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junk3d  +   1538d ago
Wow, the PS3 SPANKS the Xbox 360 version this time around. Half resolution textures? Really? This won't do...just look at how blurry those girls butts are. :)
Shaman  +   1538d ago
Its streaming "bug".That seems to happen alot in this game.Its based on UE2.

Oh,and this must be by far the worst thing I have seen on consoles in last 3 years.
darkecho  +   1538d ago
I don't know... the Ghostbusters debacle was pretty bad...
MicrocutsX2  +   1538d ago
I'm so dissapointed by this freaking game....14 years of development and this is what we
Emilio_Estevez  +   1538d ago
Can you say jaggies?
Bay  +   1538d ago
14 years of on/off development, 4 studios later, I don't even care if the game sucks or looks bad. I just want to play it.

With that said, the PS3 version seems to pretty much wipe the floor with the 360 version, especially in the texture department. I mean, look at the asses on the girls.
mastiffchild  +   1538d ago
Just don't let your curiosity cost you much dough. I'd only suggest a buy if you're a big DN fan and are going to be happy with VERY little in the way of additions beyond it looking(a bit, but nothing like up to date really and not even on C does it look any good at all)better than it would have twelve years back and enjoy a core shootig mechanic that, to me, just reigned in the fun way too far for e to let issue like th lackof great new enemy types or guns slide.

It's simply ot a very good game despite them trying to shoehorn in a decent number of game play types-fact is none of them are as good as they would be in virtually any modern day shooter. even faily low budget ones and the best thing I have to say aboutb the game is it'scampaign IS a decent length while the M is VERYbasic with many better old and new school options out there for less wonga and with more quality.

big,big let down and a,m shocked RP allowed it lout in he state it's in and I've played the APPARENTLY better S3 console version. Not that I reckon the gap'll be the size indicated here because the 360 version can't look that bad-I don't believe it or see how it could.
Bay  +   1538d ago
I'll borrow one from a friend, he told me it was ridiculously short too.
lazertroy  +   1538d ago
PS3 hands down.
jaidek  +   1538d ago
For sure, the Xbox 360 version not only has some low resolution textures but frame tears like a banshee. Really surprising seeing this is powered by Unreal.
Kon  +   1538d ago
PC hands down,up,left and right. I can't believe how different the consoles versions are different. Well, the game is ugly no matter where.
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JDDgb  +   1538d ago
PC Supremacy, but it's not like the game is good enough to buy anyway.
cancerenium  +   1538d ago
thekillerchrist  +   1538d ago
the ps3 version definitely has better textures. superior lighting in the ps3 is apparent in the very last shot. i'm just eyeballing but the game looks sub-hd.
TBONEJF  +   1538d ago
Stakenborg  +   1538d ago
I'm just blown away by how bad this game looks in general, ugh.
DankJemo  +   1538d ago
the ps3 version looks quite a bit better than the 360, too bad the game isnt going to live up to the hype.
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-MD-  +   1538d ago
If you're playing this on consoles you're doing it wrong.
Kiroe  +   1537d ago
pretty much. apparently all of the issues that are present in the console versions are missing on the PC. Curious if this is even fixable via a patch.
ChickenOfTheCaveMan  +   1538d ago
That can't be real, the 360 version is sooooo bad!
Magnus  +   1538d ago
I rented the game for the 360 and it does look bad I don't know why they don't use anti alsling or whatever its called to cut out the jagged lines wich are PS1 and N64 looking.
Aither  +   1538d ago
Holy cow the PS3 version looks so much better than the 360 version that there is no comparison. It's a shame that it's such a bad game though. :(
RahatR  +   1537d ago
Ps3 looks okay but niether look that good.
Hyperbomb69  +   1537d ago
PS3 all the way!!

but yeah the game kinda looks like Fallout.

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