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-Alpha  +   1635d ago | Well said
It's proven fact that PS3 has limited RAM and that the available RAM is used by games. It simply was a short-sighted, perhaps intentional move by Sony. They never really had an endplan for PSN, they just had a free service and added things like trophies afterwards.

Some people have suspected this for a while, and others suspect that MS has a patent for console cross chat. Regardless, Sony just made it official, there is no reason to doubt them. People have predicted cross chat for every FW update and it has never happened. If Sony could, they would have a long time ago.

Questioning the PR statement by spinning it into a "What if" question is a lame attempt at making an opinion piece when the facts state otherwise. These "What if" opinion pieces have no valid arguments whatsoever yet try to title their headlines in a way that makes it sound like they have credible information. It's an incredibly annoying way to get submissions onto N4G, anybody and everybody can do it, and that's exactly what happens.
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agentxk  +   1635d ago
Read the damn story. He acknowledges that we can't see something in the capacity one would hope but that there could still be solutions.
TheBeast  +   1635d ago
The story you wrote? ^_^
agentxk  +   1635d ago
Nope, I just posted it. The site has 12 different writers, each with their own opinions.
-Alpha  +   1635d ago | Intelligent
There aren't any solutions, the ones the author give have no trace of evidence. It's pure speculation and we don't need pointless spreading of non-credible fluff. These opinion pieces always spin something to make a poorly supported article and they get approved because there is really no way to put a standard on opinion pieces. Problem is that people don't read these pieces, they see the question and post away. Opinion pieces, most of the time, are glorified forum threads.

The article gives like 1 solution that the writer pulls out of his head and it directly goes against what Sony said. Anybody can speculate a "what if" scenario, but without some sort of credible information then it means nothing

IMO people need to let it go. There is no cross chat coming for the PS3. This is a dead issue, it's time to move on
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Nitrowolf2  +   1635d ago
There nothing in the story that adds anything to the issue. It's just restating what Sony has already said and then adding a question at the end and saying he doesn't believe it with speculations of a solution. Same thing happened with backward capability. People said it would come and when Sony said it sites like this came out and said they would because they are lying and waiting to surprise us. It makes perfect sense with the RAM issue that they have supplied.
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miDnIghtEr  +   1635d ago
Good to see some Sony faithful holding out hope.
Dramscus  +   1635d ago
Sony has been on record as saying that every os update increases the available system ram by a little bit.

I don't think it would be impossible for them to do a large os upgrade that free's up however much ram is needed for that.

Though personally I don't care. I'd rather speak to the people I'm gaming with because I generally enjoy team based games.
blumatt  +   1635d ago
The Vita has it, So the PS4 will most likely have it too
Well, the Vita has a party system and cross game chat, so I full expect the PS4 to get it, even if the PS3 never does. Might be better off to wait until the PS4 anyway, so that it will work with every game with no issues. I'd rather wait than have problems with it all the time, due to some games using more RAM than others.
thorstein  +   1635d ago
I honestly don't want cross game chat. If it was there fine but I really don't want or need it. Especially since I would most likely use the headset to talk to the other players I am playing with.
Anon1974  +   1635d ago
I'd never use it. I've never used it on my 360, I'd never use it on my PS3. This "Cross game chat is what everyone wants," is complete BS. The PS3 owners I know and talk to usually ask "What's cross game chat? Doesn't the PS3 already have that?"

Seriously - you hit the PS3 forums anywhere and "Better web browser" will top "cross game chat" every time. We've lived without it on the PS3 for 5 years. No one is their right mind is going to say "I want to buy a PS3 and play Uncharted 3, but not if I can't carry on a conversation I can't focus on with my buddies while they play Call of Duty and yell obscenities at people playing their game."

And if hell freezes over and the PS3 somehow does get cross game chat, there had better be an option to switch it off.
lMHl  +   1635d ago
its never going to happen agentxk just come to grips bro I wish but alphas right they would have done it ages ago if they could
SuperBeast811  +   1635d ago
Um just so you know every console has "Limited" RAM lol yes xbox has more but its still limited they cant update the consoles through firmware to add more idiot lol its limited from the time the y put it IN the console LOL I think the word you were looking for was "minimal"
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MrBeatdown  +   1635d ago

"There aren't any solutions"

I don't think that's entirely accurate. When PS+ was first announced, cross game chat was listed and detailed as a feature on some official PS sites.

A Naughty Dog rep also claimed it was coming in "the next firmware update" although that never happened.

But unless Sony is writing PR for features that aren't anywhere near complete and that Naughty Dog employee is a total idiot, it makes me think Sony was at least getting close to making it happen. They've come pretty far with other features. I'm sure they've had difficulties, but I don't think cross game chat would be flat-out impossible.

I'm not expecting it, but this could just be a way of getting people off their back about it while they try, whether their attempt is success or not.
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MaxXAttaxX  +   1634d ago
Why do people keep spinning BS?

It won't be done on PS3.

People have gotten around without it no problem for 5 years.

Let it go.

I have noticed that there's a bit of a double standard in this subject here on N4G.

Apparently, absolutely no one could possibly not care much for cross-game chat unless they are obviously fanboys.

We all know it's useful.
I personally would like to have it. Although I'm not dying from not having it and I have done fine without it. But it would be a convenient feature to have every now and then.
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DeadlyFire  +   1634d ago
Well there is always PS4. Which I believe will have a mass of RAM and likely little features like this will be born into the system at its first showing.
AngryTypingGuy  +   1634d ago
"It Only Does Everything" is a lie, don't believe it! It doesn't do cross game chat, or make toast.
Armyntt  +   1634d ago
I am primarily a 360 gamer but not once when playin my PS3 did I think, wow you know what this is missing? Cross game chat. Not once. If its there great but who really gives a f**k? I think 360 fanboys care more about the cross game chat on the PS3 than PS3 gamers do.
death2smoochie  +   1634d ago
"Nope, I just posted it. The site has 12 different writers, each with their own opinions"

And opinions are like A**holes..
Everyone has one and they all stink
DaTruth  +   1634d ago
The RAM usage for cross game chat on 360 is not built into the OS, it is built into every game and in order for games to get certification for 360, they must conform!

MS made cross game chat a priority and their Live features aren't built into the OS, they are built into the games and the games suffer due to the needed RAM for these features whether exclusive or multiplatform. And yes, PS3 multiplatform games suffer due to the RAM lost for Live features.

Sony has many possible features in their OS like custom music, but they left it up to the devs whether to use them or not(except trophies). Sony made more RAM for games a priority and though multiplatform games have the RAM leftover for cross game chat on PS3, it would make no sense since there is no RAM leftover in every exclusive game; you wouldn't be able to talk to someone playing Uncharted 2.

This is a prime reason why multiplat games suffer compared to PS3 exclusives(on PS3 or 360) and why 360 games overall suffer compared to PS3 exclusives!
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Ju  +   1634d ago
This just doesn't make sense. If you have voice chat in a game - and all PS3 games have some sort of voice chat in game - how does "connecting" to another game use more RAM, when basically both already run a Voice chat "stack". Someone please enlighten me. Are you telling me, every game uses its own VoIP protocol? And Sony is just not able to add one which is consistent across games? Because this is all it takes (from a pure protocol/memory perspective - this doesn't mean old games would be able to support that).

I would understand if you refer to single player games, which disable that and use the mem to add more features. Is that what you are saying? Even if this is true, it could still be implemented "selectively". Means, some PSN-IDs will be visible, some won't. But e.g. UC3 MP can talk to R3 MP players.

It is just plain stupid. There are creative solutions to the problem, but Sony isn't one who wants to give this flexibility into players hands.
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Redempteur  +   1634d ago

You need RAM to run an application ( whatever it is ).You need to put some information in memory somewhere if you exchange it with multiple receivers.
Many games actually have their own voice protocols when it comes to online gaming . This isn't the same thing when you're in a room at SUPER STREET FIGHTER 4 with 4 people , or in a party of white knight chronibles . These games have différents needs and thus tweak their stuff. that's because A dev has a set amount of RAM he can use like he wants and that includes voice chat.
The difference is that M$ is forcing devs to use a protocol that is compatible with LIVE.
You don't USE more ram, you must have some space to integrate it into already working products

Every program need RAm to works , that because you have to put informations in it. AND yes even when you voice chat and consoles don't have unlimited RAM ... they don't need a lot of ram but the specs of consoles don't change on that aspect.
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pixelsword  +   1634d ago
In the end it doesn't matter much.
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fluffydelusions  +   1635d ago
Exactly. Just give it's not coming to PS3 but most likely it will be in PS4 given it's in PSV.
f789790  +   1635d ago
Oh the silly disagrees you get on n4g.

Sony said no. Get over it. It's in the Vita which means they know we want it and will put it in the ps4. Nothing to disagree about.
gamingdroid  +   1635d ago
It doesn't make sense from a PR point of view to shot yourself in the foot as some sort of PR stunt.

So the answer is no, it's been five years and a bunch of other features has already made it. Cross game chat is unlikely at this point.
PSVita  +   1635d ago
i think the only way they would be able to put x-game chat on the ps3 is if they some how borrowed the psv's ram. Maybe there will be a special dock that you can sit the psv on which charges and connects to the ps3. I personally don't care but it would be nice to shut up the fanboys.
gamingdroid  +   1635d ago
That doesn't make sense, as it relies on an additional device. Sony would never come up with such an clunky system....
Mike_Tha_Hero  +   1635d ago
I'm sorry but he's right. I'm tired of these sites with their so-called "writers" pushing BS out of thin air. What happened to facts vs. opinions? Show some damn integrity...
thor  +   1635d ago
Yes - not just the RAM issue, but the fact that it was not planned from the start.

It is a HUGE undertaking to implement a feature that is compatible with ALL games AFTER they have been released. It is much, MUCH simpler to do it beforehand.

By not thinking ahead, the PSN is not equipped to handle such features whereas XBL IS. This is because every live-enabled game is developed & tested knowing that these features will need to work. Zero PSN games have been developed with cross game chat in mind and so it would be up to Sony's developers to make cross game chat compatible with thousands of games rather than thousands of games' developers make their games compatible with just one feature.

Even if cross game chat is possible to be made compatible with every game ever released for PS3, it still might not work well. For instance, many games use proprietry voice chat systems. These would not integrate with cross game chat, and you'd either have to disable in-game chat or have your private cross-game conversations blurted out to everybody.
baker_boi  +   1635d ago
It aint got nothin to do with the infrastructure. From what Sony is sayin it's the physical ram in our systems, not the damn network code.
Ju  +   1635d ago
Network code is already there. There is no need to run a whole application in the background. But it might be an issue to implement that into the OS - and hence create memory issues - for all application, especially the old (current ones) which do not need that service or run their own (now redundant) code. Thor is absolutely correct. It was an oversight from the beginning and to solve that now is a major problem.

I personally don't care; obviously it is a technical problem which they couldn't solve yet. Who knows.

The Vita is build with background services in mind. Which is quite a good idea. And obviously it is designed from the ground up to make this work.
fullmetal297  +   1635d ago
PS3 can't cross-game chat because of the lack system ram available. It's a hardware issue that can't be resolved. Similar to in-game chat for steam. The in-game chat lags games on lower-end PCs so there is an option to disable it.

It's just that simple... no need to say it's an "OS issue" or "old code" because those are just lame excuses to explain something so easy to understand.
Ju  +   1634d ago
Life is trivial, isn't it? LOL
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Hayabusa 117  +   1634d ago
I think infrastructure is an interesting point. Remember that on the 360 you can't cross game chat while playing backward compatible games, so that lends some strength to Thor's arguement. Although you could argue that the emulator takes up ram, so who knows.
subtenko  +   1635d ago
This is the only thing I've heard that xbox360 fans boast on..besides COD timed exclusive map packs.

When Im on the ps3, there are certain times where I could have used the x-chat feature..but that was rare and we just use the text chatroom feature. When im on the xbox360 then I use the x-gamechat feature alittle more because more people use it because its an actually feature on xbox360.

It's not too big of a deal though, just a really nice convenience.

For Sony to put x-gamechat in the vita was smart though because, gaming, the thing has 3g, makes me think of cellphones. Psp got skype, so this is 1000x better.

Agree or Disagree if you Agree or Disagree
thorstein  +   1635d ago
Intelligent, and well said.

Bubs for you, good sir (or lady). I really don't care if it is there one way or another. I mean, these people are sooooooooo important that they just have to talk to someone else WHILE they game? Meh.
andibandit  +   1635d ago

no it's the other people who will go to any length to not admit it's a pratical feature.

they will say:
-I use my phone.
-I use Facebook
-I dont have any friends
-I never chat
-I just text
-I use Skype
-I have a pc running also and use Ventrilo
-I just talk to my friends in person
-I cant game and talk
MaxXAttaxX  +   1634d ago
@ andibandit
Except that people DO have friends and CAN game and talk.

You can still chat online with friends while playing the same game.

Anyway, cross-game chat is pretty convenient for chatting at any time with anyone, in or out of a game.
Solid_Snake-  +   1635d ago only does limited RAM.

Rockstar  +   1635d ago


OT: I'd much rather have universal custom soundtracks on my ps3 rather than xgame chat
ECM0NEY  +   1635d ago
The PS3 doesnt have custom soundtracks?

Only does everything my @ss lol
_Aarix_  +   1635d ago
Oh cmon guys..have a sense of humor.
rjdofu  +   1635d ago
@_Aarix_: not from this Solid_Snake- aka. troll :/
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fullmetal297  +   1635d ago
The xbox 360 has the option to custom soundtracks in-game ironically.
MaxXAttaxX  +   1634d ago
Certain PS3 games have custom soundtracks.
But it's not a universal feature.

I don't get the irony...
Hayabusa 117  +   1634d ago

I actually prefer the old Xbox's custom soundtrack system because it was often intergrated into the game alot better. The problem with universal custom soundtracks is it often plays on top of the games default music, meaning you got both running at once :( And it doesn't fade or go silent during cutscenes which is
really annoying :(


I don't get the irony either.
Lord_Sloth  +   1635d ago
^Failure to realize that PS3's processor can amplify any function of the PS3 including RAM.

Not saying that it will happen, just saying that it's not a hardware issue.
ECM0NEY  +   1635d ago
link please
starchild  +   1635d ago
A processor can amplify RAM? LOL

You obviously don't know what you are talking about.
RevXM  +   1635d ago
I think sony is bluffing.
Obviously adding such a feature isnt a small task and due to design decitions and flaws its easier said than done.

But because there are hardware limits doesnt mean that updating the OS and interface cant free up enough memory to add it.

Ingame XMB is cluttered with stuff you wouldnt want to use or cant use anyways. Want to edit or watch a video or tv? change some certain settings, themes, surf the web, view images? you have to quit the game!
Why not take all that shit out when you cant use it?

And if what Carmack said is true that Microsoft uses less memory for OS than Sony and yet MS's system can run more stuff in the background like Party chat, music player and Live messenger, then there should be room enough for 1 feature.

And the author kind of misinforms here.
The ps3 have 512 MB Ram not 256.
Ps3 got 256mb main ram, and 256Mb video ram.
Vita got 512 MB main ram and 128mb V ram, in total 640mb.

Oh and Sony have told us and let us believe all this time that we would get XGC on Ps3... this isnt cool, but I hope they will use this experience to improve with the future platforms.
SephirothX21  +   1635d ago
Could Sony not add cgc to the extent where gamers can use it in a game when not in gameplay. For example, in the main menu of a game, they could use it and in order to accept a request to join a party, players would have to quit gameplay first.
Mustang300C2012  +   1635d ago

If PS3 owners didn't want it then why is this even a discussion 5 years later? Why even bother announcing it from the beginning and showing video and it never got in the official release? Why bother telling gamers last year that yes it is definately coming. On top of that, why is it one of the most requested features that PS3 owners like myself have asked for since I and many others I KNOW use the feature on the 360? Anybody can talk about my brothers friend sisters boyfriend doesn't care for X game chat. You and your whoever claims doesn't equal the world. Different strokes.
otherZinc  +   1635d ago
Guess the PS3 isn't so powerful after all!
MaxXAttaxX  +   1634d ago
Such claims were made for processing power for games.

Since when did it become about a chatting feature.
the_best_player  +   1634d ago
Just put skype on if you have PSP or PC lol
tee_bag242  +   1634d ago
Right you are. Iv had a PS3 since day 1 and use to anticipate every update
hoping it would be included.
Sony have announced it's not coming! Accept it now. It's
included in Vita already so its pretty obvious it's not coming to
PS3 without any big sacrifices.
No matter how much love you give your PS3 it's just not happening.
Move On, or work around it.
TVippy  +   1634d ago
The fanboys are just comforting themselves at this point with their imaginary things.
Shojin1  +   1634d ago
After years of going though every update on the 360 I can say that there are a few things I do not like. I know many want crossgame chat, I dont. Why? Ever been in a relaxing game and someone sends you a party invite while there playin GOW or Halo. Your relaxing game is not relaxing anymore... On the opposite hand you could have to people playing games not so engaging to carry on a decent coversation.

PS Home has this covered to the extent I would want it. Opinion.
Istanbull  +   1635d ago
I dont need X cross game chat. I have free online hell yeah!
kingdoms  +   1635d ago
Yeah but with free you don't get

-Party lobbies in movie and music services/apps
-Built in Clan support
-skill matching
-cross game chat
-party, single and clan cross game invites with seemless access to the source.

Plus things like rating other gamers to play or not to play with them in the future etc etc the list goes on and on.

I guess PS3 can't do half of what the 360 can do by design of PS3. Sony laughed at Microsoft's online vision and when it became successful they slapped together PSN and ps3 as an after thought only really caring about pushing BLU RAY and teh cell. PSN is free because Sony can never justify a fee now or in the future. The devs pick up the cost of PSN and gamers pay for XBL hence the evolution of XBL and its underline hardcore gamer Infrastructure.
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The Iron Sheik  +   1635d ago
None of that is worth $60 a year in my opinion. If you had a 360 since launch you would of spent over 300 bucks in live fees.
fluffydelusions  +   1635d ago
@The Iron Sheik

I have both 360 and PS3 and gladly pay for XBL. It's not a big deal really and the services like Netflix party are awesome. If $60 a year is too much for you maybe you are in the wrong hobby. And you also have to remember you can typically find a 12 month XBL subscription for less than $40. BTW party mode is also coming to LiveTV in the fall update which will rock.
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PSVita  +   1635d ago
but if you don't want those features like me and just want to play online can you get that for free with xbl? No
JayD-1K  +   1635d ago
Actually, you can do all but one of those items you brought up in HOME! But then again, you have voice chat across HOME.
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M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L  +   1635d ago
....Nope. Still doesn't justify something that should either be free or be optional.
f789790  +   1635d ago
"it underlying hardcore gamer Infrastructure"

*I think of youtube videos from 360 with kids being idiots*

On the ps3 I very rarely run into kids with mics in games. When I do I want to ban them from the psn. I don't care about how your loadouts make you a killing machine!
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JellyJelly  +   1635d ago
PS3 fanboys never need what they can't have. I remember when you didn't need trophies either, or in-game xmb. Or background downloading, although that doesn't work that well. Like with trophy synching, they just can't get it right.
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KwietStorm  +   1635d ago
I personally think nobody needs trophies and achievements. People turned then into a crack addiction and ruined games with it. But you're lying out your ass saying nobody was asking for in game xmb.
BitbyDeath  +   1635d ago
They are good features but not worth paying for.
Septic  +   1635d ago
Well said.
SAE  +   1635d ago
i agree with KwietStorm , trophies are making gaming worst because people now just collect trophies , they don't play for fun , even i who don't want trophies i still collect them , im even playing fallout new vegas which is really really really boring for me but since i don't have new games and completed all the games im playing it but i almost finish it so i'll play for trophies...
DJLIVENYC  +   1635d ago
@Flullydelusions I Agree
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Criminal  +   1635d ago
I don't think they're bluffing. They announced that through a reputable site. I highly doubt that.
ForgottenProphecy  +   1635d ago
Bluffing means that they say "This isn't going to happen" than it does. It has nothing to do with the credibility of a website.
Rchillis  +   1635d ago
I'm not a fan of cross game chat. If you wanna talk while we are playing, pick up the phone.
montyburns000   1635d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(9)
BeOneWithTheGun  +   1635d ago
For me, I could care less of cross-game chat, I want the party feature. All I care about is having all my friends in a voice lobby so we can all hear each other and none of the douche bags in the main lobby.
joeorc  +   1634d ago
what's funny an Ironic about this whole issue

" All I care about is having all my friends in a voice lobby so we can all hear each other and none of the douche bags in the main lobby."

well in playstation Home YOU CAN DO EXACTLY THAT

there is Group chat.

"how the hell are you going to talk with 8 different people all at the same time, across the country/continent/world, play and invite all at the same time?"

well Once again on the Playstation 3's Playstation Home you can once again do exactly that, how do i know that well because i use the function.

I hear many over an over the PS3 cannot do cross game chat, it can Home is proof that it can, because you can do it in Home.

The problem in doing it outside of PS3's playstation Home, is it was not set aside function on an OS level, you could have 2GB of ram in the machine an it would still not be able to do it outside of playstation Home.

their putting this function in Vita an it will most likely go into the next playstation with the same functionality that's in the PS3 but with added features all on a free game network.

So if you want cross game chatting log into playstation Home an try it out, it's there.
Eiffel  +   1635d ago
When in doubt, go for obscurity.
B1663r  +   1635d ago
Better yet, just use Skype! Oh hey, sorry about that I forgot...
xilly  +   1635d ago
Reporting this as lame is really subjective because you don't agree with the writers opinion. This is honestly nothing more than piss poor abuse of the reporting system. If you disagree, bitch in the comments, but don't report it, because it hasn't done anything "wrong".
ForgottenProphecy  +   1635d ago
The lame key was meant for articles about the weather in some 3rd world country that doesn't get internet. Your are totally right. I might think __ is lame, but you might think it is awesome. That is what an opinion is ladies and gentlemen.
skinrender  +   1635d ago
Agreed. If you don't want them to make opinion pieces, then don't include it as an option for submission.
jizzyjones  +   1635d ago
If I remember correctly the PS3 OS at launch was around 120mb? or something similar, and by the time UC2 arrived it was around 50mb. And I think 360 OS is around 32mb? I don't see why Sony cant keep trimming the fat to add new features. Maybe they said what they said to make Vita look more impressive? or just maybe as its 2011, its never going to come.
skinrender  +   1635d ago
If this post was titled differently, say, "What Ever Happened to Cross Game Chat?" or so on, it wouldn't get reported. Probably wouldn't get approved either, at that point. N4G is sensationalist and the author knows it. If it got your attention that means it worked.
bublet2k  +   1635d ago
The old PS3 had extra ram. Earlier revisions had 512mb xdr ram and 256 ddr3 ram.

It was taken out of the newest ones.

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Neko_Mega  +   1635d ago
No, its the other way around.
Neko_Mega  +   1635d ago
It will come to PS3, people are fooling themself by saying it isn't. Sony has said they been working on it, PSVita is so post to let PS3 users chat with PSVita users in a cross platform chat.

I bet it is just going to be called "Party Chat" so 360 fans won't cry about it being a copy.
Raven_Nomad  +   1635d ago
Are you retarded? What the hell else would it be but copying? Trophies,Party chat, Netflix, ability to turn the console on and off via the controller, motion controls. Sony is known for copying the competition.

If they were able to do a party chat, they would have by now, 5+ years later and nothing. Seriously doubt it ever happens.
Ser  +   1635d ago
Didn't Microsoft copy Sony as well?

Kinect is basically an advanced EyeToy. Just like the Move is an advanced Wiimote.

Everybody copies something at one point or another, even Microsoft.
TKCMuzzer  +   1635d ago
It's interesting how people twist history to suit their comments, nice try.
KwietStorm  +   1635d ago
It never ceases to be hilarious how people with 1 bubble waste it with such idiotic comments. You would think you learned by now.
kingslayer1000  +   1635d ago
hey look it's Raven_360Fanboy
ForgottenProphecy  +   1635d ago
so microsoft is the first to make a game console at all? the first controller? the first disc? the first console that played 3D environments? The firs FPS? NO. It's called innovation
SITH  +   1634d ago
You hold on to the glimmer of hope neko! Don't let reality and limited ram foil your dream of cross game ps3 chat.
bublet2k  +   1635d ago

Earlier PS3'S had 256mb nandflash memory for firmwares.

In the slim it's just 16mb.

RSX = 63 max vertices 7800GTX = 45
Texture Cache Per Quad RSX = 96KB 7800GTX = 48

Also does more shader instructions then 7800GTX.

It's not bad for an old chip.
Kee  +   1635d ago
If they come out and say the ps3 is not capable of cross game chat then I think that's a pretty definitive answer.
AdmiralSnake  +   1635d ago
I thought Sony cleared this up already ? Sigh... just wow, I find it hilarious when Sony says something regarding beneficial to people, they sit here so quickly do defend what Sony says, however now Sony clearly stated, it's not gonna happen, we all need to just accept it and move on.
darkpower  +   1635d ago
And you're so quick to take Sony at their word, just as so many other people are and have been.

I've stopped taking them at their word a long time ago. I love the PS3 as well, but that doesn't mean I believe everything Sony has said.

Does that mean I'm still hopeful X-game chat comes? I wouldn't use it, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't welcome an additional feature. I don't know if it will actually ever come, but the bottom line is that they have told us things that weren't exactly true before, and we were so quick to be the echo chambers for them before, only to quickly change our tunes to harmonize with however they change theirs.

EDIT@below: I'm not saying who's correct in this article vs. what Sony said. I'm saying that Sony hasn't exactly told us the truth before with things like Dualshock or the recent PSN hack. They haven't had the best track record with saying things that are actually true, but at the same time, people have been too gullible to see it any other way than what they've said it to be. I'm not saying Sony is right or wrong on this case, but I'm skeptical about what they said, especially after how they've gone about saying one thing when the other thing is true for some time now.

And people talk down about party chat because...well, they don't have it. If they did, they would be singing a MUCH different tune. Even if you were never to use it, if Sony were to introduce it (let's just say they are completely lying to us for a second, for sake of conversation) at some point during the PS3's life, would you frown at them or accept it as an additional feature? Personally, I'd welcome it, and would rather do so than to ask that Sony deny someone of a feature they would want, even if I personally would never use it. Why anyone would do THAT is beyond me!
#14.1 (Edited 1635d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
AdmiralSnake  +   1635d ago
I honestly don't care for it, they explained as to why it won't happen and I've come to terms with accepting that. I've actually accepted that it would never happen years ago, however Sony has made it clear as to why it won't happen and we need to just move on from it. Also if it was to be announced it would most likely be for playsation plus simply because many would get plus just for that feature alone.
LiquifiedArt  +   1635d ago
why would sony ever "bluff" about x-game chat? Its a feature that makes them more desirable then their competition.
FlareDReborn  +   1635d ago
Im from the future.
Guys PS4 will have cross game chat.

I promise.
IAmCornHolio  +   1635d ago
The the xbox will just use Skype and have moved on from cross game chat...

Sigh... Thats just the way it goes when you are PS fan boy, always playing catch up..
darkpower  +   1635d ago
Pot, meet kettle!
allyc4t  +   1635d ago
`The PS3's RAM is gobbled up by the games it runs, which prevents the much-desired feature from being implemented, Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida told Eurogamer.`

Yeah, sure sound`s like they are `Bluffing`

Terrible, terrible article.
Ddouble  +   1635d ago
Yup, if Yoshida says it can't be done then it probably can't.

I think they didn't mention it till now because they have over the years reduced the ram needed by the PS3's OS in an attempt to try and get cross party chat, since it wasn't built in already like it is on the 360 but they couldn't get there in the end.
Allowen  +   1635d ago
If Sony really wanted they could add Xchat in a fw update .
The problem is that all games on the PS3 uses all avaiable ram memory and if this xchat sucks , lets say 50megas , it means that future games would have minus 50M available .
And it would be too paintful (probably not possible) to make old games compatible with xchat .

So my guess is that Sony finaly resolved to say bye bye to Xchat and keep their games beeing able to continue to do the best possible graphics .

Would not be funy for PS3 users to see like UC2 using 512 ram and them UC3 just using 450 megas (just an exemple).

To make this xchat TO work more or less then they opted just don t do it.

In my opinion , even 3D effects should not be used on this gen consoles bc it sucks even more resources . But this is another problem ...
#18 (Edited 1635d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Thedudehere  +   1635d ago
Why would people chat with someone playing a different game? seems distracting and pointless,get a cell phone! seems like people want it just cuz xbox has it.
BeOneWithTheGun  +   1635d ago
Not cross game chat, party feature. If I have five friends all playing battlefield BC2 and we all want to talk and hear each other without listening to the idiots in the main lobby, you propose we all set up a conference call and set our phones on speaker? What a pain!
xX-StolenSoul-Xx  +   1635d ago
Guess i'll stick to skype.. At least their i can talk to my friends while playing PS3 PC or 360
KMCROC  +   1635d ago
Soon you be able to skype from your Xbox360 to your PC friends & to your Vita friends .
xX-StolenSoul-Xx  +   1635d ago
Or connect Sony, Microsoft and a PC with skype

PSP -360- Pc ^_-
kuroukage  +   1635d ago
Of course they're full of shit. They just don't want to add it because it's a free feature they'd make nothing off of. I'm sure it's also prolly difficult to add to the current system as well. So of course a company is going to lie about something like that. They don't want people even more pissed. This way they just brush it off and use an easy out by saying the PS3 can't do it. That and most likely it'll be a key feature of the PS4 which will be coming out soon enough.
Bounkass  +   1635d ago
It can handle Full HD films and Crysis 2, but it can't handle XrossGameChat. Something fishy's going on...
Allowen  +   1635d ago
As far as I know X game voice chat is a FREE feature on the PSVITA.
But you might have to pay for PSN Plus if want to transfer gaming save data.
murcielago4  +   1635d ago
i'm antisocial always been always will don't give a fuck what you say. so this whole social cross game chat stuff means shit to me but if it comes to the PS3 than ok cool whatever it would be useful for those that like to talk while playing games. i use a gaming system to play games if i want to talk to someone i use a phone or go chill with them. but 4real PS3fanboys & 360fanboys are the Crips & Bloods of the gaming world.
initial_kay  +   1634d ago
suuuwooooop <3 moo
#24.1 (Edited 1634d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
jukins  +   1635d ago
its obvious its not needed lol the ps3 is doing just fine. Unless you listen to certain fanboys who tend to think America is the only continent on the planet.
N4Gsukballs  +   1635d ago
I will trade you XGC For some Games.
admjwt  +   1635d ago
i personaly could careless about corss game chat. the only time worth talking to the people on your friends list is if your in the same game. otherwise whats the point. so i can constantly be bothered by people i dont know while im in the middle of playing single player...yes because thats sounds like so much fun. and honestly a majority of the people i no have a 360 not a single one of them uses cross game chat. witch just goes to show how pointless it is
earbus  +   1635d ago
I love how fans say i dont need cross game chat i use my phone lol thats hilarious enjoy that extra phone radiation growing an arm out your forehead, i dont need chat lol how else can i concentrate on my solitary experience party chat rocks.
#28 (Edited 1635d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
hesido  +   1635d ago
I'm sorry, but I thought bluffing involved in telling that you have something / will do something all the while you don't have that something / won't do that something.

It could be called de-bluffing at best, no? Or maybe nega-bluffing..
StayStatic  +   1635d ago
Wouldn't you rather they free up that ram for da gamez ? just a thought :)
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