it! SERIOUSLY!... too much

Well done COD, well done.
skyblue14213  +   1620d ago
I recently discussed the call of duty series with a friend, and we both agreed that the main reason why we get/have the map packs for both the world at war and black ops cod games is because of the zombie maps.

I have tried the multi-player portion in both the world at war and black ops cod games, and I just don't care for it. I don't care for infinity ward's modern warfare series. Don't get me wrong I do prefer treyarch's cod games over infinity ward's cod games, and the main single player campaigns(in both cod: bo and cod:waw) are action packed.

I do understand some people's disgust with how the series has become stagnated or stale in a way. And I think a big part of why cod:bo is currently the highest sold game in the cod series is mainly because of the zombies portion of the game, the single player campaign is action packed but I think the zombie portion overcome's the single player campaign. The proof of this can be found in the online portion of both cod: waw and cod: bo, if you observe both online portions of each game you will notice that the number of players for the zombie portion greatly outnumber the multi-player portion of both games.

But when it comes to the main #1 reason why I play both cod: bo and cod: waw is mainly for the "zombies" portion of those games, otherwise I would not have much interest in the cod series. If treyarch continues the zombie saga in their future cod games, then I will keep on buying their future cod games and the map packs for the games. But if in the future they decide to not to continue the zombie saga in their future cod titles, then I will stop buying cod games.

I wish that the zombie maps would sell separate from the multi-player maps because I really don't use the multi-player maps, which makes the map packs that I buy a waste except for the zombie map that is included with each map pack.

99.9% of the time I don't buy games at the full $60 price tag, $60 games have to drop at least $20 in price before I consider buying any game because I don't believe any video game is worth $60, especially considering that the greedy dlc business model has went into full bloom this video game generation.
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skyblue14213  +   1620d ago
F.Y.I- There is a 50% off sale for select cod series related content this week on psn. I picked up cod classic for $7.50 and I am enjoying the game. I recommend to anyone(like me) that wanted to get the game but was not willing to pay original high price for it, to get the game now because you probably wont see a price this low anytime in the future for the game. Also some map packs and/or map pack bundle(s) for a few cod games are on sale too.
ATi_Elite  +   1620d ago
I wonder who made more cash.....

Black Ops map paks or Team Fortress 2 Hats!!
nepdyse  +   1620d ago
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hadriker  +   1620d ago
Its a horribly predatory business model based on the fact that kids have no qualms with spending their parents money. They are completely unaware of the type of precedent they are setting for future DLC pricing.
Donnywho  +   1620d ago
Black ops has made 1.7 billion dollars. Unless I'm doing the math wrong. Shit's crazy
Agent_hitman  +   1620d ago
and the additional 10 million copies were sold on ps3, that is sh!t port so yeah activision you suck!
slaton24  +   1620d ago
it saids over 23 million units sold but u dont see more than 1million sometimes online most people got disappointed in it and trade it in for bad company i got black ops and bc 2 and cod itself still has some work to do like connection problems glitches all over the place spawning right in front of the enemy and camping(bc 2 u can destroy houses and trees which gets rid of cover for campers)
Nunchez  +   1620d ago
I feel kinda sad for DICE after all the hard work they put in BF3 MW3 will probably outsell it.
OooHJohnny  +   1620d ago
Shitty game... didn't even finish it... glad didn't pay full price.
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