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firemassacre  +   1578d ago
1. insomniac
2. square enix
3. rockstar
4. ubisoft
5. bethesda
5. dice
6. codemasters
7. atlus
8. valve
9. visceral games

realistically i want
eat sleep play
square enix.
edit: and quantic dream
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iamnsuperman  +   1578d ago
by you list they might as well just buy everything.
Why stop at publishers go for Microsoft and Nintendo to s/
guitarded77  +   1578d ago
By his list, he doesn't understand the difference between development studios and publishers.

As far as IGN's list goes, I say screw Ninja Theory (they are overrated and clearly don't like developing for the PS3)... put LightBox Interactive in their place as they are under rated and like developing on the PS3.
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NewMonday  +   1578d ago

square enix

all publeshers

visceral games

owned by EA
owned by Take-Two

want to stay independent
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sikbeta  +   1578d ago
About SE, even if it's a Publisher, Sony can buy them easy, they already have some stocks, about Insomniac, if they didn't want to be bought by Sony, now that they're multiplat Devs, I can't see it happening, as for R*, It's not going to happen, making a timed exclusive deal for a GTA game cost millions already, imagine trying to buy the Studio, that would be insanely expensive, Valve, never, thq, Idk, don't see it happening with any of the EA studios, ESP can happen, QD it should have happened already...
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DualConsoleOwner  +   1578d ago
Sony Already Own Part of SE
Sony is the second highest shareholder to SE.

First guy owning like 20 percent. Sony owns like 10 pecent.
other 20 percent goes to other corporations(Toshiba and etc)
and 50 goes to public.

Btw, owning 10 percent of shares is pretty big influence. especially if you are the second biggest stock holder.
BattleAxe  +   1577d ago
@ Newmonday

Rockstar is an independent studio that has a contract with Take Two.

Anyway my choices would be(if at all possible)..

1. Rockstar
2. Insomniac
3. Kojima Productions
4. Q-Games
5. Ready At Dawn

I don't think that I would like to see Sony buy Valve, but I think it would be great if we could see more co-operation like we saw with Portal 2 having Steam connectivity. Maybe some exclusive deals in terms of console exclusives for Valves games and in return maybe some exclusive Steam deals with some Playstation titles. I think it could help to further propel both platforms, and it would give Steam a huge boost especially with whats going on with Origin and Battlefield 3 not coming to Steam, along with the fact that DragonAge 2 and Crysis 2 have been pulled from Steam.
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BattleAxe  +   1577d ago
I did a bit of research and I was mistaken, RockStar is owned by Take Two.

GTA3 - "Knowledge is king man, knowledge is king"
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Gawdl3y  +   1577d ago
Bethesda Softworks is not a publisher. They're a developer. Their publisher is ZeniMax Studios.
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hamoor  +   1578d ago
I think square enix, rockstar, valve and bethesda are no way to be bought by sony.
At least not in these days.
qwertyz  +   1578d ago
most studios prefer to be independent(free) that way they can do whatever they want however they want make exclusives(by signing exclusive deals with console makers) AND multiplatforms that way they make maximum profit possible.
lelo  +   1578d ago
Why not buy Apple or Google? /s
seinfan  +   1578d ago
In spite of the sarcasm, here's what Apple's, Google's, and Sony's stock points look like.
Apple (NASDAQ): 373.62
Google (NASDAQ): 579.04
Sony (NYSE): 23.14
I don't know what the points mean because I don't pay attention to the stock market; I just got this off my iPod. It doesn't look like they'd have the money to even think about buying those two out lol. It's crazy how a company that made a search engine does about 25 times better fiscally than a company that makes some awesome hardware.
Whackedorange  +   1577d ago
Its more like that Apple and Google can buy Sony /s
DragonKnight  +   1577d ago
Those numbers are how much it would cost to buy one share of the company I believe.

To buy the majority share of Google would likely take billions of dollars.
Godmars290  +   1578d ago
Square is more a publisher at this point. There's also the question, aside from Nomura, that they have any actual talent left to support their IPs. Sony might be better off buying the FF franchise and handing it off to new blood.
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colonel179  +   1578d ago
Actually they would be better getting Nomura, after all, he is the one guy that does almost everything at SE.

It makes me wonder how SE would be without him (at this time, because I know that in the past there were other successful devs in there)
PirosThe4th  +   1577d ago
They should make a special studio and get all the good people from Square Enix. Also get Hironobu Sakeguchi with Moonwalker back together. Then again Sakeguchi had a fight with Sony apparently and that's why he left Squere... >_>
DragonKnight  +   1577d ago
Pirosthe4th: Sakaguchi left SE because he hated how Wada was managing the Squaresoft teams. He decided he'd create his own studio with old school Squaresoft management style, thus Mistwalker studios were born. He didn't like Ken Kutaragi from Sony, and that's all. Without Ken there, there is no reason for him not to have any kind of association with Sony.
meetajhu  +   1578d ago
They forgot Ready at Dawn. And its impossible to buy Valve,Bethesda & id(zenimax),rockstar(take two),dice(ea) and Ubisoft.
jivah  +   1578d ago
not quite impossible.. take two was going to be bought out buy EA for i believe 2 not sure though.. chance i may be wrong..either way its not exactly impossible
Voxelman  +   1577d ago
@ jivah
Yea and Take 2 turned the offer down so it would at the very least cost Sony a pretty penny.
Snakefist30  +   1578d ago
I just want Sony to buy Square Enx Nothing else!
Deeloc  +   1578d ago
they should buy square soft.then tell enix they f**king up final fantasy games
Malice-Flare  +   1578d ago
Sony already owns 8.5% of Square-Enix...
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zeddy  +   1578d ago
eat sleep play might aswell be owned by sony, jaffe loves working with sony so why would he change anything?. Housemarque and thatgamecompany should be next on the agenda, maybe quantic dream but i'm not so sure they'd sign up. insomniac have already gone multiplat so i doubt much they'd do a switcharoo but kojima productions!? that would be impossible!
Cmpunk  +   1578d ago
JoGam  +   1577d ago
hiredhelp  +   1577d ago
@ firemassacre
They never buy some of them. specially ubisoft there multimillion dollar buisness. they publishers and have inhouse development.

But if you wanted to live in dreamland and want sony to rule the monopoly of this market i pick 3 of them.
1 ubisoft
2 rockstar
3 square enix

purely because thoes are most lucrative.
Dice are i beleave owned by EA. but dont hold me on that.. But if they owned EA you might as well only ever be 1 console. LOL
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showtimefolks  +   1577d ago
we all want sony to buy all these studios but you have to remember it cost a lot of money so 10 studios could be bought over time maybe 4-6 years but now in an instant

1.Eat sleep and play will be bought out by sony aftre TM's release and if it succeeds. David jaffe has already said if right partner comes along they are willing to sell and he respects sony and likes working with sony so i am think sony is the right partner

2.Housemarque....I don't think this studio wants to be bought otherwise sony would be crazy not to buy them.(we have to remember every studio does not want to be bought out look at insomniac sony was trying for over a decade but to no success)

3.Insomniac games.Look sony has tried to purchase them but they wanted to stay independent so the only way i see insomniac willing to be bought is if their next game with EA does bad and they have a bad partnership with EA.(If sony can somehow buy Insomniac its a huge huge win for sony in present and future.BUT INSOMNIAC GAMES HAVE SAID WELL TED PRICE HAS SAID THEY WILL CONTINUE TO DO PS3 EXCLUSIVES SO THEIR PARTNERSHIP WITH SONY WILL STAY FOR HOW LONG WHO KNOWS)

4.Kojima just became the VP of konami he has been with the company for 25 years i don't see him leaving unless konami forces him to work on something he doesn't want and he leaves. Other than that he is not going any where and i believe most of his upcoming games will be on all next gen consoles maybe sony can strike another MGS5 exclusive deal that is quite possible

5.Level 5 i don't know a lot about but i could see sony going after them if WK2 does well.(WK2 will have a copy of WK1 on the same disk with the 1st game running on WK2's engine and they have fixed issues to you are getting 2 games for price of one) theory. sony tried to sign them to a contract after HS's success but they showed attitude and thought a game that sold 1.5 million on a new console was bad for them so there next game enslaved on 2 consoles didn't do that number. HERE IS AN EXAMPLE OF THEY THOUGHT THE GRASS WAS A LOT GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE NOW IF THEY MESS UP DMC I CAN SEE THEM COMING BACK TO SONY TO WANT TO DO A SEQUEL FOR HS.

7.Q games. I am not sure about them but if sony feels they need to have more quality games on psn which they already do and many more coming in future than Q games would be a smart move if sony can buy them.



showtimefolks  +   1577d ago
Codemasters was bought 50% by an indian company

Dice: dice owned by EA i am pretty sure

Ubisoft: forget about it too big too costly

THQ: same as UBI too big and too expensive

ATLUS: is owned by another company but i can see sony trying to get them since they have a great partnership with sony

SE:if FF series keeps going down and next dues ex does poorly and since sony owns a lot of stock in SE i can see down the road sony looking into it if only SE is doing bad and need help

RockStar:well RS is owned by TAKE2 and EA tried to buy them a few years ago for over 2 billion dollars and they refused because they said they didn't want to make a gta every year like madden or other EA franchises.(since than EA has gotten a lot better WITH EA'S PARTNER program that let's the studio own the IP they work under ea)

But someone again will try to buy RS and i believe RS much rather be bought out by sony than EA because of their great relationship with sony over the last decade

If somwhow sony buy T2 look out nxet gens will not be able to compete with sony but unless sony is willing to spend about 2.5 billion dollars its not happening

i think that's more of a gamers dream

but even if sony buys T2 i can see them letting RS make games on all consoles since too much money is involved and RS games sell on all consoles

so there you go no one asked by those are my thoughts
beastgamer  +   1577d ago
Sony can buy Take-Two, but that is if they are willing to pay up, and I know they have the money two. All they need to do is expand, by letting some of the developers stay making games on different platforms. Now if this was Microsoft, they would shove a knife to take two to be exclusive and they would make take two feel like the next team bondi's employees. I think sony can handle a multi platform publisher. It would build Sony money. Keeping them exclusive would be a mistake and would probably force some of. The developers to leave since they can't expand. It would cost sony 2.5 billion. Now to be more real with this. If square enix fail with deus ex which I may doubt, but if they fail with ff series, not versus. Sony might be keeping an eye on them from a distant.
Ranshak  +   1577d ago
Lol cant believe people actually supporting Sony to own so many stuidos.. how deluded.

BTW as a PC gamer i would just like to say having valve on that list is about the most rediculous thing i have ever read. Valve actually makes more money then Sony as a organization. The games division of Sony atleast only makes losses.
subtenko  +   1577d ago
Basically they need to make an announcement:

"ok, all the good studios that are still left out there, come to this side, and all the bad crappy ones..yea yall just go and sit in that corner right there...heyy..HEEyyy...face the wall...!...FACE IT!!"

I'd be ashamed if Activison was bought by Sony...oh the horror or corruption D: could make for a great reality show.. lol

Agree or Disagree if you Agree
iamnsuperman  +   1578d ago
That game company are great but are they financially worth buying. Probably not
Persistantthug  +   1578d ago
I would disagree. I mean they are a quality small studio with less than 20 staff.
In fact, there is no better studio of that size that I know of.

Their small resume of eclectic games with their unique vision and view of game could say that they are the MUCH smaller American version of TEAM ICO.

Probably wouldn't cost Sony an arm and a leg either for TGC, assuming they actually wanted to be acquired.
capitalK  +   1578d ago
From Software of Dark Souls and Demon's Souls fame
hamoor  +   1578d ago
And insomniac....
trainsinrdr  +   1578d ago
They should buy a nice big hard drive and shove it up microsofts software.
lazertroy  +   1578d ago
hamoor  +   1578d ago
I can't see that happening..
MrSpace  +   1578d ago
Although lets face it

it would be amazing :)

Finally a GTA game that uses full advatange of the PS3 and dosen't get dumb down.
hamoor  +   1578d ago
If total graphical advantage and massive space and draw distance is what they seek then they would develop for the pc exclusively.

Althought the problem with gta is not that.
The problem is they ditched the fun factor and a lot of crazy thing that you was able to do in san andreas.
doom-gate  +   1578d ago
Sigh... Here we go again!
The difference between the ps3 graphically and the xbox 360 IS NO THAT BIG!!!!
You people always underestimate the 360 horsepower like if it was a s$&tty 8-bit console!!
It is right that it got bigger disk storage but,
so what if all that space is being held back by low ram and pathetic draw distance compared to even mid-end pc's.
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Godmars290  +   1578d ago
Well, considering that LA Noire was supposedly promised as an exclusive, that R* then promised Agent as one to make up for turning Noire multi, if they fall through on that they might have to turn themselves over just to make up for it.
kaveti6616  +   1578d ago
"Finally a GTA game that uses full advatange of the PS3 and dosen't get dumb down."

Replace PS3 with PC and you'd be talking some sense.
Why o why  +   1578d ago
I dont get it. Are people still thinking dvd9 doesnt hold back some games....if so then you wont mind dvd9 next gen. People also forget about drives in every ps. If you have to make a game knowing everybody doesnt have a hdd then surely thats a drawback. Im sure the ps would hold back some pc games for sure. Why's it so hard for people to admit this of the 360 without the deflection. Its not even like gta's were pc first titles like crysis for example. San andreas proves how much content can be included and we all know extra disks costs the devs extra money or whatever so isnt that a restriction?

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starchild  +   1578d ago
Why o Why,

That might matter if the hard drive installs weren't simply making up for the slower read speed of the Blu-ray drive.

It might matter if most games this generation were screaming for extra disc space. But the reality is that most games this generation fit perfectly fine on a DVD. There are only a few games that have required more space than that. And guess what? They simply use more than one DVD.

Yes, next generation will require a higher capacity medium, but this generation DVD is just fine.

Red Dead Redemption is as big as I ever need a game to be, looks fantastic, and all of it fit on one DVD.

If Agent ever sees the light of day I bet that it will not be so much better looking and vast in size as some PS3 fans imagine. It might have slightly better graphics simply because it is a newer game, but I bet in terms of content it won't be that different than other Rockstar games.

You see, the biggest limiting factor is the time and money that has to go into creating that content, not the actual physical space limitations on the disc.
sikbeta  +   1578d ago

Sony didn't give a damn about getting LA:N exclusive anymore, they spent 20m cash for the development of the game, basically for the tech in it, but the game took years, Sony let R* take care of it and let it go, it's better for them to assure a R* exclusive, R* gets the profit form LA:N and uses it for another game which they have complete control, not just IP, but development as well and by that avoid all the problems TB have now...
ilikegam3s  +   1578d ago
How can they buy rockstar when they are owned by Take-Two?
ChiVoLok0  +   1578d ago
Buy Take-Two I guess.
Laika  +   1578d ago
buy them from take-two???
MrSpace  +   1578d ago
This is a serious question since I don't have a clue but could, and I said COULD, Sony buy Take Two interactive if they wanted (and of course if Take Two were up for it)

I mean Take Two were going through talks with EA then Activision a while back.

....oh and if they did buy them does that mean Take Two's games become PS3 exclusives ?
MrSpace  +   1578d ago
Wow some people are arseholes....who disagrees someone for asking a question

Stay classy N4G
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kaveti6616  +   1578d ago
Sony would have to spend 8 billion dollars to buy Take Two.

It's more likely that Microsoft would do it simply because they can afford to. Although, there's not much of a chance that MS would buy studios as they're not interested in owning the studio but rather the IP.

Sony can't afford Take-2, and probably not even Rockstar.
blumatt  +   1578d ago
I'm pretty sure Sony has quite a bit of cash sitting around too. MS isn't the only one with a lot of money.
TOO PAWNED  +   1578d ago
8 billion? lol
Take2 has value of around 2.3billion. EA was really close at buying it for that price.
Pikajew  +   1578d ago
Level 5. No. I want More Layton Games

They shouldn't buy any company that makes games for the other systems
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Infernostew  +   1578d ago
Layton could work well on Vita.
Cpt_kitten  +   1578d ago
would i be able to smack that boy every time he yells professor? im kidding but it would be great on vita
Master_S  +   1578d ago
Raven_Nomad  +   1578d ago
A lot of comments in this thread are crazy. No way Rockstar or Valve agree to be sold to Sony or any company. Rockstar see's huge sales and money from GTA, Red Dead ect... Why cut your income literally in half or worse by agreeing to be bought out?

I can see little developers liking the option, but it doesn't make sense for bigger ones, which is why we probably will never see those guys sell out.

We need competition in this industry, if you look at things like WWE wrestling we see what happens when there is no longer competition, same with the Madden NFL games. These companies are in the business of business and that's the name of the game.
MrBeatdown  +   1578d ago

Rockstar wouldn't have to agree to be sold. Shareholders aren't going to care if the income is cut in half if they are selling their stock in the company for a healthy profit. Neither would Sony, since having GTA, RDR, Agent, Max Payne, Bioshock, Borderlands, and LA Noire franchises and a slew of major developers as PlayStation exclusive would have a major impact on hardware sales, which in turn creates more software sales.
kaveti6616  +   1578d ago
Rockstar is wealthy enough to buy out its independence, so shareholders would have no say.
MrBeatdown  +   1578d ago

I'm a business noob, but isn't it the stockholders that decide who to sell to? If Take-Two chooses to buy back it's own stock, that's one thing, but what's to keep Sony (or any other company for that matter), from offering more per stock, or the shareholders from simply opting to sell to Sony?

EA tried it, so clearly it's not an impossible task.
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RedDevils  +   1577d ago
if a company that is available on the market, they will be decided by who have the highest percentage of the shareholder
Magnus  +   1578d ago
Personally I want to see Level 5 and Insomniac under the Playstation family tree
MoreRPG  +   1578d ago
buy Team Bondi
sukas  +   1578d ago
1.Respawn Entertaiment

2 quantic Dream

3 Insomniac
KMCROC  +   1578d ago
Respawn Entertainment Are they not part of EA ALREADY.
duplissi  +   1578d ago
lol no, they are independent but have a contract with ea for publishing.
Darkseeker  +   1578d ago
Square-Enix would be an awesome addition.
Agent_hitman  +   1578d ago
agree.... To be able to secure the FF series exclusivity
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1578d ago
More awesome exclusives.
ChiVoLok0  +   1578d ago
Agree on all of them and I think there can be even more studios.
PirateThom  +   1578d ago
Some of you seem to be overestimating Sony's buying power as well as their standard operations for acquiring devs.

They don't go after big names, they go after small, proven companies or small developers who show some sort of potential.

Sucker Punch was basically an anomaly in that they were pretty big and have a number of highly acclaimed titles but they might as well have been first party and, hell, most people thought they already were.

Look at Sony's development teams as a whole, apart from maybe Psygnosis/Sony Liverpool (who were already a big name) and Naughty Dog (who were only acquired officially in 2001), Sony are more about developing talent because it allows them to get studios for very little usually having ownership of the IPs due to publishing them anyway.

So, yeah, while a studio like Rockstar North would be a hell of a purchase, assuming they got their IPs along with it, it's completely unrealistic unless it was done as a purely mutual, non-monetary agreement.
ZeroChaos  +   1578d ago
Eat Sleep Play - Possible - They've only created Twisted Metal so far. Sony could use them in the future but I can't see any benefits (we'll have to wait until TM releases)

Housemarque - Likely - SuperStardust has been very popular and a cool mini game for the system. But they need to creat more then SuperStardust.

Insomniac Games - Unlikely - Sony tried to buy them in the past, they said no. They like interdependency but they've benefited heavily off the PS system.

Kojima Productions - Unlikely - Konami will never give Kojima up, ever. They need MGS.

Level-5 - Possible - Popular in Japan, outside not so.

Ninja Theory - Unlikely - After their bashing of how stupid the PS3 system was, even though they made they're success off of it. Sony's most likely laughing at them.

Q-Games - Possible - Same as Housemarque. A very creative team.

Quantic Dream - Possible - They've shown potential and with Heavy rain's success and the new IP rumored in development, things look bright.

Sanzaru Games - Possible - Future of the Sly games? Can they make more then the creation of someone else's titles?

Thatgamecompany - Possible - Same as Housemarque and Q-games/ Creative team.
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BlackIceJoe  +   1578d ago
Level 5 would be great. I think Ninja Theory could be good too. I do think the next company Sony buys needs to be a Japanese company. Because SCEJ does not put out nearly as much games as SCEA & SCEE.
duplissi  +   1578d ago
sony japan puts out quite a few games actually... although many dont come outside of japan...
TheDivine  +   1578d ago
Sony should buy COD to finally get some people to play on psn (and hopefully bring some mics with them)!

Sony could buy valve and get them to show sony how to set up an online platform!

Sony could buy square to make them to finally release ffvs13!

just kidding guys lol...

Seriously though sony should buy crytek because id love to see crysis on the cell and blueray would really help! Ps3 is a beast!
Sevir04  +   1578d ago
The list they listed is good but with a few errors
First Insomniac, They've been sought out by sony to be purchased years ago when ratchet Hit his prime on the PS2, and they humbly declined, furthermore adding to the fact that they have now grown to 2 studio's and now have a 3 game development cycle, pretty soon insomniac with their currently level of growth It wont be long before they buy a studio of their own and become somewhat of a publisher in the industry.

EAT SLEEP PLAY!, Not ever happening! Why, David Jaffe, the owner the company, Left from sony's first party stable to become independent! he has a 3 game deal with sony but he's also expressed that working on a none sony platform just doesn't sync with him so he'll be working with sony till he tires of them. he wants he company to be independent so an aquisition from sony in the near future is unlikely.

Out of all the developers worthy to be under sony's umbrella, I'd say Quantic dreams deserves it the most! and from the looks of it, their next project will be PS3 exclusive as well and once that game sells as well as HR or better i Think Both Sony and QD will prolly see the worth and go for studio purchasing.

I think Sony Should really aquire LA Noir Studio, Team Bondi! we need a rockstar-esque stduio in SCE stable
Stealth2k  +   1578d ago
team bondi went bankrupt dude. There is no more team bondi

la noire made 0 profit with its ridiculous costs
Voxelman  +   1577d ago
If Sony wanted LA Noir they wouldn't have let them leave...
LA Noir started life as a Sony project
CrescentFang  +   1578d ago
Not Level-5... I know their relationship is good in all (well at least in Japan. Sony ain't publishing WKCII in US). Level-5 has also setup a US branch of some sort too. Hm i wonder if someone will bring Inazuma Eleven here...
John Kratos  +   1578d ago
Our Lord Sony should buy everyone in the industry, thus leading to more followers for Lord Sony.
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Stealth2k  +   1578d ago
what did they say about jrpgs......they are dwindling?

Theres more jrpgs total in development than any other rpg type.
nyobzoo  +   1578d ago
that's a pretty good list and I can see Sony acquiring 2-3 off that list in the future, although not any of the bigger developers
Noctis106  +   1578d ago
Ninja Theory sucks! Why should Sony buy? They blamed Sony for the unsuccessful Heavenly Sword!

Right now, Sony should buy:
1) Quantic Dream
2) Insomniac Games
3) Kojima Productions
4) Eat Sleep Play
5) Sanzaru Games

If you can secure these 5 studios, Sony will be the BEAST!
Tuxedo_Mask  +   1577d ago
If DmC flops NT probably won't even exist for much longer.
playstationfans  +   1578d ago
Square enix is what they need their graphics is pure awesomeness!
newn4gguy  +   1577d ago
Sony HAS attempted to buy Insomniac. You'd think IGN would know that. Ted Price has said multiple times TO Sony that he and the company are not interested in being owned.

They have always been an amazing studio, but they played second-fiddle to Naughty Dog for two generations.
iWishTifaWasReal  +   1577d ago
instead buying Square Enix
why not buy the Final Fantasy franchise?

also Quantic Dream is great.

buy them Sony

u dont need Square Enix just FF
and Quantic Dream's smart creative ideas should head to playstation franchise
Pyscho_Mantis  +   1577d ago
final fastasy is pretty much PS exclusive..theres only been one on the 360 and versus and 14 are remaining ps3 exclusive (14 on pc to) I ont think its necessary.
Rashonality  +   1577d ago
FFXIII-2 syas hi.

but yeah, Microsoft lost interested in core audience so it's pretty much in the safe.
Whackedorange  +   1577d ago
Sony should buy Microsoft and Nintendo cause it that way we dont have al thoose silly fanboy wars and we all could just have one console under the tv
FlyShootRaceSims  +   1577d ago
The other way around seems more realistic, IMO.
Relientk77  +   1577d ago
I would love it if Sony bought:

Insomniac Games
Kojima Productions
Level 5

now for ones not on the list:
Square Enix
Game Arts (They did Grandia 1, 2, 3, and spin-offs)
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