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Machina-AX  +   1471d ago
Getting good scores across the board by looks of it.
MisterPickles2  +   1471d ago
Man, the series never really hooked me, but the great reviews for this are really piquing my curiosity.
MisterPickles2  +   1470d ago
How do people disagree with me? I didn't say the games were bad--I said I they weren't for me. Pretty sure I'm the authority on whether I liked the games or not xD
lpfisher  +   1471d ago
My copy says it's out for delivery, but I want it now!

So glad this one turned out so great.
bmw69  +   1471d ago
Awesome score!!
barefootgamer  +   1471d ago
Picked my copy up today before work! :)
naznatips  +   1471d ago
Really amazing game. Finally the Deus Ex sequel that I've waited for for a decade. It's back baby!
Runa216  +   1471d ago
I wasn't going to get this, but with reviews being so damn positive, I really think I might!
kthsdlr  +   1471d ago
Thank goodness this game is cool. It's a relief to hear.
joydestroy  +   1471d ago
about 2hrs and 20min before i can enjoy this. time is creeping by.
ElementX  +   1471d ago
I just finished installing the files for my PS3 copy! I'm just checking a few new articles before I settle down into some beer drinking and gaming! :) :) :)
Clayman  +   1470d ago
Oooooh Yeah!
haymoza  +   1470d ago
Every time I see a score of 9 and up, I smirk and remember the squeenix score scandal that was exposed last week.

And though I'm convinced that this game actually deserves these great scores, I can't help but to think back at all the good scores FF XIII got last year. I think the same thing happened with FF XIII because that game was sh**

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