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frankymv  +   1632d ago
this game will be a launch title for next gen consoles
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ATiElite  +   1632d ago
Beyond Good & Evil 2 "needs power"
Well my PC has plenty of that so what are you waiting for...chop chop!

Unfortunately BG&E2 will be a launch title for the Xbox 720. Ubisoft has a 720 Dev box along with Activision EA and others. This game was targeted for the PC but this obvious new system has pushed it back. M$ is tossing cash at Ubisoft so this might end up a Xbox 720 or Windows 8 Exclusive.

will have to wait and see
TheViper  +   1632d ago
The game was never targeted for the PC. It was for X360 and PS3 (Wii was considered since it has the game engine running on it).

Now it seems the target platforms are Wii U, PS4 and Next X.
b_one  +   1632d ago
i could say, they need to pass project to Naughty Dog and then if they say "we need power" we can start crying...
if it will be xbox720 ex then it means MS buys out devs for next gen`s big start, and shit will start over :) first two years lots of ex and multiplats then they will abandon it and move on...
Kahvipannu  +   1631d ago
"The game was never targeted for the PC. It was for X360 and PS3 "

The first one came for PC, and was technically strongest one, I see no reason why the second one would not be "targeted" for PC too..
JsonHenry  +   1631d ago
Yeah, my thoughts too. Put it on my PC if needs power.
yamzilla  +   1632d ago
good to hear it, keep it up ancel, expect to hear this from more and more devs, about the only thing on consoles that would look good to me anymore are 2d games in true 1080p running at 60 frames

that is the only type of graphics they can handle at that high of fidelity

and after playing everything on pc for the last 5 years at that fidelity, espesially games like metro2033 dx11, the witcher 2, crysis warhead dx10, it gets harder and harder for me to go back and play anything but the very best exclusives on my ps3 and 360, and even those look quite out of date

kudos to you ancel, stay true man, 720p is garbage
blackburn10  +   1632d ago
What BS.What if next gen people don't want it anymore? Why not give it to the people who are closer to the gen that liked BGE 1? By the time you get it going no one might care anymore e.g. Alan Wake and Duke Nukeum. What an idiotic and brainless idea. How long before they figure out how to harness the Wii U or any other next gen system's power to the fullest? 2 or 3 years? Who says anyone will want you game by then? It just shows how ungrateful these companies are. WE are the ones that supported your game when it was on the PS2 and when it became a digital download and now you want to leave us in the dust, the people who lifted it up when it was being lost in a sea of games

It just shows that when you reach up high how easily you toss aside the people who supported you. I am not buying a whole new system now or high end computer just to play your game. Screw you. Next BGE you can keep it. I hope it fizzles just like the last one did.
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TheLastGuardian2010  +   1632d ago
Agreed what a bunch of b.s

Developers have already shown that the 360, and ps3 have still yet to be MAXED out.

Frostbite 2, and Id Tech 5 wave hello.

Excuses, smh.
pr0digyZA  +   1631d ago
Hopefully they are reaching these graphics then I can maybe understand.
TheLastGuardian2010  +   1631d ago

Lol. I would better understand if it looked like this more to be honest;
isarai  +   1632d ago
Exactly what "Needs power" when talking about gameplay?
FredEffinChopin  +   1632d ago
Whatever. This is probably the biggest disappointment of this console generation for me. FFXIV is close behind, but that has a chance of shaping up before it makes it PS3-side at least.
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keith-ps3  +   1632d ago
man nobody wants to wait that long for a game they will take ten hours to beat damnit
keith-ps3  +   1632d ago
put out 2 then make 3 with more power wtf
blackburn10  +   1632d ago
Exactly, thank you. Make BGE 2 for current consoles then by the time you ready for BGE 3 all the next gen consoles will most likely be present and accounted for. Why wait and only give it to one group of high end systems users when you can have several? What's with the snobbish behavior? How quickly you forget Ubisoft that BGE didn't exactly top the charts and would have faded away if not for the few fans who supported it. Be careful you don't piss off us off. We could easily ignore the next game if we choose to.
nickjkl  +   1631d ago
you forget how games on new hardware look and play
keith-ps3  +   1631d ago
i never played the game i just loved the cut scene thought i looked wild im getting to old for games i want to rap it up by 30 half life 3 and ffv13 and this game needs to hurry up
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DigitalAnalog  +   1631d ago
Needs power?
I'm sorry, but when did any of the ubisoft games decide to "raise" the bar in their engines this generation? Now they want an even more powerful machine to work with. The irony of this daft mentality is that it's probably going to be one the weakest of the graphics next-gen.

-End statement
matey  +   1631d ago
Ubisoft get ur game running on WiiU 4 god sakes IBM have said its basically a Custon Power7 prob 6 cores if u cant call that next gen ur in fantasy world i mean developers used to suprise now they want too much power to put a game out thats average at best anyway going off Tech demos on WiiU im not impressed with BGAE2 so not bothered as EA have Frostbite 2 on WiiU,Crytek have CryEngine 3,Nintendo have what seems to be a almost CGI in game GameEngine which to me looks like the most powerful engine out there so MR ANCEL go fuck urself.
stragomccloud  +   1631d ago
Wii U for the win!!! Imagine using the controller as Jade's camera? Brilliant!

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