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WhiteLightning  +   1482d ago
Final Fantasy 8's cutscenes were just one of the many amazing things about the game.

I mean at the time I was blown away with even the intro fight between Squall and Seifer, obviously I was more blown away when I got more into the game. The Garden Fight was amazing :)

I would love to see what this would be like on the PS3...or knowing Square PS4.

Come on Square get started on a FF7 remake so you can do the same for FF8 and FF9.
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Hicken  +   1482d ago
I would have put the battle between the two Gardens on that list.
tieryas  +   1482d ago
remakes for those games would be unbelievable, let's hope that happens!
sarabbc  +   1482d ago
Do you mean HD boosts or complete remakes? Both would be interesting, even an HD reboot with updated models.
WhiteLightning  +   1482d ago
I meant remakes since FF7 fans have been going on about it for ages. Once FF7 sells a crap load Sqaure might stop acting all proud and "we know best" and start development on FF8 then FF9
sarabbc  +   1482d ago
I hadn't even thought about a FF8 or 9 complete remake. that would be incredible!
tiffac  +   1482d ago
Add Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross along with FF7, 8 and 9 for an HD remake and we'll have the golden age of Square back!

Looking at the article though I feel it missed the cutscene from Shadow of Colossus, especially the first encounter. Now that was cool!
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tieryas  +   1482d ago
Agreed, Shadow of the Colossus had amazing cutscenes. Even if they don't do a remake of Chrono Trigger or Cross, I'd love for a sequel in the Chrono series. That would be amazing.
Ducky  +   1482d ago
Would ResidentEvil4's knife fight count?
consolez_FTW  +   1482d ago
Number 1! is Raiden vs Vamp! that's good, well deserved.That really is the best cutscene this gen.
Though I think it's weird nothing from MGS3 is on the list also nothing from God of War series, but a Gears2 cutscene is at number 2...hmm..
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Miiikeyyy  +   1482d ago
what about Uncharted 2?
sarabbc  +   1482d ago
Day of the Tentacle and Chrono Trigger, that's some old school goodness!
Relientk77  +   1482d ago
I love Final Fantasy cutscenes especially VII, VIII, IX, X those games are just fantastic and have great cut scenes

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