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SP3333D-O  +   1422d ago
Absutively! Just don't conclude it with 3!

I put off BFBC until a year after #2, but I ended up loving BFBC2 (SP & MP), which surprised me. Had to get BFBC1 after that, which wasn't quite so impressive by that time. In fact, I was still playing BFBC2 when the PSN went down, so I got a [cheap] copy for the PC!
Haseo106  +   1422d ago
Yes only if the story is more serious & longer in the next game
Pandamobile  +   1422d ago
I don't think EA will continue with Bad Company. The whole purpose of the Bad Company series was so DICE could perfect their technology leading up to Battlefield 3.

You can't follow a game like BF3 with Bad Company 3 cus it would be a massive step backwards.
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BlitzAK  +   1421d ago
Maybe as a DLC for BF3, other than that, nope.
GasTankKiller  +   1421d ago
How could you make it a DLC?
BlitzAK  +   1421d ago
Ask the Devs.
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