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Tigan  +   1687d ago
At this point who cares?! Next gen will start soon. It's a nice add on and it's nice of MS to still keep improving on the 360 even after 4 or 5 years.

MS has already set it's mark in the console war. It dethroned sony right from the get go. It made money despite issues with the RROD and if im still correct despite all that it still remains in second and just got a second wind with the kinect. I still love the Forza series, Halo and Gears and prefer my mass effect on 360 or pc for the "FULL EXPERIENCE" and still prefer the controlls of the 360 for FPS and i still take "LIVE" over the free psn.

PS3 has some very nice looking games but a bit too late this gen since MS won me over just like millions of others this gen. MLAA or no MLAA the 360 is just a better experience for most of my gaming needs and yes i do own a ps3. I used to be all ps2 last gen and would have never seen this coming from MS. I remember the famous quotes from crazy kent "NEXT GEN DOESN'T START UNTILL WE SAY IT DOES" or "PEOPLE WOULD WANT TO GET A SECOND JOB JUST TO BUY A PS3" LOL. Classic. Thank you for the laughs sony and it's just so much funnier when it trails behind MS this gen.
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MasterCornholio  +   1687d ago
WOW you are mad LOL

BTW what you said at the end sounded like something that a troll would say which is why i dont believe that you own a PS3.

I really recommend that you go out and buy a PS3. I too was a 360 owner for several years and had a huge collection of games on the XBOX360. But when Microsoft shifted towards Kinect i Sold my 360 and all my games and bought a 320 GB PS3 plus a ton of titles i haven't played before. And let me tell you its worth it. The PS3 has a ton of amazing exclusives that cant be found anywhere else which is why i recommend that you Pick one up.
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Tigan  +   1684d ago
sparky77 is my psn gamertag if you interested . I bought my fat 60Gb ps3 at "launch" since i bought into all the hype but like i said found the 360 better. I could not return my ps3 to EB only a couple of days after i bought it since they were having a hard time selling the stupid things. The guy at EB wouldn't refund my money which at the time was $700. So many sat on shelves that i felt stupid buying one at launch. Anyways at least they have games to play now but would rather game mostly on pc or 360 but once in a while i'll go give Demon's Soul a try and some Battlefield on line so i don't snob out the few friends that have a ps3. Feel free to send a friend request but just give me your gamertag ahead of time so i know its you and not some random dude ,that is if you still don't think i own a ps3.
MasterCornholio  +   1687d ago
Took them long enough i believed that they mentioned that the 360 was capable of MLAA a long time ago.
Firstkn1ghT  +   1687d ago
The 360 has a better graphics card and is able to outperform the ps3 in graphics. Like somebody said before me, tessellation is possible only on the 360. Many have said that Gears of War 3 is looking to be the new king of graphics.

So much for all that sony fanboy talk of "the 360 is maxed out!" LMAO!
ViserysTargaryen  +   1687d ago
I haven't seen a damn thing from Gears of War 3 that would be considered as new king of graphics.
joeorc  +   1686d ago
"The 360 has a better graphics card and is able to outperform the ps3 in graphics. Like somebody said before me, tessellation is possible only on the 360. Many have said that Gears of War 3 is looking to be the new king of graphics.

So much for all that sony fanboy talk of "the 360 is maxed out!" LMAO!"

you know what you an other's just do not get?
it's not just about the GPU by itself with the PS3 it never was.

"The 360 has a better graphics card and is able to outperform the ps3 in graphics."

No that is just a Myth...want to know why, or our you scared of the truth?

the truth of the matter the PS3 has had the edge but that edge is not that much better, An this will not push the Xbox360 past the PS3. for reason's that is quite common sense If you think about it.


On the PS3, Sony's MLAA is parallelised over five SPUs and takes around 4ms of processing time - freeing up precious RSX resources.

this of course still not taking into account that there is still 1 more SPE free for developer's to use. while the 7th spe is working with the PS3's OS.
all that MLAA while still being able to do other thing's with the SPE's they too can Multi thread

THE Xbox360 is not the same in its design as the PS3 in how each system works to render. the PS3's render capability is not just the RSX working alone by itself. Its nice to always see many such as yourself that like to just use only the GPU as the reference point out the GPU vs GPU of Each system, but like to down play the Cell Processor's GPU capabilities.


AMD's solution has much in common with Sony's, but is fundamentally different in many ways.

The fact that the God of War III MLAA operates on SPU has some very specific advantages - the Cell's satellite processors are far more flexible in terms of how they can be programmed, leading some to believe that GPU implementations will struggle to match the quality level.

with No such GPU functionality direct on the XBOX360's CPU because once again the Cell Processor is a Hybrid CPU/GPU the XBOX360 is not.

there will be latency with the fact that this will still take resources out of the XBOX360's GPU direct on the XBOX360's GPU so part of the xbox360's gpu will be taking up doing this function!

the fact is Also in the case of the Cell the render Memory for this Is still right on the Cell processor's Die due to the fact that the Cell processor SPE's have local store, right on the die, while the XBOX360's has to use the onboard resources of the xbox360's gpu thus taking away more resources, or has to come off the Edram thus there is still latency in both methods from the PS3 MLAA an from the XBOX360'S, an even though the xbox360's may be slightly faster since it's Direct on the GPU the result's will not be any better or worse than what Sony's results are with the Cell.

thus it's a Wash..that's right a Wash

but..but the XBOX360 is cheaper an does graphic's just as well as the PS3.

an the xbox360 did not include all the extras that come with the PS3.

some may say the extras was not needed, an that's fine if they feel that way the XBOX360 is a great system.

but as for the render capability of the xbox360 greater than the that is just a Myth
Mister_G  +   1687d ago
I thought 360 had AA covered, why does it need MLAA?
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