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Cloudberry  +   1481d ago
Took it long, but it's finally here.
Stunt  +   1481d ago
Technically, it's not here yet. =P
Cloudberry  +   1481d ago
I should say...
It would.
NewMonday  +   1481d ago
about time
Deadman_Senji  +   1481d ago
cool, it looks promising.
Cpt_kitten  +   1481d ago
kay? it has an amazing art style but other than that it just looks like another hack n slash....whats the story, why should i care? bad reporting
admiralvic  +   1481d ago
You honestly shouldn't. The game looks nice, but it has 6 bosses. Can be beat in under an hour. Most of the game is about avoiding enemies (if you want a good rank). The saddest part is to get something like all S rank you would need to avoid all the enemies, beat the bosses in the cheapest/quickest methods and its fairly so so.

It's a good game, but hardly long or has a lot of replayablity.
NewMonday  +   1481d ago
its a PSN game, good for its price
Djinn  +   1481d ago
Yeah, and all those fps you probably love are different how? get out
Cpt_kitten  +   1481d ago
ummmmmmm hope you do realize i play maybe 3 FPS's everything else is story driven rpgs or H&S like devil may cry, things with good story and char development and quality

so think before you speak

this article has no information on it besides a trailer that shows basically nothing, what is it, whats the story like, why would i wanna buy it?
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Tito08  +   1481d ago
What's wrong with it being a Hack-n-slash game?????
admiralvic  +   1481d ago
English release =/= US release. Minna de Spelunker was in english via patch and it wasn't till another year and a half it was out in the US. Minna de Spelunker black was also in english and has no word of coming stateside.
NiteX  +   1481d ago
can't wait!
r21  +   1481d ago
is this the news...translated? its great for the English oriented folks but i was expecting a new ip or sequel to malicious or something....
zerocrossing  +   1481d ago
This game can't come soon enough =)
Lavalamp  +   1481d ago
My body is ready!
Seventh_Blood_Reborn  +   1481d ago
“Could you wait a little longer?”
Sure, I have no problem to wait for good games ;D

Just make also a EU version, thanks :)
Apotheosize  +   1481d ago

holy shit i had forgotten about this, dude hell yess
Spenok  +   1480d ago
SWEET! I was really hoping for this game to come over. This is exciting news.

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