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blackburn10  +   1632d ago
Again with the cross game chat? Is there a time limit until we stop having to hear about one of the few missing features of the PS3? Its not as essential as people try to make it sound. Its only the loud minority who really care a lot. Empty drums make the most noise
clarkdef  +   1632d ago
I thought PS plus would be a joke. But it ain't and it alone trumps XBL if gives you cheaper content and free stuff over features that XBL has. Stuff > features.

That's how it is for me. I ain't everyone and XBL if you're a regular at COD might be the better option. With them Clan features and stuff.

People need to get of the whole pissing contest it's getting boring. Just accept ones better in this area and ones better in that area.
Agent_hitman  +   1632d ago
I think sony is not that interested in "Party chat" because if they put that in the next FW update, we have no choice but to pay for online service like that on XBL.. Sony is keep on trying to retain the Free PSN service..

So yeah sony is bluffing when they said that sony has insufficient RAM for party chat because PS3 and 360 have the same amount of RAM 512ram
3GenGames  +   1632d ago
RAM part is right. But you gotta keep in mind that the party chat would have a 99% chance of being on a P2P connection, no way anybody would waste servers on just chat.

And servers for voice chat may process a little slow. While they are great for gaming and making sure games play smoothly and everyone can connect, they're probably 16ms or so slower. It's not bad at all, but some may notice.
shoestring  +   1632d ago
Cross game chat. The only thing "exclusive" 360 has left to brag about
PHIBALNATION  +   1632d ago
If the vita cross game chat sounds anything lke PS3 in game chat, don't even bother sony. PS3 chat is terrible, you can hardly understand what anyone is saying.
godslayer429  +   1632d ago
um no
GraySnake  +   1632d ago
your internet or their mic sucks.
Ethereal  +   1632d ago
I don't seem to have a problem with chat. Oh you mean the $5 bluetooth people use? That's a mic issue =)
JonnyBigBoss  +   1632d ago
I'd rather Sony invest time in what they have been doing: GAMES. Cross Game Chat is cool, but I love playing all of these exclusives. Why follow Microsoft? They've thrown their install base under the bus.
Ethereal  +   1632d ago
Not being a fanboy at all here, but there is truth to this statement. We are all here for the games...last gen you bought and console with the features it had out of the box. At least we are getting new stuff this gen.
latinalover  +   1631d ago
yea and i want kingdom hearts 3
SuperBeast811  +   1632d ago
Why is this such a sought after feature? I never use it on my xbox and dont miss it on PS3
StarWolf  +   1632d ago
yes they are lying - they say their console is not good enough... but they are gonna troll us and release it HEHEHEH.

NO. They are a company, not some dumbass on the internet.
EnjoiPcS360  +   1632d ago
HahaHaha maybe sometime soon.... So sad....
Ethereal  +   1632d ago
I don't particularly care for cross game chat. Although new community features including a universal party system or ways to connect Vita and PS3 gamers together would be awesome. I believe they are working alot of requested features and awesome new additions. Sony has already hinted at these (recently leaked vita docs) and has said they are going to bring alot of surprises to get Playstation fans trust after the PSN outage. Regardless the gaming industry is healthy and publishers are pumping out awesome games this gen, so I am happy. New features are only icing on top of the cake.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1632d ago
This is how it is, The Xbox owners never asked for a X gamechat in a first place when the 360 first came out we didn't even know you could even private chat, even that didn't get used that much. But MS knew they had the space to do it. And I'm pretty sure the community didn't ask for anything like talking to you're friends while chatting. It was just somewhat of "random" givin for us. And its certainty something the Xbox Fanboys shouldnt insult the PS3 owners about. And its also something that PS3 fanboys, shouldn't of never denied they they wanted it in the first place.

Now the Xbox fanboys boast about it like they planned it and mocking PS3 owners "its the best feature every online service should have." While the PS3 fanboys say "I never needed it".

"Its the best feature every online service should have."

No its not, its a very neat feature that we should be grateful for having. But its nothing too serious, and others are gaming just fine with out it.

"I never needed it." While allot of PS3 gamers actually mean it. The majority really wanted this update, It was the most requested feature, every year for the PS3 there's no denying that.
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ReBurn  +   1632d ago
People feel so strongly about this. I'm constantly amazed by it. I guess because I'm not really that much of a social gamer.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1632d ago
Yeah true some gamers are more social than others. Somedays I feel like party chatting somedays idc to talk to people.
european_cannon  +   1632d ago
"Is Sony Bluffing?"

Bluffing with what? WTF does the title mean. There isn't a new piece of info anywhere in the article. Another tailor made N4G story. Bring on the hits!
artdafoo  +   1632d ago
Uh who gives an eff bout xgc ? I'll take Bluray and free online play.
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Hozi89  +   1632d ago
It's quite simple really. If Sony IS Bluffing then we will get Cross Game Chat on ps3 when PS Vita comes out and it will work hand in hand on both platforms.

if they are not bluffing then no cross game chat on ps3.

see? simple.
abczby  +   1632d ago
Trying to live a dream... It's not happening.
Sony wouldn't tease us for that long, and then troll us by saying it's not ever coming only to reveal that it is coming a month later..... I don't care though because I'm not a big fan of multiplayer games anyway, and the few that I do play, I play on my 360 or on my PC.
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iliimaster  +   1632d ago
i gave up on this feature kinda like on nintendo and no DVD feature... its pointless for them not to add this one feature other than being an ass i bought my ps3 on launch and have been waiting ever since investing in games and waiting but o well ill enjoy the campaigns of great games and mostly stick to gears and cod on the xbox for the multiplayer part
3GenGames  +   1632d ago
Sony could easily have the RAM set aside and have games programmed not to use all 256MB and only use 248MB and have 8MB for the streaming data for the mics directly the OS could use for it, and then playing it in the background is simple too, if a game runs and has that single bit flag set for "248MB Game mode with enhanced chat." It'd work with an OS update tomorrow if they wanted it to.

It can be done, they just don't want to make it happen. Don't let them BS you. Heck, I'm sure you could even scrape off 8MB of OS RAM if you tried to even do it, Sony. Don't tell me your OS takes up every single MB of the 64 or 128MB it has available in main RAM for it's self!
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Kos-Mos  +   1632d ago
Because it`s so bloody important with cross-game chat....start concentrate about the games you`re playing.
tiffac008  +   1632d ago
Maybe Sony could just allow us to use the PSV game chat while playing PS3 games? (if that would be all possible)

I mean they are integrated on PSN right? Just a thought :/
MasterCornholio  +   1632d ago
In my opinion these types of articles start idiotic wars between mindless fanboys who will do anything to bash the other console or defend theirs.

Anyways i am just happy that the Vita has a ton of social features even more than the 360 and PS3.
yewles1  +   1632d ago
dredgewalker  +   1631d ago
Lol, that is what I really want to be fixed. Better yet they should adapt Chrome into the PS3.
latinalover  +   1631d ago
there is a rumor that says sony is working with google on the PS4
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BABY-JEDI  +   1632d ago
F*CK Cross Game Chat. I want backward compatability. I've got a bunch of Sing Star discs & I'm not buying these tracks again on he PS Store : (
Bleach  +   1631d ago
We have cross platform play with steam on the PS3, who cares about cross game chat
Septic  +   1631d ago
This article makes my eyes bleed. Why? Because the comments section is rammed with moronic fanboys. Its actually painful.
Krakn3Dfx  +   1631d ago
I hate people, so not being able to talk to them is a bulletpoint for the system.
frelyler  +   1631d ago
Why all the comments about a useless feature. Personally, it would be like talking on the phone while trying to pay attention to the game. For me it's a pointless feature and I don't know why people make such a big deal out of it. The whole point of speaking to people in games is to coordinate in that particular game, why talk about an unrelated subject while gaming, I just don't get it, but I guess some people want to make a big deal out of nothing.
C_Dub  +   1631d ago
I love how everyone's trying to spin spin spin saying they don't need XGC or don't care blah blah blah. But I guarantee if the PS3 ever got it, especially as a free feature in a FW update, people would be jumping for joy and talking about how amazing it is. Keep living in denial, might not be "dying" without it, but every damn person here would welcome it with open arms.
Septic  +   1631d ago
Exactly. I don't get it, you DON'T want a new feature? A feature that has been the MOST requested feature by Sony users regarding its online component?
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