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Shojin1  +   1634d ago
Cross game chat. Dont need to be conected with people raising hell in a FPS while Im trying to relax... O know what a crime the VITA is has more power than systems over 5 years old. WAFT.
Jason143  +   1633d ago
you can skype on psp while on ps3 for party and private chat. I hated when xbox allowed party's. I met 0 people online chatting as they were always in a party making the online so boring. I played to meet interesting people not hear the hiss of quiet. Plz dont add x game chat on ps3 omg
SpinalRemains138  +   1633d ago
Ok. It's been 4.5 years and I still don;t understand the so called "need" for this feature.

Come on guys. Seriously.

1 - Why would you want to talk to other gamers while they're playing a different game?

2 - What are you talking about that needs addressing at that moment? Shouldn't you be paying attention to the game you're playing after all? What are you, a 13 year old girl? You need to be on the phone? That's all it is at that point. It's not helping you game.

3 - Don't you guys have phones for speaking to friends? I thought game time was for games.

4 - I have come to believe that this is a silly novelty that is only hyped up because 1 console does not have it. Let's be honest though, how often do you use it?

5 - I may be 35 years old and not a teenager, but not 1 single time have I ever thought "x game chat would be sweet right now". Not once.

So what's the deal? What am I not understanding? This is even more confusuing than why people love motion control gaming. What's wrong with you guys, that normal gaming doesn't suffice any longer?
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