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FlareDReborn  +   1683d ago
I love Mario Kart 64!
Spitfire_Riggz  +   1683d ago
I still play it online
thebudgetgamer  +   1683d ago
my favorite is super mario kart on the snes. my friends and i used to play versus modes for hours.
TyrionL  +   1682d ago
Me too man. It is still one of my favorite series out there. It is one thing that any game has to be to be successful, FUN. I can still have fun for hours even with the snes version, that’s saying something.
a_adji  +   1683d ago
Super Mario for me too and I am happy the have re-introduced the coins as that was such a big part of the gaming strategy. All they need to top it is the original ghost valley 1 and a feather. whoooo cant wait
Redempteur  +   1682d ago
how fitting to finish this article by a blue shell
MasterCornholio  +   1682d ago
I love what Jeff is doing with this game. Especially with the aspect of the cars can turn into mechs looks like a ton of fun. I only hope that in the future there will be a twisted metal game for the vita.

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