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Kos-Mos  +   1635d ago
Then the game has to be good...
Zanarkand  +   1635d ago
My PC is deliberately waiting for this disgustingly beautiful nightmare to begin, that is Doom 4. Gonna have myself playing it either alone or with a couple of friends during midnight with lights out.
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IaussieGamer  +   1635d ago
sounds like the 360 guys are going to have a very lengthy install to play this game and if not a lot of disk swapping.
TheLegendsKiller  +   1635d ago
killerskull  +   1635d ago
well i for don't care how big it is, it just better be epic for the size. as for disc swapping, i'm sure everyone here has heard of a game/s called final fantasy....i'm pretty sure i remember more than 1 disc so stop b!***ing about disc swapping because we've all done it unless you're a noob or a little kid.
ps i would feel bad if 360 had more than 6 discs because we all know ms would rape id for it therefore they will cut stuff out but who knows maybe ms might wise up and release their 720 beast early ie 2012....especially now that there is a call for the next gen disc space
Toixer  +   1635d ago
Sure, the text was translated correctly?
When I click on the original page it says
"There is a decent chance we will fill the PS3 Blu-Ray with more data than we ship on DVDs for Doom 4, but...."
Just wondering.
deruy343  +   1635d ago
The original Duke Nukem was a great game, the current one sucks big time. Original Doom was also an awesome game (arguably better than duke). Lets just pray it doesn't go down the same route!!
xtremegamerage  +   1635d ago
Seriously though, you need to look at it like this.

If RAGE is 60fps on consoles.

What would DOOM4 look like @30fps on console.
Snowii  +   1635d ago
they can slide doom 3 in :D
XxPURExX  +   1635d ago
lol at the translation error
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contra157  +   1630d ago
There'll be more and more games that will be leaving content out from the xbox sooner or later because of its choice to stick with dvd
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