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Jack Bauer  +   2896d ago
it's only like a week if true, i think ill live, just like i made it through that incredibly painful (sarcasm) 2 day PGR4 Delay that everyone went crazy about...
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unlimited  +   2896d ago
Nov i got two game to pick up for the ps3 anyways..Uncharted Drakes fortune and time crisis 4. so im all good..i hope unreal tournament make it..
Violater  +   2896d ago
good move
It may make it as a Christmas gift to myself, Nov is crowded
COD4 and Uncharted (which by the way has gone gold, dammit release the demo already)
the worst  +   2896d ago
no problem
thats cool
smirx  +   2896d ago
No one even sounds disappointed by this delay. Is it because no one cares about the game, or the fact that all of these other games are coming out anyway. The only people that should be angry are the people who pre-ordered. That's why I don't pre-order.
Panthers  +   2896d ago
I really like the look of this game, and I hope it is a hit. But November will be dedicated to and dominated by CoD4. Then we got Uncharted. Plus all of the other games. I mean like 10 games come out on Nov. 20. The delay is probably for the best.
Apocwhen  +   2896d ago
Nothing to be angry about. It's just a week. It would be different if it was 2008 because it'd be after the holiday season.
resistance100  +   2896d ago
@ smirx

I can't wait for HAZE, however i've got no problem with it being put back a bit as theres two many games which i want to get in november anyway.
aaquib5  +   2896d ago
Im cool with that
As long as it releases this year, Ill be picking it up.
ATLRoAcH  +   2896d ago
I wouldn't doubt it
Its not much of a delay so its very possible.It was coming out at a bad time for me anyways.Now I got a little more time to get my funds in order but I'll also need money for Christmas gifts.....crap.I'm gonna start off 2008 so broke.
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MUGEN  +   2896d ago
before xmas is the release date but this shows the game still needs more polish.
IdontTakeSides  +   2896d ago
thats not much a delay.. the game needs more polish..?? hmm or they're just making sure everything works perfect...!!
ChanDangle  +   2896d ago
I can't afford all the games coming out in Nov. anyways.
DiLeCtioN  +   2896d ago
i cant take no more delays its too much...they bloody delayed UT3 and i said ok ill buy HAZE and now they want me to wait again. no way man please lol give it to me now,wont mind waiting but i need a new online shooter....still hanging on to resistance and i cant wait for 2.
MrWonderful  +   2896d ago
its ok to many games in november. besides ill be spending some time on mass effect and uncharted. at least i can save money for a week.
gunnerforlife  +   2896d ago
dats kl with me a week aint much, especially when november is so packed up
Dmack79  +   2896d ago
This is good for me. There are SO many games coming out this November that I would have to skip some anyway. As long as its before Christmas then its cool. If this is true, then the Devs have realized some things they need to touch up on. And if they need more time to make this game amazing, then that's alright w/ me.
damnwrx  +   2896d ago
Party Like A ROCKSTAR............
Neurotoxin  +   2896d ago
After viewing the most recent video`s of this i`m not holding out for this to be any good.

I see people viewing this as a halo rival, halo was rubbish.......... more than likely this will be to.
lil Titan  +   2896d ago
well at least i can Play COD4 first and have time for that now
Sevir04  +   2896d ago
Yes damn it yes... saves me money
i was about to file bankruptcy in novemeber it Haze was released at the end this just puts me more at bay with my cash, i already have like 3 games i'm getting off top for me, COD4, uncharted and Eye of Jugdement. and possibly AQC if it turns out to be ok. thats way too much money plus i've got 2 additional PS3's i need to buy for my second HD TV taht i just puchased for my new arcade game room. and the other is for my brother back at home.
zonetrooper5  +   2896d ago
I hate the way Americans put their dates as. =/

It should go day/month/year not month/day/year.
Lucreto  +   2896d ago
I thought it said delayed until April.

It seems more logical to me that the Days should be first and they change more frequently and them the month which changes less frequently and finally the year.
ActionBastard  +   2896d ago
Smart move
Releasing the same month as COD4 had me worried. Now maybe the game won't get swallowed up by all the other killer PS3 titles. Here's to hoping...
Lightning Mr Bubbles  +   2896d ago
Not bad at all
In November there's already a lot of games. Early December not bad.
lil Titan  +   2896d ago
maybe they can put vehicles in multiplayer now
Dmack79  +   2896d ago
@lil titan
They already have many vehicles in it. where have u been?
kunark  +   2896d ago
im glad the delayed it its a must buy for me and gives me a week or more to come up with the cash for it lolz already buys 3 games in nov assians creed r&c and uncharted thats $180.00 there lolz
kunark  +   2896d ago
plus gives people time to beat cod4 story mode and go after haze next
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Fade_Walker  +   2896d ago
i wish they would just delay it till next year
jackdoe  +   2896d ago
Lol. If it is delayed, it would be due to the printing of the game. Major software revision delays are longer than a week to two weeks.

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