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STIINGRAYS  +   1570d ago
Thats one thing i like about xbox, not having to install games, but the downside is the small size of the dvd.
I wonder how theyll handle it for 360
TheCagyDies  +   1570d ago
Already talked to my uncle a month ago about Doom 4, we both agreed that it is going to be a launch title for the next gen since Carmack claimed that Doom 4 is going to look three times better than Rage.
Jocosta  +   1570d ago
Make it download only, odds are idiots that got the Xbox arcade model would not want this game anyway, and the Ps3 has a standard HDD, sure the download would take DAYS, but oh well.
R_A_LEE20  +   1570d ago
Man, load times are gonna be bitch.
SuperSaiyan4  +   1570d ago
Forget consoles then
What about PC games that use DVD's?? Xbox and PC's are in the same boat as far as DVD's are concerned.

Looks like carmack is soo full of himself lately *sigh*
Bobets  +   1570d ago

If it can't even fit on a dual layer blu ray then that means Xbawx 360 version superior confirmed!!!!!

PRE-ORDER NOW AND GET 12 disc with your 360 copy! =D
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RevXM  +   1570d ago
Well Rage didnt fit on one BD to begin with either, having several square kilometres of unique textureing in high quality wont really happen ANYTIME SOON. Rage was originally over a terrabyte in size if Im not mistaken.

The standard disc ps3 uses is 25 or 50GB.
But Pioneer do manufacture 400GB Blu-ray discks compatible with even the first gen Blu-ray players so BD are here to stay a littler longer.
400GB and 430MB/s read speed at 12x is superb, seek time might be the only problem, but well flash "cartridges" aint going to be affordable enough anytime soon if you are going to need such capacity. But I believe that Flash drives might take over for Blu-ray some day as the most apropriate game medium along with digital distribution.

Playstation vita is doing it right.

Pioneer 400GB disc:
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BeastlyRig  +   1570d ago
Hmm So maybe PC is lead then! My 1 Terabit HDD is ready! Disks are old tech..

And thank god steam lets me pre download games before release!

Consoles are not holding back PC's power! Consoles are holding back Carmack's untapped power!
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Orpheus  +   1570d ago
I hope those ancient dinos bcome extinct frm this planet earth wthout them rage ud hav been a better product bringing even kepler to its knees ......
b_one  +   1570d ago
He said once there will be no Doom and Quake on Amiga computers....

bs talk... as usual
Orpheus  +   1570d ago
Carmack the GOD of PC gaming is recently compromising for those shitty ancient consoles wth total power of around 300 GFLOPS where PCs start wth 1.5 TFLOPS .... this very thought pains ma head !!!
BrianG  +   1570d ago
But on a GFLOP to GFLOP comparison for game programming sake, the GPLOP's on those "shitty" consoles is put to more use.

It's called optimization. Carmack talked about it at Quakecon, saying that even though PC's are more powerful they have to use brute processing power to run the game at adequate FPS, resolution, etc....

Why? Because PC gamers have a plethora of options and setups, so you can't optimize for every single one. If you could, you would be experiencing video game visual quality that is unlikely to come for many many years.

Think about it, How many times more powerful is your CPU? GPU? How much more RAM do you have? Etc... etc.... Now what is the payoff for the many times stronger PC?

2 times the resolution? 3 depending on the game? 3 times more AA? Starting to see the picture.
DFresh  +   1570d ago
I'm sticking with PC anyway so who gives a f***.
MyNameIsNotRick  +   1570d ago
. NFG in a nutshell...
Fanboy 1: My dick's bigger than yours.
Fanboy 2: Size doesn’t matter.
Fanboy 3: I have 4 dicks
boricua82  +   1570d ago
This made my day thank you Lmao
boricua82  +   1570d ago
I seriously doubt it will come out for this current console/gen if anything it will be next gen cause the current consoles wouldn't be able to handle it. So Sony fanboys please stop with your feelings getting butt hurt that the almost 5 year old console can't do everything.
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Harelgur  +   1570d ago
it will suck to download that on steam D:
Killman  +   1570d ago
PC fanboy mental masturbation is all over these Carmack stories.
ATi_Elite  +   1570d ago
"PC fanboy mental masturbation is all over these Carmack stories."

Why the Hate? cause a Great Pioneer in the Gaming industry who usually delivers on his word is looking to push Gaming technology forward but you respond with Hate! If you were a real Gamer you would be all over Carmack's stories too if you knew how important the man is to the industry NO MATTER WHAT PLATFORM!

Carmack is NOT Molyneux....Carmack Delivers. So when he speaks yeh PC Fanboys and PC Elitist like myself listen cause Carmack is always working on something "Next Gen" which PC Gamers get to play today and not "Next Gen".

Here learn something!!
Orpheus  +   1570d ago
At least PC fanboys got dicks to masterbuate nd carmack stories... 4A engine stories , arma ...... we pity others who even fail to hav erection
Phantasm  +   1570d ago
Could it be that a lengthy single player campaign (like the good old days) is returning?
maxmill  +   1570d ago
so ready
Hozi89  +   1570d ago
They should Package DOOM 4 on it's own HDD with a custom skin and all. A 250GB HDD with Doom 4 already installed on it. :)
bligmerk  +   1570d ago

This editor at Hookedgamers got the sentence all screwed up.

This is what Carmack actually said:

"There is a decent chance we will fill the PS3 Blu-Ray with more data than we ship on DVDs for Doom 4, but we will have to see how much trouble it is maintaining two complete builds of the data."

He says the PS3 version of Doom 4 may have more content than the DVD version.
jeegee  +   1570d ago
sounds like an excuse before the games even half done........ "oh we couldnt fit in all the stuff we wanted to, so it sucks, sorry..." if the game runs to multiple blu ray then its prob a no-go for DVD. and the install would be prohibitively large for xbox users (and some ps3 users too). i call bullshit

Edit: just read above post. could be the case.
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JellyJelly  +   1570d ago
Please, save it for next gen, Carmack.
ColdNorway  +   1570d ago
He's just boosting the fact that he's übermensch in game engine programming. He can say whatever he wants, but I bet both Rage and future Doom 4 won't be half the fun Doom and Doom 2 were. Doom 3 wasn't fun at all,sure it was moody and had a alien-movie like atmosphere,but lacked the balls to the wall clear cut action feast the first games had. The problem with id Software is the lengthy game development time each game has, by the time a game is finally released,potential buyers have played similar games years ago. Rage looks like a blender accident after letting a blind having a go at creating food in a new kitchen,take one part Motorstorm,add some Fallout/Borderlands and give it a fancy game engine. Sure it will create some nerdgasm, but most will say much ado about nothing.
BrianG  +   1570d ago
This may be taken a little out of context.

From what I've watched of his Quakecon key note speech and read in other interviews, Carmack is more than likely talking about the size of the entire original data source.

That would include the inevitable Mega-Textures that take up an obscene amount of space. The fact of the matter is, that data is not necessary, as we see with Rage, enough to be on the disc.

Not everything is included on the disc. I'm sure other games have insanely large original data sources as well, they just don't talk about them like Carmack is doing with Rage/Doom 4 now.
ATi_Elite  +   1570d ago
I'm pretty sure Doom 4 will fit on one Blu-ray I mean how many PS3 games have actually used all 50GB of the Blu-ray?......NONE!! Also maybe he is talking about the code before compression and slim-lining it.

Also I have GTAIV modded out like crazy and it's still under 25GB on my HDD (and looks crazy Photo-realistic).

I'm more interested in this Super Texture Pak for Rage PC. I'm hoping that really pushes the graphics to crazy levels and maybe gives us a glimpse of what Doom 4 will look like.
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tee_bag242  +   1570d ago
Just give me the old school Doom double barrel goodness. Man the old dooms were so satisfying !
josephayal  +   1570d ago
Looks like DOOM 4 is PS3/ PC exclusive
boricua82  +   1570d ago
How so?
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   1570d ago
Wow, I remember the days when the Sony crowd had nothing but ignorant things to say about Carmack...

Im anxious to see just how awesome Doom4 turns out...

If there is 1 thing Carmack can do amazingly well, it's ushering in a graphical revolution!

and that IS where I have mad respect for Carmack and the gang at ID games!

PS = I know it would never happen. But man, I know 3D Realms went down... but I sure loved Shadow Warrior. Also, I really loved BLOOD by Monolith games back in the day. The amazing humor and all out brutality of those 2 games evenly rivaled if not toppled Duke Nukem in my book. I remember getting the Shareware versions before the complete full editions. I even remember having the Beach Party expansion for Duke back in the day. (Sigh) sadly it seems most the fun I had with gaming was back in the 90's... theres just a void where 360 and PS3 still just aren't filling anything for me!
Horny Melon  +   1570d ago
With Ids embracing of online pass I could careless.
KillerPwned  +   1570d ago
Yeah this can fit on PS3, Sony would just have to give ID the go ahead to use bigger blu ray disks.

PC is already covered no matter what but about DVD`s for the 360? I have no idea how they would pull that one off.
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razielsonofkain  +   1570d ago
thats alot of cyberdemons :)
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