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byeGollum  +   1624d ago
Wait. Valve are allowed to sell "Valve games" only on steam, but EA isn't allowed to do the same on Origin?
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Pro_TactX  +   1624d ago
I am not interested in using EA Origin, so I guess I just won't be buying it unless it is released on Steam again. There are plenty of games out there to occupy my time.
kesvalk  +   1624d ago
well, after i brought red alert 3 and the game just didn't wanted to log into the online saying the ID was invalid (even though i use the same id for BF BC2) i just lost all hope in EA, now they take their games out of steam, well good riddance EA, we don't exactly need you

seems like MW3 will win again, and this time EA is not helping...
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fullmetal297  +   1624d ago
I don't care for Crysis 2 but they are planning to do the same thing with battlefield 3, then I'm gonna have a problem.
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