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SuperSaiyan4  +   1685d ago
I own both consoles and to be fair not only does Sony have far more 1st party exclusives they also look miles better graphically than any exclusive 360 games that I have seen.

I still remember when Microsoft boasted and even showed their 10mb of EDRAM with all of them grinning in glee but to be honest I have not seen any game to show results in having this 10mb of EDRAM...

Yet despite Sony clearly having a less powerful GPU in comparison to the 360, Sony still do have far better looking 1st party titles.

Now the way I think of it, it is probably due to disc space as Sony's 1st party games tend to use a lot more than what the DVD can offer and therefore are able to create visually better games.

So IF Microsoft had included HD-DVD perhaps that 10mb of EDRAM may have shown its true potential?
Jocosta  +   1685d ago
nope, try again.
KING_KAI  +   1685d ago
you have 2 lives remaining
QuantumWake  +   1685d ago
eDRAM has proven itself quite a bit actually. Bayonetta on the 360 for example had full resolution alpha transparencies while the PS3 version had lower resolution. Halo: Reach also had TONS of alpha, and with the help of eDRAM, they were rendered at full resolution.

Gears of War 3 also seemed to used eDRAM quite well. Have you ever thrown a smoke grenade in Gears 3? Have you seen the way it looked? Most games that render smoke look like they are in 2D. Gears 3 on the other hand had amazing looking smoke. The ink grenade also looked fabulous.

eDRAM on the 360 is a quick problem solver. If the 360 had at least implemented 15-20MB of eDRAM, developers would not have to worry about tiling so much and trying to fit a 720p frame with Anti-Aliasing.

If you want to know more about the advantages of eDRAM, just read some of the Digital Foundry articles and visit the Beyond3D forums.
Venjense  +   1685d ago
This good for 360 only owners, lately most multiplats look better on PS3 so maybe they'll be at parity from now on

I'm a PS360 owner so it doesnt make a difference in the multiplat department. But I'd love for the Halo remake to use it.
DOOMZ  +   1685d ago
tawak  +   1685d ago
quality bar raised - didn't we heard this before?
Tzuno  +   1685d ago
Ohohohowwww!!! now that's news.
jneul  +   1685d ago
Lol didn't ms say they could mathc uncharted like visuals with wake but they had to reduce the resolution, which really did not put it on par at all, i predict a similar fate for MLAA maybe all x360 games will be sub 720p now??
QuantumWake  +   1685d ago
Well, MLAA is a post-process filter. The impact it will have on the 360 will be a lot less than using standard MSAA. Alan Wake also used a deferred renderer and on top of that applied 4xMSAA, that right there is the major reason AW was subHD.

Deferred rendering is also not really eDRAM friendly, so I expect a least most deferred rendered games on the 360 to be subHD. So this is why all these new AA techniques are coming out such as FXAA and MLAA. To help ease the pain of using deferred rendering and trying to apply Anti-Aliasing.

FXAA at the moment could serve better for both the PS3 and 360. While MLAA for the PS3 looked great, FXAA is a lot better performance wise (FXAA is about 1ms on both consoles, while MLAA for PS3 is 3-4ms and 2.47ms on 360). Not to mention FXAA does a great job cleaning up those evil jaggies.

Here are some shots of FXAA:

(No AA)

Bonobo12345  +   1685d ago
If it makes gaming better for all then I'm all for it, what I laugh at is the 360 fanboys desperately grasping for something to boast about, something to make them superior...

The most moronic behavior ever.
akashkira54  +   1685d ago
lol ill believe it when i see it lmaoo and its funny how they are doing it near the end of the life cycle
BizDaWolf  +   1685d ago
its about time
ElementX  +   1685d ago
Is this the vaseline filter or???

*EDIT* NM it's not
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   1685d ago
Better graphic performance to match the PlayStations? Sounds cool but I rather have brand new next gen system rather than mimicking the competition.

With that being said its a possibility that Microsoft's plans for a new console announcement at next years E3 2012 could come to a significant halt.
mixelon  +   1685d ago
This will always be good competition between teams of devs the hardware is so close between the consoles in power terms just by virtue of the age of their components. The latter days of consoles' lifespan are always most interesting in terms of impressive programming. AA is just the tip of the iceberg.

… Meanwhile PC-land shrugs and doesnt need AA anywhere near as much anyway due to the crazy resolutions they can pump out.
Ulf  +   1685d ago
They make the 360 MLAA sound really great, at a 2.5ms GPU cost, but the fact of the matter is that its 2.5ms of GPU time, which is far more valuable than the 3-4ms of CPU time that the Cell uses while the PS3 GPU moves on to do extra processing for the next frame.

However, it *does* save some nasty tiled rendering expenses (reprocessing of geometry, and some memory costs) on the 360 GPU, and provides a pretty nice overall result, so we may see it on the 360 in some situations.

The biggest benefit of using this technique is that it allows a 360 game to have AA, without having to be sub-720p to fit in the eDRAM -- thus it will boost visual quality, simply by bumping the rez on games that use it to be on par with many PS3 games.
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Gambuzin0  +   1685d ago
Isn't it 1.3ms for 720p???
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QuantumWake  +   1685d ago
Like I said in my other post, FXAA could serve better for both consoles. 1ms for GPU rendering saves the 360 the hassle of trying to apply MSAA on a deferred renderer, and the PS3 benefits more cause now you have spare SPU cycles instead of wasting 3-4ms for MLAA.

A programmer on Sony's ICE team actually implemented FXAA and he said it was painless integration, impressive quality, and amazing performance.

Here's his twitter: (Head down to his June 18th tweet for FXAA)
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beutchkid  +   1685d ago
Seems kinda ironic to me. So far, out of the few headlines we have, Microsoft has rumors to upgrade the Xbox, graphics to be specific, and Sony has rumors of delaying production of a next gen console. I'm use to seeing the exact opposite, as in Xbox is doing nothing but new games as Sony is upgrading every little bit of their system and capabilities. Well I'm sorry Sony followers if this offends you, but if Microsoft will use this to there advantage, I think all Microsoft followers will agree with me in saying "Finally!" To another unrelated statement, I am expecting a barrage of complaints and names for my statement, all I ever see is this, but look at my point of view. I have always gotten any game, down loadable content, or hardware for my Xbox, but never once have I thought the Playstation 3 was worse than the Xbox, because it isn't. The Playstation has always been the superior system but Xbox has always just been my "Pride and Joy", so with rumors of graphic and game play improvements I couldn't help but say "Finally!"
ATiElite  +   1685d ago
for the PC all these AA techniques can be a little confusing but if your gonna build a Gaming PC then you should base your budget around how can your PC perform with at least 2xSSAA or MSAA

Super Sampling AA is the best but has a performance hit. After that go with MSAA as it's the next best thing with a medium performance hit.

all others are just a blurry mess and really are for consoles BUT they do help remove the jaggies if you have a very weak and old integrated GPU.

Most mid range modern GPUs can easily give great performance with 4xMSAA and at 1080p that's all you need for a great picture.
Balflear87  +   1685d ago
I think Gears of War uses blur to hide jaggies and has no AA
ATiElite  +   1685d ago
if it uses Blur to hide the jaggies then it's Nvidia's SRAA which is similar to MLAA sorta kinda.
TheKayle  +   1685d ago
mlaa on fable 3

he is one of the programmer who create this sort of mlaa...can be always put in post process after an free 2x msaa
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devilhunterx  +   1685d ago
I thought XBox 2 fans said that this not needed. Just like built-in wireless LAN
Ju  +   1685d ago
...but when it finally arrives its the next best things since sliced bread ;)
ephoenix6  +   1685d ago
but doesn't the 360 already have superior graphics?

KING_KAI  +   1685d ago
Balflear87  +   1685d ago
Uncharted 2, Killzone 2-3, Final Fantasy XIII HD Edition and God of War 3 says that you are wrong
Platinum_k  +   1685d ago
...good for the 360! It's about G*d damn time they improve on their graphics.

Fanbot  +   1685d ago
fact please :D
Balflear87  +   1685d ago
Claims are useless, let's talk once a game that uses MLAA for Xbox 360 is out :)
Valkyre  +   1685d ago
Courtesy of Sony Santa Monica Studio, you know... those idiots who made God of War III? Yep... these folks make shitty games for the shitty PS3, but oh look! Now 360 fanboys can have some of Sony's tech on their machine so that some of their (nonexistent) exclusives can look a bit better!

So great news! I guess Sony is good for something? no?

PS: Dont get me started on that "MLAA was already on PC" bullshit cause that aint the same MLAA and the proof is that this MLAA is infact better thats why it is coming ALSO for PC.

freakdaddy37  +   1685d ago
freakdaddy37  +   1685d ago
im not much on either but it is a shame took ps3 so long catch up to xbox360 what more can u say idots
freakdaddy37  +   1685d ago
here u all sumpn im not realy in2 to games but sounds like most of u r virgins and i give it to xbox360 fuck took ps3 long enuf hell i work on pc,s put both to shame
TheKayle  +   1685d ago
xbox 360 talking about money already win this gen competition against his/her rival ps3 (wii win on all)...i think now they must concentrate on a new console..and well yes they can try to take the last drop from the 360 but now..the developer know good the ps3...and also if the gpu and the bandwith of the 360 is x10 time better then ps3...the cell do his work sooooooo want a 720...1 year before the ps4 :)

owners of ps3 just forgot the first years xbox just DOMINATE the market of the hardcore...would be CRAZY or just stupid for sony to put out something that could not be compared or be better than the rival on the market 1 or 1.5 years later and 1 year mean talking about computer is like 10 years in normal life eh :D....
the market of the xbox is just ahead of that year......u will never see a ps3 before a xbox"720" coz sony cant do this ..coz havent take good money still from that console...anyway...i got both console so for me is the just talkign about marketing

sorry for my english i hope u understand what i wrote :D
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stonecold3  +   1685d ago
nope the 360 would not be able to run uncharted 2 ea stated the 360 tapped heavy rain from cage was askled could 360 run heavy run the plain simple answer quoted from rain no i 360 has been tapped like 3 years ago ps3 hasnt been tapped yet as we see excluisves push ps3 like there alot of reason 360 is not conisder hd to even to begin with its ok to have no wifi and bluray was not needed and its ok to play on standered tv nope the 360 cant even do sterio stopic 3d and cant even support 7.1 all 360 does is hold multiplats back like ff13 for example
IHateYouFanboys  +   1685d ago
MLAA on the PS3 can work wonders, but it can also be terribly ineffective.

in God of War 3 it does a fantastic job, eliminating probably 90% of the aliasing.

in Killzone 3 however, its still jaggy central, and even 2xMSAA wouldve been better.

the reason is that God of War 3 has fixed camera angles, only moving very slightly before changing to a different fixed angle. this means the lines in the geometry dont move much, meaning there isnt going to be much aliasing/shimmering to begin with. for this, MLAA works well to reduce that even further. the level design by nature also helps reduce jaggies, as god of war isnt set in industrial buildings full of straight edges.

in Killzone 3s case though, the viewpoint is constantly moving and the setting is generally in/around buildings where everything has straight edges all over the place. these are the ones that get the horrible aliasing, and MLAA just doesnt cut the mustard for them like 2/4xMSAA does.

Anti-Aliasing isnt gonna get any better this generation. we've seen all types of it - Crysis 2s mix of temporal and edge detection AA, Reachs temporal (which despite what the PS3 fanboys are saying does an absolutely brilliant job at 0 performance cost), MLAA, and Alan Wakes 4xMSAA (which is literally the best AA you will see this generation. there is not a single jagged edge in that entire game).

next generation though, we need built-in FREE 4xMSAA at the very least. it shouldnt be up to the developer, it should be a free implementation that the console does. Microsoft had this idea with the 10mb of eDRAM in the 360, but they needed to have double that amount to have it work with every game. they SHOULDNT make that mistake again. i expect Sony to follow suit with a hardware solution as well, since AA has been a BIG problem with the PS3, with most games reverting to Quincunx AA, which lets be honest, is just absolutely dreadful.
kesvalk  +   1685d ago
good news for 360 owners, if this is doable without making the game unplayable...
GrumpyVeteran  +   1685d ago
PC has had MLAA for ages.

It sucks.

MSAA 8x is much better
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