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rabidpancakeburglar  +   1562d ago
No as the story in Bad Company 2 wasn't all that great and they could have ended the Bad Company name after the first game.
Nitrowolf2  +   1562d ago
I don't see why they shouldn't. It's a great franchise and I know BF3 is coming out and all. I would like to see another one later. Maybe it doesn't even have to be for this Gen.
Exoil  +   1562d ago
Yeah, it's a great franchise and the perfect game to go hand in hand with it's bigger brother, the original Battlefield series.

And also, I just love Sweetwater and Haggard!
Those are some of my favourite new characters this gen!

- How do you know mrs. July is pretty? I had a cousin who had a beautiful voice but a face like a can of dog food!
- Is that the one you dated?
- Yup.
- ... cool
guitarded77  +   1562d ago
I'd like to see one... the Bad Company series is still really new and not played out yet. The characters grew up a bit from BC1 to BC2 and the game took a more serious approach. If the story is good and the gameplay stays solid I'm all for it.
malol  +   1562d ago
i spent almost 600 hours playing BC2
so yah i'll take a BC3
evrfighter  +   1562d ago
I liked the three kings approach bc1 took. After they made the characters with a more serious tone I lost interest.
LOGICWINS  +   1562d ago
There was a HUGE cliffhanger at the end of BC2, so I'd be happy to revisit these characters again.
Peppino7  +   1562d ago
Absolutely! One of my favorite games.
stevenhiggster  +   1562d ago
Bad Company 1 was better than BC2 in every way except graphics.
And the story in 2 was absolutely nothing to do with the first game except the same characters. I mean seriously, what happened to that truck load of gold? And the fact they were awol presumed dead at the end of the first game!
I much preferred the comedy in BC1 to the serious tone of BC2, the only comedy in the second one was Haggard's mutterings and they weren't as funny as in the first game.

So yes I would like BC3 and would like it to be more like the first game than the second.

BTW I did love the second game too, just not as much as the first one.
3GenGames  +   1562d ago
I dunno who, I couldn't get into the 1st at all, although the 2nd I did. Hmm...I'm going to go try it again.

And the controls in 1 are kinda clunkier, too. The got them a little better in BFBC2 with the clunkieness back but this time I wouldn't have a hard time running up staircases, heh.
stevenhiggster  +   1562d ago
Yeah I'll admit that too, the controls are better in 2 the first one was a bit too sensitive, but story wise the first game is much better.
crematory  +   1562d ago
no one play fps for story ,FACT
jdktech2010  +   1562d ago
Rage disagrees....nice try though
JoshuaN4G  +   1562d ago
Bioshock disagrees.
one2thr  +   1562d ago
Resistance disagrees
Pl4sm4  +   1562d ago
Uncharted disagrees
Northtouch  +   1562d ago
God of War Disagrees.
Kaos_Vll  +   1562d ago
You sound like you have the mind of a 10 year old. You just want everything to go boom, huh?
wow, what a complete waste of time for anyone with intelligence...
NarooN  +   1562d ago
Half-Life disagrees.
Miiikeyyy  +   1562d ago
I waaant
Ja555on  +   1562d ago
I really hope they do, I would like to see more emphasis on squad teamwork and objectives, the more tactical the better I say
ElDorado  +   1562d ago
Battlefield is better than the BF: Bad Company series, but man BC2 is one of the best FPS this generation. I would love to see BF: BC3. BF3 is probably going to be better, but heck I don't care BC games are always awesome. Keep making great Battlefield games DICE!
Septic  +   1562d ago
paintsville  +   1562d ago
I will get the vastly superior MW3 first. Once I've played through the campaign and spent a few hundred hours with the xbox live online modes and maybe got some dlc (first on xbox live) then I'll consider it.
I mean lets fact it. Mondern Warfare and Activision on xbox are da bomb. Battlefield too slow and better for ps3 with smaller online community too. Modern Warfare is fast, edge of your seat action better suited for xbox that can keep the frame rate up with all the effects in full swing.
Septic  +   1562d ago
This is why you shouldn't do crack.
DanSolo  +   1562d ago
This is why some people should grow a set of nuts and realise that gushing about a computer game that much makes them sound like a bitch!
Ron_Danger  +   1562d ago
In case anybody needed a perfect example of a fanboy rant, paintsville has provided you with one...

You're comments are about as well thought out as the decision to create the WNBA
peowpeow  +   1562d ago
Done sucking Bobby Kodick off or..?
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Septic  +   1562d ago
Oh come on guys...Bad Company 3?

The clever sods amongst us know that the Bad Company games were a stop-gap for the true king, Battlefield 3!

How can you even stomach the thought of a new Battlefield game whwn the behemoth that is BF3 is due to be released in a few months?!

We don't need to turn this franchise into an annual affair like a certain other competitor. Look what it did to that series.

Now that you've read my message I'm sure you'll bring on the 'agrees' and massage my e-pen**.

Aaaaaahhh.....I can already feel it now.
crazybabies  +   1562d ago
Getowned  +   1562d ago
BFBC had a cool story it was funny the characters were fun,BFBC2 they made it more serious and lost the laughs that made it fun it had some fun moments but mostly the story mode was boring but it makes up with a great MP and i would say one of the best MP i've played this Gen,we will have to see BF3 coming out soon, probably not any time soon but in the future sure i would buy BFBC3
stevenhiggster  +   1562d ago
I agree, but I thought a lot of the multiplayer maps in BC1 were better too.
Ja555on  +   1562d ago
Well the two favourite BC1 maps, Oasis and Harvest Day are both playable in BC2
stevenhiggster  +   1562d ago
My favourites were 'End of The Line' and 'Par For The Course' personally.
Would be good to see them return as DLC for either BC2 or BF3.
Getowned  +   1562d ago
Same i was thinking that too some of the maps were way better then any of the BC2 maps,my BFBC2 code never worked so i wasn't ever able to enjoy the returning maps from BC1 like Oasis </3
Yardie  +   1562d ago
As long as the single player is funny. I didn't find BC2 to be as funny, so i ended up getting bored.
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Pl4sm4  +   1562d ago
yeah thats soo true ... in bfbc1 there were very funny moments the second one there were barely funny moments , mostly they were funny comments . the car music radio wasn't even there .... not funny
BlitzAK  +   1562d ago
Bad Company 2 was meant to be funny? I didn't realise with its boring campaign.

(Excellent MP though, really want BF3)
NewVegasTroop  +   1562d ago
SJPFTW  +   1562d ago
they should have them make a short cameo somewhere in Battlefield 3.
Northtouch  +   1562d ago
That would be awesome.

Then When Bad company 3 comes out, that cameo appearance they make in BattleField 3 is the beggining of Bad company 3.
Omar91  +   1562d ago
StayStatic  +   1562d ago
Be a nice expansion for BF3 imo :)
Ares84  +   1562d ago
My favorite FPS is Battlefield Bad Company 2 so I would LOVE to see a Battlefield Bad Company 3.
Psychotica  +   1562d ago
Sure, but wait a couple years...
ZILLA  +   1562d ago
bring it!!
KillerPwned  +   1562d ago
Wait till next gen, since we got BF3 coming out ^.^
DanSolo  +   1562d ago
Yeah with the new engine they could put the effort in to making the story/campaign being a really enjoyable and high quality experience.... as to be honest BC1 and BC2 stories were only good because of the characters.... so with some work they could mix the fun factor of Sweetwater and Haggard with a top notch storyline!

But as some people have mentioned above, maybe wait till next gen.... it definitely shouldn't be allowed to die though, even if "real" battlefield is better... nothing to say you can't have both going in different directions, or bring BC up to the same standard as BF.

As another thought, perhaps they could continue the Bad Company Unit going as a co-op campaign as part of Battlefield.... So you can play the Single player and Multiplayer AND have a co-op campaign for up to 4 players using BC!
one2thr  +   1562d ago
That's a great idea, by connecting the two..... Kudos to you sir
Raven_Nomad  +   1562d ago
I didn't want Bad Company 1 or 2. Those games were horrid and had THE WORST, MOST GENERIC CAMPAIGN EVER...well it's close between the Bad Company campaigns and the Killzone ones....
Killman  +   1562d ago
Funny how you mention KZ and not Gears.....Troll.
xX_Altair_Xx  +   1562d ago
I think EA will rotate between BF, BF:BC and MoH each year. So next year will be MoH2, then BFBC3 then BF4 and so on.
jaymart  +   1562d ago
I bet BF3 will re-release on next gen consoles like BF2 did with the orginal xbox to xbox 360.

With next xbox due 2013(my opinion) it's very possible it will be the best version of BF3.
M1chl  +   1562d ago
Yeah I want a lot. But please with BC1 approach, not COD-style BC2 campaing...
Dlacy13g  +   1562d ago
With BFBC 1 & 2 I feel like those games were just off shoots of the BF series. It was their attempt to dip their toes into the waters of making a game with a single player element to it. "If" BF3 was not going to have single player story to it and "if" Dice was going to keep the BF proper games as multiplayer only then I would say yes bring back BFBC for a 3rd installment. But, BF3 has single player and I just don't think BFBC's story and characters are all that memorable to warrant another game given we are getting single player in BF3.
TXIDarkAvenger  +   1562d ago
Well, since Battlefield 3 is coming out very soon....then no I don't really want a Battlefield: Bad Company 3. Though I'm sure, just like Bad Company 2, Bad Company 3 will be an awesome game!
MWong  +   1562d ago
I loved both games, would love to see BC3 come out and hopefully they wrap up some lose ends from BC2.
Urbz7870  +   1562d ago
Hell yea i wanna BFBC3!!!!!
ILLINOIS  +   1562d ago
Here is why you do. They took what they learned from bad company two and made it even better for battlefield three. Now what they learn from battlefield three they can make better for bad company three. Bring out bad company three two years after battlefield three releases. Then release battlefield four two years after bad company three. Keep getting better and the cycle going. Battlefield is the best shooter ever period.
Killman  +   1562d ago
I want it as long as it is a proper sequel to Bad Company 1. The campaign in Bad Company 2 was just awful and it was clearly an attempt to get into the MW2 crowd. The idea of 'Bad Company' wasn't even mentioned in BC2! And they ruined the characters. They made them extremely serious instead of funny. The part with the nuke weapon exploding didn't even prompt one funny line from Haggard. The multiplayer was fun, but the campaign was a complete afterthought. It was one of the biggest disappointments for me this gen.
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Beastradamus  +   1562d ago
I loved the campaign for Battlefield 2
Northtouch  +   1562d ago
They can carry it on after Battlefield 3. I enjoyed Bad Company 2... Alot. Whatever people are gonna bitch about in Battlefield 3 they will probably fix in Bad Company 3. Although its hard to think that there will be anything wrong with BF3.

I guess more features and destructability to a whole new level AND.... Dare i say it..... Dinosuars O_o
FlareDReborn  +   1562d ago
Hell yeah give us BFBC3 in 2013!!!!
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