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Sizzon  +   1645d ago

Those 3 should Sony buy, because I think Playstation needs more exclusive downloadable games. In downloadable games such as XBLA, there's Microsoft really good, just look at Bastion realeased now recently and great titles such as Torchlight and Trenched also.

Edit: Either way can't wait for Journey! gonna be awesome!
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StarWolf  +   1645d ago
sony aint rich, they cant afford any of these companies..or they would have already bought them
MakiManPR  +   1645d ago
WHAT?! r u serious? we r talking about SONY. helloooo!
Rashonality  +   1645d ago
rather than buying why wouldn't they make new studios, they can make the current studios like Naughty Dog and others train promising new talents.
RevXM  +   1645d ago
Im pretty sure Sony wont buy any of these studios anytime soon.

They got their exclusive deals and great buddies out there like Insomniac and Kojima.
I think they should worry more about their TV's (They got trouble with making money on their bravias or so I heard) and as for Playstation they should focus on supporting what they got already and developing (future) hardware.
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tarbis  +   1645d ago
They should definitely buy ThatGameCompany and Insomiac.
Treyb3yond  +   1645d ago
I think Sony are the best people to judge which studios to buy....not IGN.
MakiManPR  +   1645d ago
SONY should buy Nintendo
THAT would be awesome!
Jac5al  +   1645d ago
My Top 3

1.Insomniac Games (Tried already, but u never know)

2.Valve ( If possible, would be a great addition & would help Sony Improve PSN. Imagine Steam being fully integrated into PSN.)

3.Take Two
blackburn10  +   1645d ago
Unless all of you are Sony's accountants you really don't know their buying power or the amount of cash they have to buy a studio or anything. You just assuming and spiting out numbers. It has nothing to do with WANTS to be brought out. Its who can be brought out.If Sony has the money to buy Insomniac for example don't think that if they have the enough cash that Insomniac won't take it.
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tiffac  +   1645d ago
I think Sanzaru and thatgamecompany is the most possible for Sony.

I can't believe Sony hasn't ask Insomniac yet...
saimcheeda  +   1645d ago
My Must haves
Quantic Dream
Kojima Productions
Eat Sleep Play
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