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zero_cool  +   1565d ago
At the heart of Sony Computer Entertainment’s breakthrough PLAYSTATION®3 system is the Cell Broadband Engine™ (Cell BE™) processor. The Cell BE is a multi-core processor employing a PowerPC processor element (PPE) and eight synergistic processor elements (SPE) to provide supercomputer capability in a home computer entertainment system. The Cell BE is capable of 218 GFlops performance.

Sony, Toshiba and IBM co-developed the Cell BE for a wide range of computing and consumer electronics applications with the PLAYSTATION 3 being the flagship product.

Rambus XDR™ and FlexIO™ interfaces provide all the chip-to-chip connections between the Cell BE and its supporting logic, graphics processing and main memory devices. The PLAYSTATION 3's breathtaking graphics performance, including high-end 1080p video output, is delivered by the RSX Reality Synthesizer. Meanwhile, the South Bridge chip is responsible for interface and control of PLAYSTATION 3's rich provisioning of storage and communications technologies including Blu-ray™ Disc player, 40 or 60GB Hard drive, 802.11b/g WiFiTM, Gigabit Ethernet, USB 2.0 and Bluetooth® 2.0.
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zero_cool  +   1565d ago
XDR™Memory Architecture and FlexIO™ Processor Bus Unleash the Power of the Cell Broadband Engine™

The Cell BE employs an architectural strategy of extremely high-bandwidth access to main memory in lieu of large on-chip memory cache. The XDR memory controller interface (XIO) on the Cell BE is 72 bits-wide and is capable of operating at 3.2Ghz data rates providing 25.6 GB/s of total memory bandwidth. Four 512Mb XDR DRAM devices provide for 256MB of high-performance main memory for the Cell BE.

The Cell BE employs a similar strategy of extremely high-bandwidth connections to companion chips to achieve unprecedented levels of performance. Rambus' FlexIO processor bus provides the high-bandwidth connectivity between the Cell BE and the RSX and South Bridge chips. In the PLAYSTATION 3, the FlexIO interfaces connecting the Cell BE to its companion chips provide an aggregate bandwidth of 40 GB/s.
xtreampro  +   1565d ago
I heard Rage was Terabytes worth of data compressed down to 21GB, if that's the case then Doom 4 could be many Terabytes larger than Rage and could possibly go 10GB or even more over the capacity of a 50GB Blu-ray disc.

The PS3es Blu-ray drive can't read any of the newer 100GB+ BD discs because the laser's too weak.
Killman  +   1565d ago
1. You do know that a terabyte is 1000GB right?

2. There are BRD that are being made with 100GB+ capacity that can be used from a firmware update.
xtreampro  +   1565d ago
Yes I know how much a Terabyte is that's why I said "I heard", but anyway I just checked it up on google and found out that the uncompressed version of Rage is 1TB, and remember every texture in the game is unique so this makes a lot of sense.

So yes I was wrong in saying 'Terabytes' and should have said '1TB'. But Doom 4 may be larger than 1TB so that's most likely the reason why JC said it wouldn't fit on one 50GB Blu-ray disc.

Btw it's a fact that the PS3es BRD can't physically play the newer 100GB+ BD discs due to a physical limitation, a FW update can't magically change the internals of your PS3.
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fireplace  +   1565d ago
Rip it.
CrimsonEngage  +   1565d ago
I thought Doom 3 was the last Doom they were making? None the less, it's going to be awesome! You know id will bring their id TECH 5 engine and show it off as usual. It already looks great in RAGE, i can only imagine the polish behind Doom 4.
wolfofashes  +   1565d ago
I agree 100% with you man although it cannot be improved too much on consoles if we still talk about 60FPS,that's Carmack's words not mine,other than that looking forward to 10.04.11 and Doom 4.
Rob946  +   1565d ago
Can't see it filling a 50GB Blu Ray anyway but I can see it pushing it to near it's limit maybe.
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ForROME  +   1565d ago
You sound like the guys from 1995 that said 8GB was huge and will be all we need for the next 20 years
Rob946  +   1564d ago
That makes no sense? I never said 50GB will do us for 20 years I just said that Doom most likely won't fill it?
wolfofashes  +   1565d ago
Funny how people like to jump the gun at everything Jhon Carmack has to say. He is one of the best engineers this world will ever see,yet people act like he don't know what he is talking about.It is quite obvious that id needs huge space because of the huge textures they will use in the game although the beasteneer known as Carmack will find a way to go around this small limitation...and for the people talking about MGS4 it uses all that space because of the uncompressed HD videos that the game uses in certain parts.
jaklink  +   1565d ago
Carmack pulled this same crap a few years ago when he made all of that controversy about the amount of data in Rage, even though at that point it wasn't even a year into production. So please take what he says with a grain of salt.
wolfofashes  +   1565d ago
He is complaining about space because in Rage he is using 4000x4000 textures for geometry,particles and models and probably will raise the resolution for Doom 4.Basically the man spend dozens of hours coding to achieve such a marvelous feat just to see textures lose quality because they need to be compressed...frustrating isn't it?
jaklink  +   1565d ago
He still shouldn't make all of these controversial statements until the game is closer to being released. With the amount of time id takes to make games, a lot can change between now and release.
wolfofashes  +   1565d ago
jaklink...I agree with you at the point that he should just stop complaining about things all the time,no two ways there,but when he is talking about storage space I can understand him simply because Virtual Texturing (read amazingly high res textures)is the very basic core of id Tech 5,do respect your opinion though.
grayday104  +   1565d ago
Can't they just put this on a console like onlive which doesn't require discs
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ndl1531  +   1565d ago
wow if memory serves me right 5 years ago every body hated bluray and "teh ps3 was doomed"my my how things change now bluray is not enough just shows how technology is blazing fast and doesn't stop . really cant wait to see what the future brings. im excited and fortunate to have been able to experience gaming from nes to my first true love the original gameboy oooh how i fell in love with it was 9 years old when i got it in 89' maybe that's why i love handhelds so much i have em all but also have my trusty ps3 lol .
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1PC2PS33360  +   1565d ago
it is not going to launch on current gen consoles so cut the 360 right out of the equation people!

There is no way

It will be pc and next gen console premire, with the possibility of a dumbed down, gimped, sub-hd port to ps3, wii U and 360!
retro  +   1565d ago
So how does he want to "deliver" his great game if he can't "ship" it?
CrzyFooL  +   1565d ago
That's what she said!
one2thr  +   1565d ago
Yes the floating eye ball, is coming back!! lol jk
IHateYouFanboys  +   1565d ago
to the guys saying the PS3 can just use higher capacity Blu-Ray discs: no, it cant. Sony themselves have confirmed this.

the 100gb+ discs are a Blu-Ray format named BDXL - what you can assume stands for Blu-Ray Disc Extra Large . BD is single/dual layer, BDXL is 3+ layers as defined by the official spec.

now sony and other manufacturers have in fact confirmed that you WILL need new HARDWARE to read from these discs. hardware. not software. you CANNOT just update a regular BD drive to read BDXL discs. this is 100% undeniable fact.

itd be like chucking a BD disc into the 360 and expecting a software update to make it work. to go to a 3rd/4th layer on the disc you need a smaller more precise laser. you cannot upgrdae a laser eye to do that with just software.
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blakstarz  +   1565d ago
Find this hard to believe.
acemonkey  +   1565d ago
cant wait for it the third one scared the hell out of me....but once i got the chainsaw i wasnt scared i just started it up and ran tho the game.I hope if the chainsaw makes its return there will be gas or limit times u can use it.
SSKILLZ  +   1565d ago
I applaud ID, that is awesome, maxing out a blu-ray disk ? Must be one badass game
blackbirdi  +   1565d ago
i don't now but i feel that john carmack talk to much shit in the last few days and exagerating ...
DOOMZ  +   1565d ago
OMG, I want this!!!!!!!!!
BrianC6234  +   1565d ago
Does Carmack realize Blu-ray can handle 50GB? I find it hard to believe a game would use more than that.
ForROME  +   1565d ago
But it will fit on 1 qudrillion DVDs so that a solution =)

Ha the days of needing large hard drive to install games is closer and closer, the days of optical are on their way out.

Hard Drive can grow exponentially while Optical cannot without huge R&D changes.
Shnazzyone  +   1565d ago
Solution, Don't put epic PC games on Consoles, it's just inferior hardware.
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Tzuno  +   1565d ago
Ahahahaahahhahahhhhhhhhh!!!! this guy is good.
TheCampfireSong  +   1565d ago
I guess we're doomed
witwiki50  +   1565d ago
''Doom 4 Is So Big It May Not Fit On PS3 Bluray Discs''

but then again, it probably will, wont it
bobkoolmule  +   1565d ago
you can digitally download call of duty black ops or mw2 off xbox live you can erase the game if you need hdd space and reinstall it no problems unlimited amount of times.

so i dont see why they just dont release doom4 as digital download only on ps3/pc/360.

isp's will eventually be forced to uncap bandwidth caps because everything's shifting over to digital downloading anyway so might aswell help jump start it.
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